Chapter 2: Why I fight


Both Milo, the black and white cat, and Otis, a sheep dog with pointy ears, both looked and saw a dog…

Wearing sunglasses. His fur was ruffled and crazed.

"Welcome to 'The Chain'!" He welcomed as he walked on to the stage further.

They were in the center of the main event center. Around them sat dogs and cats, each to their own side.

Anyone who was foolish or brave enough stood in the middle. Anyone was allowed to be in the center. It tugged at Milo that there were more filled then the chairs in the stadium itself, and it too was full.

Milo wasn't liking this at all. Milo looked at Otis, and he seemed to be fixated on the announcer.

"In this 'Chain' of battles, both of our kind will battle it out! Only will have the title of 'Fangs'!" He announced. He slowly walked over where two pretty females, one cat and one dog, both looked up from their desk full of paperwork. "Of course, to partake, you must sign some…. Paperwork."

Soon, after he said that, a line began to form in front of the desk. Otis smiled for he saw the pretty females get overwhelmed instantly.

Milo felt her heart, and it felt shallow. She feared this contest honestly. A lot of the combatants didn't even usually make it through this contest.

However Otis walked up with a whistle.

"Man…. This is why this is the City of Fangs?!" Otis almost laughed. Milo looked down.

"Yeah…. Isn't it horrible?" Milo muttered.

"Yeah. It is." Otis agreed, making her look up, surprised.

"Y-You agree?!" Milo asked in awe. She never thought there would be another, let alone a dog, to think like her.

Otis turned to her, almost blank, and almost dumbfounded.

"What?" Otis turned to her, and smiled as if she wasn't thinking right. "Well, yeah. I mean I never met a cat before, but as you're the first cat I met…"

Milo blinked.

"... I'm….the first cat you…." This completely took Milo off her thought process. She shook her head. "What do you mean you never met another cat?!"

Otis tilted his head.

"It's as I said. Cats usually don't go to the forest, because it's filled with dogs and other canines…." Otis smiled and looked down. "Although I have heard rumors of rodents they call cats."

Milo almosted hissed as she looked away.

"...Rodents…" She had instant distaste for the kind of dogs Otis knew. "What a disgraceful name…"

"That's what I said."

Milo turned back stunned once again. Again this cunning dog keeps surprising her.

"You….did?" Milo asked carefully.

Otis nodded.

"I did…"

Milo looked down and felt guilty for doubting Otis. However Otis didn't seem to mind as he turned from her.

"Line is shortened. Let's get there before it fills again!"

"Name. Team?" The female dog asked as Otis stepped up. Otis looked at Milo, who seemed to ignore the cat in a small hat as he asked for her name. Milo was looking up to Otis.

Otis turned back to the female desk dog.

"Did you say team?" Otis asked again to be sure. She nodded.

"Yes. While you don't have to fill any spot now, you are allowed to have a max team of three." She thoroughly explained. Otis tilted his head.

Otis smiled.

"Okay….. Can I have um…. Milo on my team?" Otis suddenly asked. The female dog didn't know who Milo was, but both Milo and the cat in a small hat were stunned.

"...O-Otis….?" Milo whined quietly.

"Yes, just what type of dog is she and I'm sure It can be arranged." The female dog agreed obliviously.

The other cat wasn't as such.

"...Did you really…" The other cat flipped over her paperwork. Milo's paperwork. "...Just ask to have a cat on your team?!"

The female dog stopped writing on her paper, clearly shocked she didn't realize this.

Otis's heart started to dip, but he didn't waver.

"...Yeees? Is it allowed?" Otis asked slowly.

The cat slammed his own pen.

"That's so disgraceful!" The cat hissed. He pointed at the female dog. "NO WAY!"

The female dog slowly put her paperwork down. She seemed to be fighting her own morals. She looked up to Otis slowly.

"It…. Isn't against the rules, but are you sure you want…...them on your team?"

Otis narrows his eyes.

"...Them?" Otis mouths. Milo still felt her own sadness and looked down.

The female dog was taken back from his sudden glare.

