She was walking on home when I met her

The rain was pouring, soaking, and wet her

I asked if her ride was on its way coming

She grinned, reached out, rode away on lightning.

I saw her again floating through the trees

The wind kicked up, floated up on the breeze

When she landed on the ground, light and airy

In her footsteps there grew sprouts of berries.


She brings men to their knees

She does it with ease

Delicate like bomb, not like a flower

You know her as...Wild Power


She keeps sharks as pets and they bring her treasure

Makes poison for fun, sleds mountains for pleasure.

She's lived a thousand lives and knows them all,

Has stories to excite and make your skin crawl.

There's a magic in her that no one can explain

The water flowing through her knows no restrain.

No dam can hold her, her rivers run free.

All I can hope is that her flow goes with me.


She brings men to their knees

She does it with ease

Delicate like a bomb, not like a flower,

You know her as...Wild Power.


No windmill can stand!

No route can stay planned!

When the Powerful Lady is near.

If you can make her laugh and smile,

She'll let you stay a while,

You'll have nothing to fear!


She brings me to my knees

She does it with ease

My heart is her bomb, it resets ev'ry hour

I'll do anything for-

I'm hers forever more-

I know her as...Wild Power.