As the renowned real estate agent, Sanjay Mewalall keeps abreast of all the events and market conditions affecting the real estate in the community. He is fully informed on current and proposed laws, as well as local government. He negotiates vendor discounts on marketing and promotional materials and underwrote appraisals, proposals, and controls for properties.

He understands the market and current trends including the property prices and the community. His insight helps the clients make the right decisions without extensive research on their part. Besides, he determines the client's needs and financial abilities to propose solutions that suit them.

Sanjay Mewalall makes the best use of his expertise in property transactions to help clients in pricing their property well to make the selling faster. He is well versed with the needs of the sellers and does the negotiation on their behalf without getting emotional.

Sanjay is quite familiar with the local communities in order to match the properties to the needs of the clients. He always stays current on financing options, types of available mortgages, and real estate. He coordinates and oversees open houses and arranges meetings with the prospective buyers.

Sanjay Mewalall shares the knowledge to the customer if it is necessary for transaction process without violating the confidentiality duty. He is always obliged to do his best to show and use expertise in the field and not to make harsh mistakes. He is always enthusiastic about what he does, presentable and takes care of his appearance. Besides, Sanjay prepares them for what a best-case scenario looks like for them.

About Sanjay Mewalall

Being into real estate, Sanjay Mewalal keeps tab on all the relevant details and keeps a check on all the appointments and meetings. He is always flexible and adjusts his schedules if the client requests. He is always enthusiastic about what he does, presentable and takes care of his appearance.