"I mean- her!" She was quick to correct.

Otis turned slowly to Milo.

"... What's your opinion…?" Otis asked slowly.

Milo wasn't quite sure. She didn't want to join a deadly tournament. However something was aching at her heart.

If she said no, would she…. Never see Otis again?

"What about you…?" Milo looked forward, as if worried for his answer. "... Are you sure you want to join this…?"

Otis sat. He seemed to ponder.

"When I got here …. So far all I notice is a bunch of problems…." Otis explained slowly. He turned to the female dog.. "That guy mentioned the reward is a rule change in the tournament?"

The female dog seemed reluctant to answer at first, but she nodded.

"Yeah. The one winning team can make a single rule change. Any of their liking is allowed." She explained slowly. The other cat sat back annoyed

"I don't deal with dog teams…" The cat hissed annoyed. The female dog smirked.

"...So are you two making a team?" The female dog slowly asked in a whisper.

"Yes." Otis answered. Otis signed and looked at Milo. "Unless…. You don't want to. I have to do this."

Milo wanted to ask why, but she felt it wasn't the time.

Milo just nodded.


Now there was a very long wait, but Milo didn't mind. Otis and Milo found a spot against the beginning wall that formed the stands.

Here, Milo was examining their competition. Dogs and cats of all sorts of shapes and sizes had gathered here.

"...None of them look happy to be here." Milo noticed. Otis took a peek even though his eyes were closed.

"...mmmm…. Yeah, but why would they?" Otis questioned. Milo shrugged.

"...Do…. Do we have to fight?" Milo shakily asks. She looked down. "I-I mean…. Do we have to hate each other just to prove some sort of point?!"

Otis felt that this was eating at her heart. This must have been part of the reason why she was shunned by the other cats. Otis looks up.

"...No… We don't have to do any of that…" Otis answered. Milo just sits there shaking. Otis slowly stood and walked by her. "That's why…."

Milo slowly looked up at him.

"When it's time…..and I win… I'm changing a rule." Otis looked at Milo.

"...What rule?" Milo asked with hope in her voice. Otis smirked.

"...That dogs and cats can't fight each other of course…." Otis seemed to laugh as he revealed.

Milo let that sink in as well. She looked down almost embarrassed by Otis. She grabbed her face with her paw as she started to clean it.

"...Urgh what a weird freaking day-"

"HEEEEY!" Both Milo and Otis looked up surprised.

They soon saw from the middle of the field was Jack.

He soon approached.

"You?!" Otis was stunned and had forgotten his name.

Jack didn't mind as he wagged his tail as he sat in front of them.

"Name's Jack." Jack never lost his dorky smile as he looked behind Otis to see Milo hiding well. "...And I never did get your…. friend's name."

Milo didn't answer but hid behind Otis more.

"Her name is Milo." Otis said with sternness. Jack felt anger around Otis, so he backed up.

"Hey! Hey!" Jack chucked his fear out. "Don't need to get snippy!" Jack walked forward and sat by Otis, and Milo went to the other side of Otis.

"Look. It's just that I find both of your relations….. odd okay?" Jack explained, honestly. Otis was annoyed by his words.

"Odd how?" Otis asked slowly. Jack looked forward.

"Look at them…." Jack whispered. Otis did and they saw a view of all the fighters.

There seemed to be seven different teams that had their own styles and animals. Otis did notice one thing…..

Each didn't have both types of creature.

"Do you really think that these are the type of people to accept the fact…." Jack slowly eyes Otis hard. This was the hardest expression Otis ever saw Jack express. "A cat and a dog working together?!"

Otis felt stumped, and Milo disappeared behind Otis as she hid. Otis didn't waver, but he felt a heat of anger. His fur stiffened.

"...I still stand by Milo here." Otis bravely barked. Milo felt tense. She knew he meant it, but….

"But why?!" Jack barked almost too loud. He shut up as he turned and saw a group of scarred dogs were staring at them. Jack gulped as he turned back and hoped Milo was hidden well enough. "Don't you know that…. You just hanging around a cat makes a dog a target! Everyone will gang up on you first, right off the bat. You can die here, you know that?!"

