Chapter 1: How it Began.

She ran and ran, wanting to get away

But her heart told her she couldn't…


Milo, a black and white cat, who has a wore and torned collar, had ventures to close to these stray dogs.

Milo felt her energy low as she dashed around the corner within the alley they were in.

She saw a fence ahead, and tried to jump it.

However she fell short of the top. She looked behind her and saw all six dogs were right on her tail.

She jumped and soared! She narrowly missed a bite as she practically dove over those dogs. She landed hard on her arm, but she ignores the pain as she dashed forward.

The dogs yelped like mad as they smacked.

Into the fence, but the leader and his comrade wasn't as dull. They chased her hard.

"Turn back after her!"

She was really tired now. She had nothing to eat for days. She barely had enough to drink.

Even as she ran for her life, her vision was becoming so blurry she barely had time to see.

Then she tripped on a can and crashed on the brick. She felt her arm sting in even greater pain.

She barely moved as the dogs stood over her.

She only grunted when the leader put his strong paw on her.

"We got you now, you bastard…." The dog growled in a deep bark. The other dogs looked at their leader for more orders.

"What now?" The one who spoke was a more serious dog. One with long ears, and a look of self pride. Unlike the leader, he seemed more calm and collected. The others on the other paw were wild, jumping and eager to already bite.

"Oh who cares?!" This one drooled. "If I can get a bite in, It's all worth it!"

"It's a cat after all!" Another dog barked. This one circled Milo and the other dogs, two of them, followed suit. "Cats in dog territory?! They should just die!"

The leader smirked.

Milo laid there feeling defeated. This was it.

"Any last words ..?!"

The cats failed to accept her for who she was… They knew she thought differently.

Dogs would never accept her either….

She was going to die…

"Alright boys!" The leader let go, and moved aside. The dogs howled as they dashed at her. "DIG IN!"

Milo watched with fear, but no reaction.

She was accepting her death….


Milo jumped as she sat up. In front of her was a dog!

Who was this dog?!

"Are all of you that hungry and weak?!" This dog was a black and white dog. He had pointy ears, and a red handkerchief.

Milo then noticed the blood. The other dogs had a hold of him. Three dogs bit hard on both shoulders, and a leg.

Milo saw this dog barely moved. She saw him shaking in pain, but his eyes had a stare of death as he eyes the other dogs.

"...BUZZ OFF!" The sheep dog snatched one of the dogs that had his shoulder with a crunch, and he swung hard. The dog's head smashed into the other, and they rolled as he was thrown.

The leader and the calm dog eyed in bewilderment. One with crazed anger, and the other with interest. The leader drooled as he turned to his ally.

"Who the hell is this Jack?!" The leader growled. Jack eyed the dog slowly. It seemed he was getting clues here and there, but then it dawned on him.

"He's…. I'm not too sure, but isn't he the heir to the Inu clan?" Jack turned to the leader. The leader growled at that name.

"...The forest clan…..?" The leader aknowledged. The dog didn't seem fazed, but he lowered his head realizing he was about to be reveal. "Well, what do we have the honor for…"

The leader glared at him.

"Otis of the Inu Clan!" The leader revealed his name. Otis stepped forward.

"Just leave the cat alone!" Otis demanded as he stepped as a threat towards at two of the three dogs up from. The leader and Jack was in the back, with a dog member.

"What do we do boss?" The gang dog member barked in slight worry. Jack seemed to smile while the leader growled even louder.

"Why would a dog of your status deal with cats!" The leader laughed as he stood up more, feeling more bold."Oh I get it!"

The leader stood more straight, with more confidences. He slowly walked over to him, as if he knew he had already won the battle.

"Mister big Otis doesn't know the way this town works!" The leader stood only a muzzle away, with a cocky grin. Milo looked away when the leader gestured to Milo. "In this town…. Cats and dogs are mortal enemies."

Otis's expression dimmered. Milo laid her head down, for she knew how things were. She needed no explanation.

This dog Otis was no different to her.

He would hate her like the rest.

"Go on…?" Otis urged. The leader chuckled.

"In this city, the hate between our kind are like night and day. So much so there is this thing called 'The Chain'" The leader revealed.

"...The Chain..?" Otis mumbled. The gang had circled around to Otis when he wasn't looking. Now Otis and Milo was surrounded. However Otis never looked at them, only to the leader and Jack.

"Yes. The Chain is actually a tournament in a great chain of battles. It consists of both cats and dogs fighting both other cats and dogs in a great bloody mess! Hahahaha!" The leader roared in laughter. He got a grip as he bit his lip. "Just thinking about it makes my blood boil!"

"Oh?" The tournament caught Otis's interest. The way Otis was calm about the news seemed to annoy the leader, as he lost his smile. "...and what is the reward? My father once told me about the tournament. I just wanted to know if this was the right town….. seems I was right."

There was a moment of silence as the leader seemed to want to bite something so bad, his lips bled. Jack on the other hand chuckled as he turned to Otis.

"The reward is Title of Fangs…. But the main perk of the title is you can change a single rule…" Jack explained when the leader couldn't. Otis seemed to ponder that for a good moment.

"...So it's all for the sake of fighting?" Otis's expression seemed to get darker as he looked down. Milo couldn't help but notice his anger. "...Then what's the point?! What's the purpose of this Chain of battles?!"

The leader laughed and Jack lost his smile.

"It's all simple really." The leader explained as he slowly walked by Otis, but Otis shoved him. The leader didn't care as he just let his tounge hang out. "Why not ask that cat?!"

Otis slowly turned his eyes to her. Milo looked away. The leader laughed.

