The sequel to Tales of Bette: The All-Night Graduation Party Raymond and Company

Saturday July 12, 2014

The evening was getting late and the party was starting to die off. A lot fewer of her old friends went to the reunion than she thought would go. There were over 400 people in Public North's graduating class of 2004; maybe 120 showed up to the reunion party that night. She was hoping to see Ozzy, Mark, Tylor, Jenna, Vanessa, Tina, and others. The only close familiar faces she ran into sand spent time with were Katie and Ashleigh. Jenna was on the fence at best about going, she lived over an hour away and didn't want to impose on Bette's family with her; even though the Wheelan family was more than welcoming to her, and always had been.

Bette said her good nights and posed for a couple more pictures and stood in in frame to photo-bomb a few pictures before leaving the hotel ballroom and making her way down the hallway to the lobby. She paused in the lobby and looked at her phone and pulled her keys out of her purse. She glanced at her phone: no missed calls, no shock there. She looked in the hotel bar, sitting at the bar, sipping from a rocks glass, looking up at one of the TVs at a baseball game, was Raymond. She dropped her keys back into her purse and walked into the bar and sat at a stool leaving one between her and Raymond. She sat back and crossed her legs under her long black and purple sundress. She eyed the taps then the bartender across the way who came up to Bette, "Stella Cidre, short."

"Anything else? Kitchen closes in less than an hour if you want a menu," She offered.

"No, thank you, Abby."

Bette glanced over at Raymond, "I'm guessing what you wanted wasn't included with your two-drink ticket?" She asked with a smile.

Raymond looked down at his glass and over to Bette fiddling with the black stone pendant of her necklace; there was a slight green sheen on it that matched her dress. "They didn't have Bulleit in the ballroom." He took a sip and his ice cubes clinked in the glass.

"Did you have a good night in spite of it?" She asked.

"I'm not sure what I expected. I thought there would be more people."

She gave him a single breathy laugh, "I was thinking the same thing. I drive two hours to get here and I'm sure everyone has the ability to stay with their parents if they don't still live in town. It has been nice seeing everyone."

Raymond let out a sarcastic laugh. "You might have only driven two hours but I had to come from two states away. I think I saw one person I wanted to see tonight."

"Who was that?"

"Ted. But he wouldn't shut up about his baby. I get it, you have a kid. It shits." Raymond finished his drink. "We're still in our 20s, we got time to have kids, right? I work my ass off, I come here to have a little fun and it barely happens." He was irritated but still smiling when he said it.

"I get that, yeah. I don't want kids either, not yet, maybe not at all." She moved over to the bar stool next to him. They chatted about the evening, who they spoke to, who else didn't go to the reunion, their work, and their hobbies for almost an hour. Raymond ran a small auto shop and had a hobby farm and enjoyed doing CrossFit workouts; a self-described work-aholic, he could rarely stay still in his life. A drink or two and watching baseball were a couple ways he could actually relax.

"You said you wanted to have some fun. Yeah, I can help with that."Yes. She pulled her purse into her lap, unzipped a pocket, and leaned it towards Raymond with a sly smile on her face. She flashed him her bit of pot and pipe in her purse, quickly zipped it closed again and looked around and back at Raymond. Raymond looked intrigued.

"I didn't think you were the type for that," he said in a slightly teasing tone. "The way you described your work, renting and managing apartments and stuff, you look so put together, I didn't think that would be your style."

Bette finished her cider. "Looks versus what's underneath are two different things."

Raymond leaned slightly towards her and whispered, "It's probably not as primo as the stuff I grow on my property, but I'm willing to give it a try."

Ask. "You're saying you wanna go somewhere?" She asked slowly and carefully, tilting her head.

"Hey,you offered."

"I offered what was in my purse. I offered a little fun," she clarified.

"And I'm saying the bath fan vent up in my room might do the job we need it too."

"Now that sounds like an offer, Raymond," she said with a smile.