Otis seemed to back up, and Milo felt defeated.

"There's no way…" Milo muttered as she felt defeated. Otis frowned hard and stepped forward.

"I think I'll handle it." Otis said as he was swatting distance. "Anyone who gets in my way…."

Jack and Otis eyed each other hard. It was hard to tell if Jack was about to retaliate. However they both stopped when they heard a small, but deep chuckle.

They looked and in the middle of the field was a black dog in a black hood. They couldn't see his face.

"Now Now….. Is that Otis of the Inu clan?!" The figure announced loudly. The crowd exploded into murmurs. Otis bit his tongue.

"That old bastard…" Otis complained. So much for staying incognito.

However the figure smiled evilly and Jack noticed. Jack stepped closer.

"Yes, it is Otis. We should leave him-" The figure shot his paw in front of him stopping him. The figure looked past Jack.

"...Do tell ….. why are you guarding a feline?" The effect was instant. All the dogs and cats all roared with questions.


"A dog with a cat?!"

"Why would he protect it?".

"Is the cat a traitor too?!"

Jack was growling and he went to swat the old man.

"Why you?!-'" However the figure was fast, and he jumped. The figure jumped and slowly landed within the crowd…

Of angry cats and dogs.

Milo backed up behind Otis as Jack came back to them.

"They can't attack us right?!" Milo asked with concern. "We're partaking in the Chain!"

Jack however simply shook his head.

"Won't matter. There is no rules about attacking someone outside of a match." Jack explained in a quick panic. He took a breath and looked to the dogs and cats who were getting closer. "Besides … I knew that this whole thing with you two was going to end in….."

Otis stepped forward, despite their way out being covered now by bodies.

"I don't care …" Otis felt tense, but ready. "...This is all sorts of wrong!"

Jack however, unlike last time they met, he seemed frightened.

"They don't care if it's right or wrong as long as you're blamed!".

It was then the crowd roared. All three of them watched them dash at them.

"Here they come!" Milo stood up in a panic, ready to run. Jack smiled as both him and Otis got ready.

"...Anyone in your way huh?" Jack tensed. Otis spat on the ground.

"Yeah well, I guess I meant everyone huh…"

The roar got louder when they suddenly crashed into them.


"Huh?!" The dog in front didn't get a bite in. So he looked up, and saw Jack, Otis, and Milo running across the front wall of the benchers. "There they are! Get them!"

Milo was panting hard already.

"Oh man! Talk about blood boil!" Jack joked as they ran hard and they all jumped off the wall, onto the field. "Man! Chain of battles! We end up fighting the whole-"

"Shut up already!" Otis shushed. Jack just ended up laughing harder.

"GET HIM!" Otis looked up and saw that the crowd had split into two groups. Now there were two groups on their tail. One in front, and one in the back.

They skidded to a stop. Milo felt her heart drop.

"We're trapped…" Milo acknowledged. Milo backed up into Otis, and both Otis and Jack stood Back to Back.

"Ha! I knew I would fight with you because of Milo." Jack joked as if causal. Otis growled.

"Shut up and get ready!"

The two sides dashed hard.


Crash! A huge dust cloud appeared from the impact.

Otis had a dog in his mouth, and smashed him into the ground

Jack had jumped at the incoming dog, and tackled him into the other dogs.

Milo on the other paw was shot backwards.

Milo laid there shocked, wondering how she was alive. She looked around, and the two groups had been ripped into three groups. She took the second she had to stand, even when her arms felt weak.

"Where are you going….?" Milo looked up scared, and saw this was a group of mad cats. One with a top hat seemed to lead them. He extended his claws. "Dog lover!"

Otis had lost sight of Milo, and it pissed him off.

"Milo?!-" A dog tried to jump him, but Otis bit his neck fast, and slammed him on his side. He stuck his paw to his neck and looked again. "Milo! Where are you?!"

