They surrounded us from all sides. I just stayed still, holding my panicked gasps as best as I could, clenching Padraig's hand tight in mine.

"DON'T MOVE!" One of the policeman yelled at us, holding his laser gun directly at my invisible face, not even realizing it was only inches before me.

"Wasn't gonna," Padraig said, and I grit my teeth in fury at his spoken words.

This was it, this was going to be it. The end of life. Death. At least it was with the guy I loved.

I should've eaten my own words because at that very instance there was a huge explosion right before us and smoke clouded the whole area in a thick smog.

I felt someone grab my free invisible hand, as Podge and I coughed at the heavy smoke. I couldn't see who had taken my hand though, and I gazed around, seeing not a soul.

Until the strangest most bizarre thing happened.

We blew up.

Okay, well not exactly that. I just felt my body being pulled by something that felt like a worm hole, and with that the feeling that when this rip in space had occurred, that was the reason for the previous explosion and the current one that was proceeding behind us at this very moment.

When I opened my eyes wide again, I saw I was in an old cottage, smoke still fuming from the tear in space-time, and I blinked my eyes a few times, hurting from the black dense fumes.

I slowly looked around, turning myself back visible, and with that Padraig too who was still holding my hand tightly and afraid.

"What just happened?" Padraig asked, as he nearly fell to his knees in shock but just stumbled forward a little on his legs, regaining his balance back as best he could.

"I... don't... know?" I said, still panting a little from all the chaos that had just been before us. And now, we were here..? "Did we die?"

"If we did, heaven isn't how I imagined it to be." Padraig lamented as he looked around the druggy stones and broken down roof.

"I had to take you guys somewhere they'd never look."

Podge and I both froze up at the sound of that voice.

A voice I thought I'd never hear again.

Cameron... brain dead Cameron.

"Not brain dead anymore." He replied and I glanced around, trying to find him. How did he know what I was thinking?

"Cameron... is it, is it really you?"

"First off," He said and even though I couldn't see him before I could sense him alright, "Both of you, close your eyes."

"Why?" Padraig asked in a bemused tone, "Are you a ghost or something?"

"Just, do it, Podge," I said, and Cameron said almost at the same time. My beloved Padraig only rolled his eyes and folded his arms in a thump. But he did close shut his eyes like was requested and I did the same thing.

All was blackness now before me and I heard Cameron's warm words say to us.

"Okay. Open."

I blinked opened my eyes a few times, looking before me and seeing him there. Fully there, his body, his mind... himself.

"How...?" Padraig asked, so lost and confused, "How...?"

"How did I make it out of the digital world?"

Podge only nodded his head without a word, not able to get his astonished voice out.

"I cloned myself."

"Clone...?" Me and Podge both reiterated and Cameron just gave a soft chuckle as he nodded his head and replied with a small grin.

"Yep, put my conscience in a new body."

"But, but," Padraig continued on in his elaborate speech, "But... how?"

"I made a friend online, we broke out of the firewall, crossed the galaxy with the speed of light online and paid to be real again."

"But, but," Padraig continued still mystified and I cupped his mouth to get him to shut up with his one-word questions.

"Okay, that explains one thing." I began and asked, my hand still holding Padraig's mouth under arrest, "How were you able to get US here?"

Cameron smiled charmingly at me, approaching me slowly and I felt a slight shy blush rise up on my cheeks.

"On Earth, that's where I went, I got all the superpowers there... including one or two that Luke does not bear."

"Like...?" I asked, still shyly and he stepped closer to me again, my eyes staring into the ocean of blue that were his own.


"Teleport-" Padraig repeated then, sounding confused, and he pulled my hand away from his gob, "Teleportation?"

"Yes," Cameron replied with one simple word. He then stood before us, smiling widely and definitely proud of himself. I then did what I had to at that moment.

I lunged into Cameron and embraced him in a deep hug. Padraig must've had the same idea as he threw his arms around both of us and squeezed the hug as well, making it a group thing. It kinda felt awkward with him joining in like that, but I digress.

When we let go of one another again, Cameron was still smiling warmly and placed his hands into his pockets, catching our attention once more as he pulled out a couple of tube flasks that had different coloured liquids within them.

"What are those?" I asked in wonder, but a part of me already knew for some reason.

"These, are what I brought back from Earth."

"Strength enhancing drugs?" Podge asked quickly and Cameron gave an awkward laugh, replying still in a confused chuckle.

"No, superpowers. GIFTS."

"You're the best gift we could ever ask for." Podge concluded and Cameron just blinked puzzled at his words.

"Good to know, but these will protect you guys. Just like how they protect me."

"What powers are they then?" I asked intrigued and he handed me a glass tube of one.

"This one is flight." He said simply, and handed me a second tube.

"This one is speed."

"This one is telepathy."


"Telekinesis and Immortality."

My hands were full of the flasks and I wobbled there trying to keep them in my hold. But alas, I wobbled the wrong way, lost balance, and they went dropping to the ground but froze mid-air as Cameron quickly grabbed them with his telekinesis and returned them back carefully into his pocket.

"Oh, and one more." He said with a spark in his eyes, "Teleportation."

"And so..." Padraig carried on, asking slightly cold to Cameron for some reason, "What... are we meant to do with all these 'powers'?"

"Kill him." Cameron only replied with two simple words. We looked at him surprised, and he continued on in an empty hateful voice, "Kill... Luke...for good."