"I think it was," he smiled back.

"Thank you. Sounds good." Bette pulled her card out of her wallet to pay. She eyed the bartender for the tab and ran her leg against Raymond's. He didn't say anything, she didn't look to him or change her expression, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw him turn his head towards her and the minor look of surprise on his face. "His drink too," she told the bartender as she took Bette's card and stepped away. Something about the angle from where they sat and the lighting of the room and the brightness of the TV screen, a memory flashed in Bette's head and she let out a laugh. "Late May, freshman year. You put your arm around the back of my chair during science class during a video. I said it was fine. You took your arm back. I said you could have left it there. You said you were joking around. I was a little bummed." The bartender came back with Bette's card and she signed the bill and they got up.

"I don't remember that," he smiled.

"What do you remember?" They walked out of the bar and towards the elevator.

"You dressed up a lot. I looked through our senior yearbook before I came here, you wrote something flirty in my yearbook." He pushed the elevator button. He looked back towards the ballroom. "Are you a little worried any of the stragglers are gonna see us?"

"Are you?" She asked matter-of-factly; she was not insulted by his question.

"No," he answered quickly.

"Because I can still go-" She pointed with a playful, sarcastic look on her face.

"Nuh-uh!" He pushed the elevator button a couple more times with a little smile on his face.

Bette laughed, "It's fine Ray. We're adults. I gave up on what other people thought of me a long time ago." The elevator doors opened and they stepped in. Raymond pressed the '6' button and the door closed. "It's funny you mentioned the yearbook. I don't remember what I wrote, but I remember you grabbing your crotch and I'm pretty sure I gave you my number, and you never called me." Her tone implied that she knew she gave him her phone number.

Raymond began to blush and he covered his face partially with his hand. "Oh man." He dropped his hand, looked forward at the door and buttons cringing, "How gross was I? How are we even talking right now?"

"We all make mistakes. Mine was not asking for your number that night."

Raymond looked over at Bette a bit shocked, she had an alluring look on her face. "I guess I didn't think I was your type. I thought you were just being nice when you kissed my yearbook."

She looked him up and down and stepped close to him, close enough that she could still smell a little of the bourbon on him. She looked him in the eye and spoke in a quiet purr, "Sometimes 'type' and 'nice' have nothing to do with each other Ray." The elevator dinged and the doors opened. "Lead the way, Raymond-Ray."

Raymond got a sly grin on his face and they walked out of the elevator together. "For some reason I remember you being...shyer."

"I'm not a teenager anymore, I've grown since then. I was hoping you had too," Bette's tone grew more provocative.

"Oh, I've grown," he said in a matching tone. He swiped his key card in the door and it beeped and clicked open. He held open the door for her, as she walked in, she glided her fingertips across his chest. He stepped in and let the door close. "You don't mess around, do you?"

She set her purse down on the table next to the flatscreen TV, "You could say I take this kind of thing very seriously, like it's my business or something."

Raymond cringed. "Oh shit, is this when we negotiate price or something? Because I didn't think this was that!"

Bette laughed hard. "God, no! I'm not a prostitute. I think you're attractive. When I said it's my business, I-" she scoffed another laugh. "I meant the apartment thing. The apartments are high-end luxury leases. I went through a whole sales training seminar. I basically used the same sales technique to sell apartments as I do to pick you up downstairs. I'll admit, I kinda set you up for the hooker assumption with my phrasing, that's on me, I'm not offended. But, if you're insulted by the fact I used my sales routine to get you up here, I can go. It's your call. Either way, Raymond-Ray."

He gave her a confused look and slowly went into a smile. "You thought you had to pick me up?"

Bette shrugged. "It was working, wasn't it?"

Raymond put toe to heel and put a hand on the wall to balance himself to take off his shoes. "Yep. It worked. Not offended. Still picked up."

