Jay Sawyer from Glenview, IL talks about the future of pilotless planes. He believes that the airline industry will save around 30 billion dollars by getting rid of the pilots. The problem with going pilotless is that most of the passengers are not comfortable with it. Only 17% of travelers feel confident flying pilotless. The technology will remove the pilot from all manual controls.

However, Sawyer believes that the pilotless planes possess several security concerns. He is concerned about who will be in charge when the plane is on the air. Who takes charge in case of emergency landing? What if there is an unruly passenger? Will the computer communicate effectively with the air traffic control? These are some of the concerns that need to be addressed before going pilotless. Many travelers do not want to fly in these pilotless planes. Most of those surveyed say even if it is cheaper they will not buy the tickets.

Overall, flying in pilotless planes is safe. Most of the accidents are due to human error. There have been improvements in design and the technology that will be used on the pilotless planes. However, these assurances from industry players have done little to address the concerns of customers.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer from Glenview, IL agrees with the fact that it will still take a very long time before pilotless planes become a reality. It might not materialize in the next 20 years. It will take another 40 years and still so, very few planes will be flying pilotless.