"Not-" Otis turned and saw Jack skid from an attack. Jack had a smile. "…" Otis turned and saw that who was attacking Jack, were two muscle bull dogs. They both dashed hard at him.

Jack smirked, but then Otis got in front.

"Out of my WAY!" Otis soon dashed at these dogs, and headbutted one. However this was not in his favor. The bulldog just stopped.

"HEEEEY!" The bulldog laughed. "You got a hard head!" The bulldog then slammed his paw into Otis's chest. It sent him flying, but Otis only rolled once before getting to his paws.

Jack seemed calm, even when Otis was shoved. He was admiring the two in front.

"Beast and Animal. What a pleasure." Jack introduced. The two bulldogs nodded.

"It's such a shame to see a strong dog for their kind." Beast muttered. Animal licked his lips.

"Yeah, but maybe Otis, this mutt, lost his touch with his canine side." Animal suggested. As he spoke, they started to move closer to their side, Beast on Otis's side, and Animal on Jack's.

Otis was angered by their words.

"Just because you're a dog, or a cat, we should hate the other?!" Otis tested.

Beast laughed.

"That's how things are!" Beast growled as he jumped at Otis. Otis quickly jumped to the side and turned, but he grunted.

Beast had spun in his own paws hard, and with a kick of dirt, tackled Otis.

Otis barely had time to latch on to this Beast.

"Hehehehe!" Beast laughed. Otis frowned.

"What are you laughing at-?" He sensed danger then. He turned around and saw a incoming wall.

"Bye Bye, INU CLAN!"


Jack dodged Animal as he bit, but no when they saw the dust cloud their impact made, they stopped.

"Jeez what chaos does this guy bring…." Jack chuckles. Animal was worried for Beast however, as he sweated.

"Brother?!" Animal ran towards them.

Beast saw nothing but blackness. Not because he was knocked out.

But because he crashed into the wall, and Otis was on top of him.

"Now…" Otis hovered his paws over his head with a smile. "...Where did she go….?"

Beast shook hard, but Otis's extra weight made it impossible to get out.

"Hey! Let me go!" Beast cries, but Otis just laughed.

"Fat chance, fat ass!" Otis taunted. However he then heard…

"Brother!" Otis looked and saw Animal running at him.

"Oh great." Otis narrowed his eyes and was about to attack, however…

"Scram!" Jack suddenly came from the side and headbutted right in the dog's temple.

In a moment of silence, the huge bulldog slowly fell with nothing but a grunt.

Otis eyed Jack slowly as he saw raw skill from Jack.

"I knew you wasn't like them…" Otis mouthed as Jack was walking around Animal.

"Hey, when you lived here your whole life." Jack slowly turned to Otis. It was then he realized Jack had blood running down his face. "You learn to live a little."

Otis could see the sanity on him, even with his battle crazed face. Otis smirked.

"So what's your plans then? Are you here for the tournament?" Otis calmly asked as he still scanned for the arena.

Then he saw her.

Milo was running around in laps around the stage, running from a huge band of cats.

Otis took off and Jack followed, not questioning Otis.

"Hell not really!" Jack continued to answer his question. "Truth be told, I just want to see what the hell next you're going to do!"

Otis smirked at that.

Milo ran and ran. She had to stay alive, but she was still tired from the dog attack. She was tired of running.

"Get back here you little brat!" The cat with a hat hissed. The cat jumped at Milo.

Milo barely sensed it as she dodged. Her face got cut as she landed. Soon she was surrounded.

Milo wanted to back up, but she turned instead. There were cats everywhere.

"Hehehe…" They all laughed. This made Milo feel sicken with fear.

"...Awwe… " The top hat cat walked closer, showing off his claws. "...This one is a coward yet…" He looked up and then snatched Milo's face and brought it over to him to examie closer.

"What drove you to the chain….?" The cat soon touched his claw to her cheek. "Be honest is it the dog….?"

Even in the face of death, just the thought of Otis made her heart stir.

She didn't know if what these cats would do if she told the truth.

However when she looked down In a quick panic, the cat threw her to the floor.

