Jay Sawyer of Northbrook very well explains the importance of net neutrality. He shares that it is a principle, which states that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally and there should be no discrimination by Telecommunication companies/Internet Service Providers. The service providers should not differentiate this service with different forms and categories of traffic on the internet.

According to Sawyer, net neutrality stands for equal access to all sites, no zero-rating, and same data cost to access a site. Net neutrality allows all types of traffic to travel across their networks without discrimination. It states that all sites and applications should be treated equally and not subjected to traffic shaping, bandwidth throttling, and other means of control that serve ISPs commercial interests.

Jay Sawyer from Northbrook shares that with net neutrality consumers have nothing to worry about because competition will protect access and choice. No ISP will be able to deny or slow down access to popular products because then consumers will simply move to another service.

Overall, net neutrality prevents three key methods from taking place that would harm the open internet access. It stops ISP's from purposely speeding up or slowing down networks/internet services in order to regulate traffic on the web, typically in favour of the company trying to succeed over others.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer considers the fact that Net Neutrality encourages ISPs to innovate in order to stay competitive among other ISP's, which is healthy for business and the economy.