A Poolboy's Prayer

Summary: A Cthulhu cultist prays as he cleans the pool.

The poolboy dumped another net of dead bugs and leaves into the trash. The deep end pool was still green and murky from the algae, prompting him to retrieve the broom. The tool extended down into the deep green waters, but not all the way. Even more chlorine would be useless without something to help dissolve it. He realized he needed something extra strength: more chlorine, another bag of shock, and a prayer to his god.

The poolboy cut opened a bag of shock, chemicals to clean the pool. He slowly poured them in as he walked the pool's perimeter. He started talking to himself, noting a beetle drowning in the water. "The wretched vermin of this land are compelled to cast themselves into this pool," he said. "For they are unable to comprehend its purpose. So are we to you, Our Lord and Devourer Cthulhu."

The shock dissolved in the pool as he emptied the bag. "I offer you these lesser beings, to sate your hungers until your day of rising. The stars were right, the stars may be right, the stars will be right."

The poolboy's bulging eyes turned towards the beetle, which no longer moved. Its glossy black carapace bobbed up and down in the water. Below, the deep green algae dispersed like a drop of wine in water. "These wretched vermin perish alone, but we will perish beside each other, on your day of rising. In an uncaring universe, only we can care for each other."

The poolboy discarded the empty bag of shock before making another pass with the skimmer. He scooped up the dead beetle with the other detritus, discarding it with the others. He looked back into the deep end of the pool. The water seemed clearer than he remembered.