She whined and felt tears fly.

"It is the dog everyone!" The cat pointed hard at Milo. "This cat is a traitor!"

"Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!" The cats roared.

Milo felt her tears fall. This wasn't the first time she had this experience, and she felt it wouldn't be the last. She felt she woild of felt better off dead.


Suddenly several cats got plowed through as Otis suddenly rammed into a bunch of them.

Otis slammed his paw to stop himself in front of Milo.

Milo felt too sadden to look up, but she felt her heart spinning out of control. This caused tears to flow, everlasting.

Jack managed to slide in, but he got clawed at.

"HEY! OW! WATCH IT!" Jack slid by, and he looked at his rear. "That was in the pain in the a-"

"Shut up Jack." Otis commanded. Jack smirked but obeyed. Otis turned to Milo who was still sulking.

"...Milo….." Otis didn't ask if she was okay. He knew she was feeling humiliated. Otis felt his fur buckle in anger. He shook and looked down. "...You….all…"

The cats backed up and they started to shake in fear. They saw Otis shaking in anger, and he was growling loudly.

"You all….are the reason…" Otis looked up with hate in his eyes. Milo saw how angry he was and she felt panicked. "-Dogs hates cats!"


Otis didn't stop. He dashed at them and he swatted.

Several cats flew off as one got clawed. Otis bit around, and shot at the cats who attacked from behind.

Jack stood in front of Milo. Several cats tried to attack them, but Jack hopped on his hind legs and swatted them away, even pinning a poor feline to the floor.

"Otis! Control yourself!" Jack then sensed danger. Soon they turned and saw dogs of all sorts with even more cats. "...Oh no …"

Soon they joined the battle. Jack and Milo were barely away from the field.

But Otis never did stop fighting.

"COME ON!" Otis slammed another dog on the ground. He kicked a cat. He looked at everyone. He shot his muzzle to the sky. "I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!"

They roared as they heard Otis. They dashed at him.

"BRING IT-" Otis snatched a dog and swung him. He threw him hard, and the wall of his does was broken as many of them was forced back. "-ON!"

Two dogs came from both sides. Otis eyed the one to the left.

Otis bit his head into the ground, slid him across the floor and then uppercutted with his body, and smashed both of the dogs away.

Otis stepped back, but got bit by two dogs. He cursed at his mistake.

"WE GOT YOU NOW!" Two dogs dashed in front now. Otis bit his lip, then laughed.

"LIKE I'LL-" Otis managed to pull him a head around and bite the dog on his left shoulder, and pull his face hard. He then swung so hard, three dogs was smacked, and the one on his back was too weak to hold on. "-YIELD!"

The dogs hesitated as the four had landed hard.

However the cats still had spirit, and the dogs were too prideful to back down.

Soon, Otis had to dodge incoming slashes. He managed to dodge the first two, but got his arm slashed by a sneaky third.

Right then he got tackled by a dog.

"GET OFF!" Otis kicked hard enough to throw the dog over him.

However soon two dogs bit his shoulder and slammed him down.

"GAK!" Otis felt a shock of pain.

"OTIS!" Right then, Otis felt relief as the dogs were forced off of him. Otis sat up to see Jack had tackled both of them at the same time. Jack turned to him with a dorky smile.

"Urgh…" Otis felt annoyed as he stood. "Do you ever stop smiling?"

Jack chuckles, but he slowly got into an attack stance. Otis turned and saw why.

They were surrounded. Milo slowly inched back to Otis's side. Otis looked at Milo worried.

"Are you okay?" Otis asked concerned. Milo shook her head.

"Forget about me…" Milo suggested. Otis turned, and the dogs reminded him of darkness with many eyes.

He growled to all of this.

"Forgot that…" Otis growled. Both Milo and Jack turned to him. "...They want to fight they can fight ME!"

"What is going on?!" Suddenly everyone turned besides the trio.

Soon, dogs and cats parted ways for someone. Soon a small group of animals stepped up.

Three were familiar. There were the female desk ladies, who seemed nervous. There was the announcer, who actually had an excited smiled.

