"So, we're really going to do this," Podge said as the three of us gathered in the spare room of Cammie's and Ben's apartment.

"Yes, we are," I said with no argument being able to break out.

"We're going to find the Hennesy brothers and prove you innocent, Podge," Cameron confirmed and Podge only uttered out weakly.

"Oh joy."

Me and Cameron looked at each other with dead-serious eyes, and Padraig could feel the air between us had changed.

Cameron and I were working more as a team. Podge and I... less so.

"Should we come prepared?" Podge asked, making sure we went through all the logistics.

"Why prepare?" Cameron said with a laugh and pat Padraig heavily on his back, "We have all seven powers. We'll. Be. Fine."

Podge bit his lip, still a little worried as he added, "Yeah, but so does Luke... mostly."

"We're lucky we have teleportation, that's for sure," I added on and Cameron reached his open hand up. I collided my own confident hand with him as we gave each other a high five to cement our teamwork.

Podge slowly raised up his own hand and just tapped it nervously off of Cameron's.

"So, we're really REALLY doing this?"

"Yes. Really really," I said with a smirk and Cameron nodded his head once in complete affirmation this time.

"Well, I guess there's no point staying here any longer." I said, clasping my hands together in a tight hold and the two teenage boys gazed at me with hope, "Let's teleport."

"I'll think of Elijah," Cameron said and Podge nodded in agreement.

"Me and Amy will think of Peter."

"We're going to be free!" I said with hope, tears of joy nearly rising in my eyes.

"Wipe that tear away, Amy." Podge told me, reaching his hand over to my cheek and wiping it on his hand's side, "We can do this."

I chuckled a little, but my heart was fluttering in fear of it all. I could feel Cammie and Ben at our side, watching the scene of us three.

"I told you it was like watching a soap," Cammie uttered to her boyfriend and Ben only chuckled, clapping at us as if these interactions were part of a TV series.

"Let's go," I said, ignoring this and felt Padraig grip hold of my hand. Cameron looked down at it just before we were to explode and I could see he was hurt a little at our touch.

I bit my lip, nervous about his expression, but suddenly smoke blew up around us and I felt my body being yanked through time and space.

As we felt the sudden jolt stop, we coughed away the heavy dark fumes and looked around the piece of countryside that was now before our eyes.

Within seconds, Cameron was there as well, and I blinked my eyes surprised at his presence.

"The two brothers must be together," He said quickly, waving his hands about to blow away the smoke.

"Oh, they're together alright..." Podge uttered and I looked around trying to find them.


Podge nudged both Cameron and me on the upper arm with his elbow and he pointed down, a little sickened at an arm that was poking up out of a covered-up dirt grave.

I nearly felt myself vomit the second I saw it. It was newly buried, as the arms only had a little rot to it and I uttered, "Maybe that isn't one of them."

"We have to be sure, though," Cameron replied, swallowing down his own vomit and Podge only began to cry.

"He did it..." He whispered in tears. Cameron used his telekinesis to get the body up from the ground and when the corpse was just there floating, Cameron looked back into the hole for the second brother.

He found him moments later and he placed both the bodies down together against a tree.

"Why..." He whispered, tears swelling around his own eyes, "Why..."

"Why not?"

The three of us spun around, seeing Luke was standing there behind us by a few feet, trying to keep his distance.

"You!" Cameron screamed running at him but Luke turned invisible and dodged Cameron's strike.

Cameron twisted around, sensing the area for any thoughts and when he caught even the slightest bit of brain activity from Luke, he dived forward, his hands out ready to strangle.

Suddenly Luke appeared there, holding a purple serum in his hand and just staring at the three of us, Cameron quickly realizing that his serum was no longer in his pocket.

"Teleportation," Luke said in a teasing voice and took a big swig of it. It ran through his veins in seconds. He threw the flask away and strolled over to us, his hands in his pocket and getting ready to attack us with all he had.

"That wasn't teleportation," Cameron told him, still panting heavily and Luke only laughed.

But when the dark teenager tried to hit us with his telekinesis he realized... it wasn't working.

He quickly began to panic as he tried to go invisible, read minds, or speed off, or fly.