Bette smiled and kicked off her sandals. They met at the foot of the bed and he wrapped his arms around her. Bette held him around his chiseled jaw, tilted her head and pulled his lips into hers with a sigh. She felt him kiss her back and his hands grip her back and lift her slightly off the floor. Bette was on her tiptoes as she slid her hands off his jaw to the front of his shirt. They're snaps! She pulled back from him slightly. "I've always wanted to do this," she said looking into his eyes. Bette gripped the inside of his shirt between two of the snap buttons and pulled them open hard. Raymond had a fitted white t-shirt on under his snap up shirt, She could see the cut of his pecks and the outline of his wide abs on his broad torso."Mphf!"Her expression brightened, "All those farm chores sure paid off, huh, cowboy?"

Raymond gave her a cocky smirk peeling off his outer shirt. "The gardening might keep the fat off." He tossed it onto his overnight bag. "But the CrossFit keeps me defined." He crossed his arms and peeled off his t-shirt. Bette stared stunned at his chiseled chest and large, firm abs.

She traced her fingers along his abs. "Believe it or not, I don't see a lot of men that look like you, Ray. I don't see a lot of men at all."

"Women?" He asked somewhat sarcastically, putting his arms back around her.

She laughed. "No. Not my thing. You?"

"Me neither. Not a lot of extra time for it."

"But you have time for men?" She asked in the same sarcastic way.

"Not my thing. I've always liked the ladies." His fingers curled under the strap of her dress.

"I remember hearing that about you." Ray leaned into her and started kissing Bette's neck. "Uh, who told you I liked that spot?" She held his warm, firm waist tightly.

He whispered in her ear, "Just doing what comes naturally." He pulled the stretchy straps off her shoulders until they stopped at her elbows. He pulled back and looked at her. Bette wore a black bra and tight spaghetti-strapped tank top under the dress that made her large breasts look even bigger. She took her hands off him, took her hands out of the straps and the dress fell like a sheet around her. He bent over and picked up her green silky dress; it draped between his hands as he stood up straight. "I got an idea if you don't mind."


Raymond leaned into Bette and gave her a deep but brief kiss. He then stepped between the beds, turned on one of the lamps, draped her dress over the lampshade and turned off the other lights of the room. The light in the room left was a dim green hue. The soft green light left a haze on their skin, a surprisingly flattering tone that made Raymond glow as he approached her again. He bent over slightly and ran his fingertips over her thighs, hips, waist, around her back and pulled her tight against him. She ran her hands up his muscular arms and gripped his firm shoulders. "You're gonna wanna hold on." He bent his knees, ran his hands down her back, over her butt, gripped her thighs, picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Yeah," Bette grunted.

Raymond lay her down on the bed and started kissing her again. Their lips conformed to each other in a warm, natural way, sending warm tingles through her body. Bette gripped his waist with her legs and ran her hands through his blond hair. Raymond started to grind his hips into her and his fingertips found their way over her nipples over her shirt and bra. She gripped his head, turned it in her hands, and started to kiss his neck. Raymond groaned to her touch. "God, I needed this."

She spoke through breathy words, "You and me both. Just don't make it boring." She bit his shoulder a little and he took a breath in through his teeth.

"Oh man," he pulled back and looked at her, bracing himself over her. "You're a freak too?" She saw the look on his face, it wasn't judgement; Raymond grinned and still had his hips pressed against her. He was still hard for her.

"A little. A little pain with the pleasure. If you try to fuck me missionary, you're the most boring person in the world. And you have to wear a condom."

Raymond's grin turned into a sly half smile, "No choking and no slapping in the face, and I'm good with that."

"Those sound like wrestling rules."

"Oh, I'll show you how much wrestling rules," Raymond planted his mouth on Bette's hunting her tongue with his. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, picked her back up, walked across the room, and fell back with her onto the other queen bed. Bette squealed with the fall.

She sat up on his waist and looked down at him, "Thanks for the ride, Cowboy. But I get the feeling that was just a preview." She reached behind herself and started to unbuckle his belt.

