They gave me the sight to see, and I gaze my sight to the sea.

I looked into the dark blue and familiar hues to notice it matched my irises ever so slightly.

Today I was Pearl and I wore long blonde curls.

"They're going to come and get you... and they'll find out" I said to her,

"So, I'll go to sleep a delicate sleep because those past masters will ruin the fun."

I walk towards my residential area looking up to the solemn sky. There are numerous colors in the heavens, some I know and some I do not. I love the known and unknown, and my family who are gone.

"If they come, don't make a silly fuss, they don't need to know about this or us." She said to me.

Finally, inside my tabernacle, I rest my head and gaze out the peephole I call a window. Even though my day has not been finished, I prepare for reaming dreams. Fully clothed and under loathed I stare towards the live show. My eyes search their latent shadows, and they all break my heart. I see them all floating as they go by, and they don't even know that their shadows will tear them apart.

Goodnight, destined populace~

When I woke up, I was a sad Ari.

He slipped off his dress and traded it for a floral print shirt and some khaki shorts. The blonde curls had fallen off mid-sleep, so he replaced them with a dark brown shag.

Just as he could shrug his mug off, a letter slipped under the door. Carelessly, he picked up the correspondence and ripped its flesh to see its innards.

Dear Resident,

We would like to inform you that the radiation level has boosted from MODERATE to HIGH. Please promptly change your Radiation Level Sign to HIGH. Inform anyone you know to stay away from bodies of water. We see the best in you and entrust our faith into you spreading the word.


The Radiation Committee

"How do they see the best in you?" Ari says to me.

"Because...we are all children of this Earth, basking under the sun on the bay of fear and hope. It's all about the beauty of somehow coming together in faith and sorrow to change tomorrow." I say to him.

Unmoved by my remark he tosses the letter and heads out onto the street. People watch as I lazily flip the sign to show a bold HIGH.

The end is indeed near.

Now it is time to tend to the masses.

I count children, build homes, distribute rations, and de-bee the honey feeling dull and crummy.

We clean the pots and dishes, pluck the feathers and bake the bread.

Some clear all the ashes left by our dead.

Some weaving, some heaving, and some just believing that something will save us one day.

Ari takes pride in entertaining bedridden people, making their pain less evident.

Their smiles rival the most beautiful of sunsets.

He has taken notice that many locals have acquired some type of lethargic syndrome. They drip with a sense of hopelessness and stare at nothing in particular.

Ari is defeated by these people as they will not smile no matter how hard he tries.

So we just sit close to them and hold their hand because no one should be alone.

Ari formally spent a joyous amount of time making nets. Those days are long gone as no one ever goes near the waters nor hunts for wild animals. The animals we consume are farm-raised, genetically modified, or completely lab-grown.

I miss the fish, the shrimp, and even those ill-tempered crabs. My favorite things are slowly being taken away from me, and I am becoming numb.