Hello everybody, thank you for reading Collectibles!

If you made it this far - Congratulations, you've officially reached the end of the first arc! :D

Thank you so much to whoever reads this story.

I get that during these trying times, we are facing tough situations that burden us mentally and emotionally. I hope by writing, it can connect us and bring me closer to other writers and readers out there. I want to write stories with meaning and depth but at the same time be light-hearted and humorous enough to cheer people up.

Through MULTIPLE trials and errors, write-ups and scrap-ups, that's how Collectibles came to be, haha!

Now to get to the point : -

The Describable segment is a part of the Collectibles story, where it serves as a checkpoint for you to 'rest' before preparing you for upcoming arcs. This segment will appear before the first chapter of new arcs to cool things down a little before we bring up the heat ~

This way, I can:

- interact with readers (if I have any LMAOO)

- theorize together with you guys

- tell you about the easter eggs in case you missed any

- generally answer questions relating to the world of Collectibles itself

. . .

This segment will also:

- summarize the given arcs

- give hints and teasers for the next arc

- explain things that may be complicated

- announce update progress irl

Also, this segment will share a layout of chapters and arcs (similar to the one on my profile!) so readers can know the portions of the story to avoid confusion.

. . .

Well, I mentioned earlier that you've finished the first arc...

"Is this it? We're moving that fast already? Will there be more?"

To answer that - yeah!

The first arc is very short in comparison to other arcs. But the story still has a long way to go. If anything, the story is only getting revved up, and the upcoming arcs I have in store will be amazing, and I can't wait to share that with all of you :D

So far, we are only in Act I and the first arc has already been wrapped up. Act I will feature six story arcs (including this one) and the following arcs will be much longer than this. From my outline, there will be three acts and even if there are extensions, it would only be up to four acts max.

"Also, how long are the updates? When will you be uploading chapters?"

Um... My timing isn't consistent, at all. It really depends because I'm busy with uni, irl junk, writer's block and laziness/procrastination. I am trying to be more consistent though but I need more time. As of now (23 August 2021), updates will be slow but we'll get moving back in November, ideally. I'm sorry but degree life is hard and it's only Week 4 and I'm already struggling LMAO. So check out my profile and follow me on Tumblr/Discord and maybe I can tell ya something.

So before you fully get on the ride, I have to warn you - happy endings are NOT guaranteed!

I'll elaborate further in the next Describable segment lol xD

As for now, I can say that the story will be getting darker and going on a gloomy route. In fact, the main theme of this act (Act I) is realization.

Gosh, I really hope I have some readers to share the hype with LMAO

. . .

So without further ado, here's the layout for Arc 01 - Storage Unit Site 3

- Chapter 1: Word From the Grapevine

- Chapter 2: The Butler's Parasol

- Chapter 3: Memories In The Rain

*SUMMARY: Ilhami Zaheer is a nineteen-year-old boy that joined an organization called the Federation of Peculiarities Exploration & Research (FPER) to contain peculiarities. In this strange world of fantasy, magic and anything magical can be found and contained with special bottles. He's currently working at Site 3 Storage Unit with fellow friends and co-workers; Yoshi Arata, Laura Johari and Sarah Matahari. One night while working to check up on the bottles, he accidentally broke two of them - unicorns and the Ever-Growing Meadow. Trying to recover these peculiarities back, he found a parasol that would forever change the course of his life.

Now here's the teaser for the next arc ;) / / / Arc 02 - Mother Swan

Chapter 4: Delivery On Fire

Chapter 5: Behold The Sweetness Galore

Chapter 6: Food For The Swan's Heart

Chapter 7: The Last Sunset Sky

*All I can say for the next arc is that the storage unit will come to realize that FPER is definitely not an… 'ethical' organisation. They had always known that but this is where they truly know how they are viewed in the higher-ups' eyes.

. . .

I guess that's all for this segment, haha!

Goodbye, take care, wear your masks and practice social distancing! :D See ya next update~