The other two were new.

One was a dog with red eyes. His black fur was very rough, but long. It was almost hard to see his claws. However, Otis seemed shaken by him more and more. He could tell the dog was fast based off his skinny, but strong.

Milo saw the other first. It was a red, big cat. He also had black stripes. Milo saw something about his expression. Milo couldn't tell what was on his mind, untill he saw a runty dog examining him close.

"What are you looking at..?!" The red cat hissed. However before anyone could react, there was a hard slash.

"ARGH!" The dog screamed as the cat had his long claws slash a gap in his chest, forcing him back. The dog fell back …

And didn't get up.

"NO!" One dog screamed as the others gather around.

Otis and Milo were horrified. They both shook.

"What the hell was that….?" Otis muttered quietly. Milo shook her head in shakes. She didn't know.

Jack however stepped up by them.

"The dog with the long fur is Okuma. He's the current champion." Jack informed. Milo and Jack watched the two exchange words, before started towards them.

"And the….cat?" Otis managed to ask.

"He's claimed to be the strongest cat. They can him Red." Jack answers with ease.

The group had Red and Okuma in front. Soon they looked around at everyone.

"Why is everyone fighting?" Okuma asked slowly. No one was willing to answer.

"Oh! Are we starting?!" Red pulled out one of his claws. It still dripped with blood. "Let's play!"

The room went silent. As it was just a battlefield, but it seemed as noone dared wanted to become these two's targets.

Otis was hoping to get through this without fighting these two, but his anger rose when he saw Okuma turn his head back. The female dog desk worker was whispering to him.

"...That bitch…." Otis cursed. Jack saw what he meant and stepped back.


Soon Okuma stepped up.

"...I just got informed you have….. thing on your team…?" Okuma asked slowly. Otis shook when he noticed he was eyeing him.

"What about it..?" He growled through his teeth.

Okuma didn't answer at first, but a smile slowly formed.

"You seem familiar...You wouldn't happen to be part of the Inu clan by chance?" He suddenly asked.

Otis frowned. He should of known he would be figured out.

"I am. Heir to the forest clan actually." Otis admitted with pride. Okuma chuckled slowly.

"...And you came in search for your father yes?" Okuma pressed even more, with a expression of fake remorsement.

Otis was hurt by it, but before Otis could jump at him, Jack stopped.

"Otis don't-"

"Where is he?!" Otis questioned in a yell. Okuma smiled with clear evil content. "My father! I know he joined this tournament!"

This news was stunning to both Milo and Jack. It made sense, and Milo was glad that know why Otis was here.

However Okuma just laughed.

"Answer me!"

"He's dead…" Okuma answered so sharply, it silenced Otis. Otis stopped pressing against Jack.


"It's true …" Okuma lowered his head and stared hard at Otis, with Otis saw as hate. "...Semi finals of the last 'Chain'... I killed him."

Everyone stayed silent as they watched Otis's reaction. He let us jaw drop.

"K….Killed?" Otis mumbled. Okuma chuckled.

"Yes…. By my own teeth." Okuma sternly admitted.

Milo saw Otis move an inch. She felt his emotions.

"OTIS DON'T-" But it was too late. Otis dashed past Jack.

"OKUMAAAAA!" Otis roared as his emotions spiraled uncontrollably..

Anger, hate, sadness, and guilt. Otis put all that into his bite.

"I'm going to rip your fucking skull open!"


Otis didn't see Okuma move. All he knew, was he was kicked massively hard in the gut.

He flew over several dogs and crashed into the wall.

With several pieces of concrete and plaster falling beside him, Otis fell face first into the ground.

"OTIS!" Milo called as she ran to him. Everyone watched as she got a crossed the field, running for a dog.

"Just freaking look at her! Running to his aid like he's her mate!" Red mocked.

Okuma chuckled and turned around.

"Forget them Red." Okuma eyes Red. "It's ME you have to worry about.

"Tsk." Red sounded as he turned from him. "Don't make me laugh."

Milo stopped caring that she was being watched.