"You have no idea, Bee."

She snickered, "'Bee.' No one's called me that in years." She pulled his belt out of his loops, folded it and snapped the leather once for her own entertainment before tossing it towards his bag.

"Should I not call you that?" He was massaging the sides of her breasts and thumbing her nipples.

She sighed to his touch. "It's fine. It's good. God that feels good." She moaned and adjusted her hips to be over his, she felt his erection in his khakis against her groin and lightly grinded her herself in her panties against him. "It's really good Ray," she panted slightly looking at him. Raymond grinded himself with her and kept rubbing her breasts.

"Fuck, you're hot. Get down here." He yanked her down to him and ran his tongue against her lips. He reached down between them and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He ran his fingers over her panties and massaged her while he kissed her, Bette sighed to his touch.

She pulled back from his kiss and looked at him while he touched her, she wanted to show him how well he touched her, "I had heard you liked to take care of your ladies. Uh, I'm glad it's still, mmh, true."

He smirked up at her and changed the movements of his hand a little, sliding a finger into her panties and into her. Bette was warm and wet to his touch. "Ooh. Always. How much do you want it Bee?" He kept touching her. She closed her eyes and breathed a little heavier. "Mmm, I can feel you want it."

"Yeah," she sighed. "I want it. I want it from you, Ray."

"Ooh, not yet." He took his hand away and rested both his hands behind his head.

Bette looked at Raymond stunned. "What? That's it?"

"Oh, we're just getting started." He adjusted a little more on the bed. "How bout you take that top off for me."

She rubbed her groin against his once roughly and he groaned. "Maybe if you call me 'Ma'am'."

Raymond raised and lowered his eyebrows. "Oh, yes Ma'am." He started to put a slight twang in his voice. "I would sure like it if you'd be so kind as to take off that little bit of fabric you got 'round your middle there."

She leaned against his chest and gave him a deep kiss, holding his wrists down while she did. "Talk less, Cowboy. I wanna see more and hear less."

"Yes, Ma'am." Raymond quickly sat up and caught Bette before she fell backwards. He peeled her top off her and ran his mouth over her breasts. He glanced up at her while he tongued her along the seam of her black bra. "You got some sweet tits." He unhooked the back of her bra. He nosed her nipple out of her bra and circled his tongue around it slowly while looking up at her. Bette had a heated look on her face. "How's that?"

Bette pushed his mouth against her other breast, "More you naughty cowpoke." She glared at him. She let her head fall back for a moment and sighed.

He smiled and flicked her nipple with his tongue repeatedly, "Yeth, Ma'am," he muffled.

While Raymond teased her nipples with his mouth, she took her arms out of her bra and let it drop to the floor. He fell back on the bed, moving up onto it more. His pants slid off his legs and he ran a hand into the back of Bette's panties, squeezing her butt.

Raymond sucked on her breasts and massaged her body all over. She closed her eyes and for a moment, she could have sworn Raymond had four hands by how deftly he moved around her. He was passionate and skilled. Her body ached and twitched feeling the fire he stirred in her nerves. "God, were you always this good?" She panted.

He took her nipple out of his mouth. "It took a little practice." He slid his hand around in to the front of her panties again, sliding a couple fingers over her wet skin, in her briefly, out, and massaged the outside a little. She gasped and moaned to his sudden yet skillful movements, "No two ladies are the same." He rubbed a little faster, Bette showed her desire on her face for him. "Not all of them like the same things." He wrapped his other arm around her back and swiftly rolled her onto her back and she let out another gasp in the process. He slowed his fingers a little he watched the aroused interest on her face. "I could hold your hot pussy and fire off orgasms with my thumb on your clit all night and not get tired of the feeling, because I could make you beg for more and enjoy every touch and sound."

Bette sighed to the touch of Raymond's thumb against her. "Was that a threat or a promise?"