Cameron stood up straight and spat out in hate, "That serums you just took. That's the antidote."

"Anti... antidote?!" Luke screamed out and began to stumble back, before tripping on a root on the ground and struggling back from us in horror.

"Do it, Cameron," Podge then said to him and Cameron nodded his head. He began to float towards the terrified Luke, and me and Padraig followed.

"You tried to take everything from me," Cameron said, his words dark and slicing. Luke's blue eyes stared on at him, so frightened, "Amy, my life. My very EXISTENCE!"

"S-so," Luke said in a fearful stutter, "Why would you want to be like me and kill?"

"It's not killing when the person like you has no soul."

"But w-what about your humanity?!"

"You're NOT human!" We all shouted and Luke had tears of terror running down his cheeks.

"Do it, Cameron" Podge and I said together and Cameron began to raise up his hand, pointing his finger directly at Luke's forehead. My curly-haired blonde beloved stood there for a whole ten seconds, tears welling around his own eyes. He tried to shake them off, but Luke had caught whim of his fear and said quietly.

"You know it's wrong."

"Do it, Cameron."

"YOU KNOW IT'S WRONG TO KILL... I, I can change."

Cameron shook his head, tears flying off and landing on the dry dirt.

"You say it's wrong," I spat then, coming closer to Cameron's side and glaring down at Luke, "But how many lives have you taken? The Hennesy brothers are RIGHT THERE!"

"Please," Luke begged and began to slowly get to his feet, "Please... I know you will regret this."

Cameron shut his eyes in pain, torture because deep down inside I think he believed Luke's words.

The dark young man slowly began to take scared steps back, and Cameron lowered his hand down in pathetic mercy.

He couldn't do it. He just couldn't.

But... but I could.

I suddenly looked at Luke's neck and without thinking I flinched my head. It felt like the scene that came happened a million times within that second.

I could see it as clearly as night and day, light and darkness. It was the right thing to do... but the image would haunt me forever.

Luke's neck snapped and he dropped to the ground. The bone of his spine jutted through his neck skin and his eyes became lifeless opened orbs.

The three of us stood there, panting, gasping.

What had we done...?

What had I done...?

I looked around the area just then and spotted what I had been hoping for.

A camera... three cameras had been sprinkled through the area and as we checked them out, we saw that everything had been filmed. EVERYTHING.

"We have to show the world," Cameron said as we rounded up the film and tried to find an outlet to get it shown, "We need to prove our innocence."

"I know," Podge said as he held one of the memory sticks of the film in his grasp, "And I know how."

We teleported to the planet's city security office and saw the security and workers terrified of the smoke that came off us.

We showed them the footage and they quickly called the police just to show our evidence could be seen with lawful eyes.

The three policemen looked between one another before nodding and in a little under a week we were in court, explaining everything.

"Seeing as this murder was done for the greater good," The female judge said with calm unbiased eyes, "I find the defense party, NOT GUILTY!"

Me and Padraig grabbed each other in a delighted hug, whereas Cameron stood on the sidelines, just watching it all. When I let go of Podge I smiled at him and my soulmate smiled back.

Luke was gone... he was really gone. And our friends could all come back.

And they did.

When the rocket returned back to our home planet I watched quietly as Tyler and Jessica took nervous steps out. Behind them were the three Royals and they smiled and waved to the crowds as the paparazzi were all over them for coverage.

The look on Tyler's face when he stepped onto the ground, eyeing around slowly and carefully before taking a deep relieving breath out. He was safe. Jessica was safe. I was safe. Padraig was safe. Cameron was safe.

We decided to start life again. Life without the leering threat of Luke always just behind us. Life where we could do all that we ever wanted to do.

It had been three weeks now since Luke was gone from our world. Tyler and the Royal's had gotten the extra powers from Cameron when he had come to them from before without me and Podge knowing.

Jessica and Tyler were going to come back home, and the Royals..? They were going to decide what to do next for their lives.

But as I lay awake in my bed that night on the third weekend, I just couldn't sleep. The memory of Luke's head twisting around at the neck... it had got to me.