"So tell us why you wanted to walk into dog territory!" The leader demanded. Otis bit at him.

"Is that what this is about?!" Otis had growled.

"Does it matter?" Otis was taken back by Milo, for it was the first time Otis heard this cat's voice. It also made Otis sad to see Milo. Milo was looking down in tears. "...I have no where to go…."

"Ha! So you came to our turf?!"

"WHAT CHOICE DID I HAVE!" Milo suddenly snapped. Everyone fell silent as Milo looked down in full tears. "...The cats didn't accept me or my past…. I was nothing but a weakling and a burden….. Said I was too soft… So I thought maybe….. "

Otis wanted to step to her, but the leader laughed and Otis turned to him.

"Cats are the worse! Of course they don't care for weaklings…" The leader however smiled. "You got nowhere to go…."

Milo looked down, completely defeated. Tears hit the ground.

"I know…."

The leader then laughed harder as he turned to Otis.

"So what it'll-" SMASH! The leader got headbutted by Otis. Blood flew from both Otis's and the leader's forehead. The leader was completely stunned.

"Have you no heart!?" Otis roared as he flew over the leader.

Milo had looked up when the commotion broke out. She watched Otis fly over the leader who was knocked out, and into the frenzy of five dogs.

"NO!" She cried, but she stopped as she saw the five dogs had to back up.

Otis had one in his mouth, he lifted him up, and smashed him on the ground hard.

Jack had to back up, as wind brushed up against him.

Blood shot out of the dog in pain. Jack smiled at this power.

"What strength!" Jack admired.

Otis stared at his next victim.

"HE'S A DEMON!" The cowardly dog turned, but Otis snatched his tail. "AHHH!" Otis pulled hard, and the dog landed on his side. Otis dragged him close, and smashed his muzzle into the dirt.

"Where you going- Hm?" Otis looked up and saw the leader was up.

The leader had three of his men with him. Jack seemed to stay in the back.


"YEAAH!" The gang cheered as they dashed towards Otis, even though most of them were hurt.

Milo stood and backed up. Milo had no idea how Otis could do anything about three dogs by himself.

Otis just laughed and chuckled.

"Just remember kit." Otis suddenly spoke and then he snatched the dog that was knocked out under his paw.

Milo gulped as he watches Otis steo forward bravely.

"This world shouldn't be bound by any rules. Only good creatures."

Milo was left in a blush.

Otis then dashed hard. Hard enough for Otis to hold the unconcusious dog in the air.

Milo closed her eyes.

It was then she heard crash! Milo opened her eyes as screams echoed, and Otis was the only one standing.

One by one the dogs hit the ground. All except Jack, and the leader.

Jack was on the ground, but he backed up from Otis and the leader. Otis had the leader by the neck.

"Give up!" Otis smashed the leader's head into the ground. The leader whined only a little as he seemed to give up then. "...I win…."

"...FINE!" The leader started to squirm under Otis's grip. "JUST LET ME GO YOU-OOF!"

Otis did let go, but not before kicking him really hard in the gut. Otis turned his back on the gang he just beat up. However Otis turned to Jack once.

"And you…." Otis eyed Jack hard. Milo however saw Jack merely smirked.

There was a moment of silence as Otis and Jack eyed one another, almost as if they were both content. Otis makes a tsk sound and turns back towards Milo.

"Stop pretending your part of that weak gang…" Was all Otis told.

Milo suddenly felt scared and froze as Otis slowly walked by her. Milo looked down, almost unsure of herself.

"Hey." Milo turned and saw Otis eyeing her. "...Do you want to tag along….?"

Something stirred in her. She couldn't tell what I was. It felt different. It felt…. Good. But a question did appear in her mind.

…..Did a dog just ask her to tag along…..when everyone else had ever aknowledged her before?

Otis and Milo walked slowly down the path to the main event center. It was the center of the Town of Fangs. They could see it was a huge stadium in the middle of the Town.

The Town of Fang's hometown sign was overhead as they entered downtown.

"What a name of a town…." Otis mocks as he walks. They noticed a change in scenery. It was cleaner, and less littered. However the biggest change was the animals. Now, instead of when there were only dogs around (excluding Milo), there were clearly tw sides of the street.

One side had muscle dogs, and strong breeds. Some stayed to themselves. Other were being abusive to others.

The other was cats, who were cut up, beat up, and some looked….. deadly.

Otis and Milo both took notice, but knew it was best to ignore it.

Milo stopped.

"We should depart from one another…." Milo sorrowfully suggested. Otis stopped and turned.

"Huh?" Otis slowly turned to the cats. He started to picture what she had meant. His expression dimmers. "...Oh, you can't mean


"I'm serious…" Milo meowed. Otis turned back to her. She had her eyes on the ground, but Otis could tell saying this was hard for her. Maybe she had noone else? "...If anyone saw a dog like you with a cat like me, they will think you are either disgracing your own kind, or that you are weak…"

Otis took a moment to let it sink in, but he seemed to close his eyes in ponder.

"...So what?…. I go and see about this tournament while you ….What….?" Otis asked, almost sharply. Otis scratched his face as he waited a reply. Milo never looked up to face him, and her expression just dimmers more.

"...I…." Milo's ears fold as she admitted it. "... I don't know…"

Otis takes a breath and Milo finally looks up at him.

Milo couldn't help but notice that…. what Otis was going to say, was from th heart. His blue eyes stared at her determinedly.

"...I think I like you Milo." Otis heartfully states. He gets up and turns slowly.

This stirred her heart again, and she was left in admiration, and a blush.

Milo felt in awe as she watches Otis never turns back, never in question of his feelings.

"Anyone who says otherwise can answer to me."