"That's a promise, Ma'am. I always take care of my ladies."

"And you?"

Raymond smiled wide, "You think I'm gonna have a problem not getting mine?" He took his hand out of her panties and began to pull them off. She lifted her hips to make it easier. "In my experience, the more generous I am, the more grateful you'll be."

He adjusted on the bed and moved his mouth towards her groin, "And I intend to be very generous to you Bette." Raymond lifted her leg, positioned himself, and planted his mouth on Bette's loins.

"Oh Yeah!" She cried out. Raymond's tongue wrapped, caressed, licked, and teased Bette's loins and she could barely breath through the pleasure he caused. "Fuck! How many tongues do you have?!" She grabbed his hair with her right hand, propped herself up on her left elbow, and had her heels digging into the underside of his arms. She looked at the green light hit his face and felt him consume her, "Are you a cowboy or a dragon?" He held her hood open with his left hand and massaged her slowly and methodically with his right, which was a stark contrast to what he did with his mouth. She breathed heavily from her stomach, and let out high gasps. "You feel it?" She could feel herself getting drenched. "You feel it Ray? Dray-gon?"

He pulled back from her for a second. "Tell me how good it is," he growled. "The better you sound, the better I'll do."

She looked down at his scowling eyes consuming her. He wants a freak? I'll give him a freak. She gripped his hair tighter and gave him a little push against him. "I want you to make me cum, Cowboy" Raymond slowed his mouth. She grinded her hip against him until she was sure she felt his teeth, "You like eating my pussy you naughty Dragon?" Raymond moved his tongue a little faster. Bette moaned. "Yeah! You feel how wet you made me?" He changed his movements. "Oh, yeah, uh, I like that. You nasty fuck." He swirled his tongue more. "Mmh, yeah, you make my pussy purr. You like licking my pussy? Ah, yeah, you feel me cuming on you? Ah! You feel that?" Raymond licked her all over. "You're so fucking good at that Ray-ay-aaaaah aaaah, Yeah! Raaay!" She squeezed his scalp tight and rolled her hips against his mouth as he glared up at her, still deftly licking her. Her whole body rippled uncontrollably from her middle outward from how her climax shot through her nerves, echoing, vibrating, screaming with pleasure again and again. While it only lasted a few seconds, the effect Raymond caused on her body was vast. By the time Raymond was withdrawing his mouth from her, Bette was sweating, panting, moaning, and a massive wet spot had accumulated on the bed. "Holy shit," she exhaled.

"You let me know when you're ready for another." He wiped his mouth and landed next to her on her right, propping is head up on his left hand. "I abide by the rule of 'you first...and second.'"

She could smell the scent of her and the little bit of bourbon on his breath as he spoke, after the strong orgasm, Raymond was intoxicating. "Is that how you got so much tail in high school? For a non-athlete, you were quite the player, but I never heard anything negative about you. Now I know why, first hand...then mouth." She laughed.

"I may have gotten around a bit, but I tended to stay in my own lane, if that makes sense. The FFA girls. They were horny and they were into me. And they passed me around like a trading card. No complaints from me. Each and every one was a learning experience."

He looked back at Bette to see a weird grin on her face. "Do you think if it were the other way around, we'd be having this conversation right now? We would be doing this?"

Raymond started to run his fingertips around her nipples, slowly and methodically until they were protruding from her chest, "I'm pretty sure you were no saint in high school. I didn't see you a ton, but around. You had a reputation: The Powerful Lady."

Bette let out a giggle, to his touch and to the memory. "I hadn't thought about that in a couple years."

"You weren't like a lot of the other girls. Even now, this green glow on your pale skin." He dragged his fingers down her stomach and started to pleasure her again, nimbly circling her clitoris. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh. Raymond took her right leg and pinned it between both of his. He whispered in her ear, "Rumor was, you were a witch." He kept rubbing her.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him coyly, "What if I am?"

"Are you?"