She still tried to wake him up.

"Come on Otis!" Milo pushed against his head. "Please wake up …."

Jack finally came besides both of them, looking panicked for the first time.

He saw Milo was losing control of her emotions and tearing up bad.

"I think he's fine." He was a little worried for there was a bruise on the back of his head. However, Jack stomached it and slowly put him on his back. "We need to get out of here!"

Milo nodded and followed as soon as he ran.

Milo hated all of this. She still had so much emotion in her. Now guilt sickened her as she felt Otis was hurt because of her.

Noone watched them escape as the dogs and cats held fear for Okuma and Red.

Otis woke up with a jolt.

"MILO-" However a sharp pain in the back of his head pulsed into a headache. "...Ooow…"

"You're awake…" Otis turned to who called. On top of a metal railing was Milo. Otis signed with relief when he saw she was okay, minus a small scratch on her face.

Otis took this time to stretch and look around him. As he felt his bones popping, he saw that over the railings was a sea. Next he saw Jack asleep beside him. Otis walked by Milo and looked even closer.

They appeared to be in a docking bay. Here several boats were docked, but were very unused. The one they were on was the worst. Sea barnacles and moss were up towards the railing. Otis was actually surprised this boat was still a float.

Otis then turned from his surroundings to Milo. He slowly recalled previous events. The battle, the cats mocking Milo...and…

Okuma admitting to murder.

Otis sat and thought hard. He was going have to go back-

"Just focus on Okuma and forget about me." Milo suddenly sounded. Otis looked into her green eyes and saw she was pretty serious. Otis tilted his head.

"Why this now all of a sudden?" Otis felt it was because pressure was getting to her.

She shrugged.

"I made you a target. Isn't it best if I don't be around you?" Milo questioned. Otis saw her eyes were piercing. It was as if Otis was being tested.

And for once he didn't know the answer.

"Look Milo." Otis tried. "...What are you even thinking about doing? WHERE would you go?" Otis added. Milo frowned.

"Why does that BOTHER you?!" Milo pressed loudly. Otis was taken back by her anger. Otis shook his head.

"Why?! Because it's wrong!" Otis answered, getting fired up.

"...Only to us…" Milo shot out as she stood and hopped off the railing. Otis panicked and followed.

"Wait-" Otis stuck his head in-between the railing and called for her. "Milo wait!"

Milo did and sat. She didn't turn to him however, as he hopped over the railing.

Otis chose his words carefully

"...I…... don't care." He admitted as he shook his head. Milo gave a sharp laugh.

"Ha! That's your big answer…." Milo looked down. "Just because we don't care if we're friends…. Doesn't mean everyone will accept us."

"I accept you." Otis admitted smoothly. Milo shook her head frustrated.

"They don't accept US Otis!" Milo yelled out louder now. She turned to him, and Otis saw her frustrating anger turned into upsetting sadness. She looked down. "...Us staying around one another will get one of us killed…"

"I still don't care." Otis simply said. Milo bit her lip as she hissed from annoyance.

"Don't care for what?!" Milo started to pace. "That, I'm hated?! That, I made you a target?! That I'm going to get you killed?!"

It was then when she turned and she was brought into his paw. Milo's tension was killed off when Otis hugged.

"I don't care about… any of that…" Otis admitted. He then hugged her tighter. "As long as we're together."

Milo felt her heart stir.

She felt butterflies.

What was wrong with her? She felt her blush.

She was falling in love with this dog….

Soon hatred from the cats appeared. She remembered how mean they were to her just mentioning about trying to befriend the dogs.

She felt they would be worse if she knew her feelings for Otis.

So she shoved off of him.

"W-What? Together?!" Milo muttered as she tried to lose her blush. It was easy as she had a very bad day.

Otis didn't waver.

"Well, yeah. Shouldn't there be a change?"

Milo couldn't answer that. Of course there had to be a change, but could a lone cat and a lone dog do it?

"...Why….. What are you actually fighting for?" Milo asked as her voice was still shaken. Otis smiled.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm fighting for you …"