Jay Sawyer from Northbrook explains why college should be free. As education is such a vital part of life, there are various reasons why college should be free. Thankfully, the progression in technology is making it possible to increase access to education globally. The ability to provide free education for all is becoming more of a possibility as time progresses.

According to Sawyer, when people are educated, they can solve problems better which means society can progress at a faster rate. Moreover, the people with education can better understand the history of the society and its current economic conditions. It states that more people will join the workforce, thus lessening the wealth gap between the upper, middle, and the lower class.

As college costs money and it is so expensive, various high school graduates do not have option to go to a good college. Jay Sawyer from Northbrook explains that if college were free to everyone, students with families in the lowest income bracket would have a chance to attend the college. Thus, free college would give students from low-income families the same opportunities as students from wealthy families.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer from Northbrook shares that if college was free for everyone, students from low-income families could attend. They would be able to pursue new things without worrying about their debt piling up. Many students have to work while in college to cover the essentials. After all, a job can take a student's focus away from school, which can hurt their grades. Thus, a free college education would allow them to get better grades in school and better job opportunities in the future.