"Are you a dragon, Ray?" She sighed, looking at the green glow on his face.

"No," he dismissed with a smile.

She wrapped her arms around his tight back and pulled him into her and kissed him. She pushed him back with her lips and spoke through breathy moans, "You look like one to me. You did when you devoured me. You have the passion and muscles of a dragon. Mmmh!" She closed her eyes for a moment before locking eyes with him again. "Uh! Maybe tonight you are a dragon. And maybe this witch is ready for a ride."

"You sure? Dragons bite. Dragons claw."

He kept rubbing her and he hit her peak. She closed her eyes, arched her back, and tilted her head back. "Aaah, Yes! Ah!" She rolled her hips against his fingers and squeezed his body with his arms. He slowed the movement of his hand and removed it from her. "How did you put it? You could fire off orgasms on me?"

He wrapped his right arm around her and kissed her neck, "Something like that," he whispered.

"I think you melted this witch instead," Bette purred. "But I'm ready to go for a fiery ride."

He lifted his head and looked at her. He leaned in, kissed her, and bit her lower lip a little. Bette let out a slightly pained and pleasured sigh as he released her from his teeth. "You sure I can't make you melt again?" He licked the part of her lip he just bit. "'Cause I could lick your lips for hours."

Bette moved her arms and clawed his back. She took her free leg and swung it over him to roll him onto his back. Bette landed on his stomach and put some pressure on his genitals with her right thigh. "Oof!"

Bette winced, "Sorry!" She quickly readjusted on him, still feeling how hard he was. "A little pain with the pleasure, right?"

"Not that kind of pain."

She smiled apologetically and got off the bed and went over to her purse. "Get those shorts off. This witch lost her broom and she's ready to ride."

Raymond grinned and shimmied off his shorts. He snarled, "It's been a while since this dragon had a rider."

She looked at the green light on his muscular body. He is a dragon. She walked slowly towards him holding the condom and the little bottle of lube, "Then we're both in for a rough ride." She tore open the condom, rolled it onto him, and dripped a little of the lube on to his shaft. She rubbed it in as she climbed over his legs. "You asked me once: Marry, fuck, kill?"

Raymond smiled and sighed a laugh. "Yeah."

Bette slid onto him with a mutual moan. "I've always wanted to try fucking someone to death." She planted her hands on his chest, dug her nails into him, and slammed herself onto him again and again and responded loudly. Raymond thrust up into her with throaty breaths, holding her ass tightly as she did.

"Get it, witch!" He barked up at her.

"Make it good Dray-gon. Ah!"

He ran an arm up her back and gave her a hard pull into him. Their mouths connected; feeding a hunger that they both had for so long. He scratched her back, grunting. She screamed out in pleasure and pain, scratching him down his arm. He pulled her up slightly and started sucking on her nipples again. He held her pale breast firmly, swirling his tongue around her areola. When he cleared it, he bit the top of her breast again and snarled. Bette gasped and slapped his chest.

"Too much?" He asked.

"Just a little. But otherwise great," she panted.

She reared back and slowed their movements, "What do you like? You like the show?" She ran a hand through her hair then held her breast. "What gets the Dray-gon off?"

He didn't wait to reply. "Getting you off. I can keep going until you let me turn you around. That's when I get off. Until then, I like anything that'll get you going," said Raymond, continuing to roll his hips into her.

Bette sighed to him. "No wonder the FFA girls passed you around with no ill will." She took his left hand and sucked on a couple of his fingers. She re-positioned her legs so her knees were up and her feet were flat on the bed. She slid his fingers out of her mouth. "Take me for a ride like this Dray-gon, and you'll hear your witch cackle for the third time tonight." She leaned forward slightly and put a little gap between their hips.

"It'll be your pleasure," said Raymond. He started thrusting slowly into her, finding the rhythm she liked. He breathed hard watching her pants grow into moans and soon into screams. Raymond moved fast and hard into her from below and she braced a hand against the wall as he thrusted into her again and again. "I hear you scream. Where's my cackle, witch?!" He grunted through his teeth.