"You're not a murderer," I had said to Cameron when he had destroyed the statue. "You're not."

Neither are you.

I stiffened up when I heard Padraig's voice in my head. I turned to my side, seeing Cameron still in deep sleep on the bed we were sharing and I gulped, replying nervously back to Podge.

What am I then? I asked in pain within my heart.

You saved us all... no more Luke... no more.

I sighed and closed my eyes, seeing only darkness before my sight.

But is it really the end? I asked him and I could hear silence from Padraig a second later. He finally uttered in worry back at me, but I could tell he was trying to keep calm in his thoughts.


I blinked my eyes, Cameron was still out at that moment and I stood up, walking over to my open balcony and looking down at the street seeing Podge was standing there, gazing back up at me.

I slowly floated down to in front of him and I asked.

"Is that what your God said."

Padraig seemed hurt at my words but replied, "Yes. Yes, it is."

I scoffed and he placed his hand on my shoulder, staring straight into my eyes, "Amy... something bigger is coming."

"Ha!" I laughed, thinking he was losing it, "What could be bigger than Luke? The one kid who could literally rip a planet in half."

"How about..." He began, but shut his mouth suddenly and stepped nervously back from me.

"How about who?" I asked, demanding to know now and Podge only hummed to himself, not willing to say his words.

"Podge, you can tell me," I told him quickly, showing my confidence in keeping his ridiculous secret.

"How about," He said with stretched-out words and then peered deep into my eyes, "The one who MADE him."

"Huh...?" I said, astonished at his claim.

"You don't believe that Luke was just born with his powers... if he had been then the antidote wouldn't have worked."

"What are you saying, Podge?" I began to ask him and he gazed well into my soul as he said.

"We've won the battle... but we haven't won the war."

With that he removed his hand from me and slowly shook his head, looking up at the night sky that was so polluted and smoggy compared to the sky on Earth.

"Podge," I whispered, a little afraid at his words and he only smiled weakly at me, before exploding and leaving me be.

I slowly floated back up to my balcony and carefully resumed my place in bed. Podge knew I was going to break up with him before I even did. But it hurt him, and even me, enough.

I only lay there, Padraig's words rolling around in my mind and I gulped afraid.

What did he mean when he said that the one who made Luke was the one who we should fear. What did he really mean?

I only laid there till the golden sun began to rise over our poor rundown city and Cameron stretched out his arms in a yawn, nudging me barely before smiling with a dazed dreamy look on him.

"Hey," He said, his head not all there as he had just awoken but he quickly picked up the worry in me, "What's wrong...?"

I didn't want to lie to him, so I just recalled the memory of what had been said between me and Podge last night and Cameron only bit his bottom lip worried as he asked once I had replayed everything in thought to him.

"So... he thinks there's something worse coming...?"

"That's the thing," I said back to him, my voice nearly trembling in fear, "He doesn't just think... he knows."

"Because of his God?" Cameron asked with a raised eyebrow. I wasn't sure, but I nodded my head before shrugging my shoulders and whispering.

"I don't...I don't know."

"Relax," Cameron only decided to say and sat up, hugging me on my side before getting up himself and walking around the apartment we now lived in, "Whatever will be, will be..."

I swallowed, afraid of his carefree words.

Then I saw it... an image of this woman... but not a human woman. No. An alien woman. And she said to me just then as I looked at her through space and time.

You killed my KING...

I was frozen in fear at the sight of her and her so very cold demeanor, You killed MY KING.

Was I having a dream? A vision? What? WHAT?!

What do you want?! I yelled back at her in terror and she only stared right through me as she said the one simple word.



I was shivering there at what she had said and Cameron shook me hard, repeating.


I shook out of the thought, almost feeling like I had been trapped in my mind for the very brief moments I had had with this alien queen. I began to tremble and cry and he held me close, stroking my hair trying to calm me.

"It's okay, Amy... it's okay."

"N-no," I gulped and shook my head forcefully as I admitted the scared words, "I just woke the dragon... and we are all in grave danger... because of me,"

I swallowed down my gasps as I whispered in fear.

"Because... of... me..."