A moment later through a couple of moans, Raymond got his wish. "Ah-aaaaaah-"She climaxed again. She threw her head back, and laughed in a high pitched cackle, "Ah-ha ha hahaha!" She took a deep breath and looked at him with a big grin, resting her hands on his chest, indicating for him to slowdown. "You ready for me to turn around?"

"If you're satisfied," he said with a half-smile.

She was still riding him, "You think after all that, someone wouldn't be satisfied?"

"I told you, it's been a while, I'm just going with the flow here."

Bette braced her hands on him, swung her leg over him, and grabbed a pillow. She sat on her knees and waited as he sat up. She grabbed the back of his neck, pulled him in close, and powerfully kissed him. Raymond slowly ran his hand up her body and across her back; he gripped her shoulder tightly, spun her, and she fell to the bed. He grabbed the bottle of lube and put more of it on his shaft while Bette positioned herself in front of him. "Fire me up Ray." She turned her head looking back at him with a come-hither look on her face. The green light continued to shine onto Raymond's body. She reached under herself and led him into her, he held her hips firmly. "How do you want it?"

"Uh," he moved slow at first then gave her a hard thrust; Bette let out a pleasured gasp. "Like that." He leaned forward slightly and ran his hand down her back. He slapped her butt when his hand got there. "A little pain with the pleasure still work for you?" He asked.

"If you, mmmh, can make it hurt that good. It's all good."

"You're gonna need to scream into that pillow." He spanked her again, but not too hard, and she sighed. Raymond started to accelerate his thrusts and she moaned. "Yeah," He reached around her and felt for her clitoris and rubbed it more, changing the angle of his thrusts and making Bette louder. "Tell me how much you like it," he huffed.

"Ah! Fuck! It's so-ah!" Bette couldn't form a complete thought from the way Raymond slammed into her.

"Yeah," He growled. He withdrew his hand and thrusted faster. He scratched his nails down her back. He spanked her more. Bette screamed wildly into the pillow. "I wanna hear it, uh!"

Bette lifted her head, "Raaaay! Ah! Aaaaah!"

Raymond breathed rapidly, "Uh-uh-uuuuuh!" Raymond withdrew from her and fell back.

Bette rolled to her side and landed her head on the pillow. "Holy shit."

"Yeah. I haven't fucked like that in years."

She lifted her head, even in the green glow, she could see the sweat rolling down his heaving chest, his eyes were closed. She spoke through trying to catch her breath, "Maybe it's a good thing you didn't call me when we were 18. I don't think I would have been ready to ride the Dragon then," she breathed a laugh.

Raymond let out a laugh as he dropped the condom in the bedside garbage. He slicked his sweat into his hair. "Wearetwo different species."

"Whatever you say, Raymond-Ray." She began to get up. "Mind if I use your bathroom before I go?"

He opened his eyes and watched her cross the room. "You don't want to stay?"

Bette grinned, "We both knew what this was. We both know I'm not staying."

He smiled back, "Just thought I'd ask."

She went in the bathroom and shut the door. She peed. She grabbed a wash cloth, wet it and wiped herself down. She saw Raymond's comb and ran it through her hair a few times and discarded the dead strands in the garbage. When she walked out of the bathroom, Raymond was dead-asleep, still exposed and sitting up. Bette got a funny smile on her face. She quietly got dressed; her dress coming off the lamp removed the green glow from the room. She opened her purse and put on a little lipstick. At the table, there was a notepad. She wrote out a note, put a kiss print on it, and left it in a spot he would find it.

Cowboy, Dragon, Raymond-

Marry: Ted, but I wouldn't want to have his children.

Kill: Brock G, he used to be mean to me in middle school.

Fuck: You. Thanks for the ride.

Your witch, -Bette.