Felix Frey from New York joined one of the most successful hedge funds over the last 30 years, Scoggin Capital Management. It was here that he learned how the average investor can use options just like top hedge funds in the world. He strongly agrees that when we look for the best trading ideas in the market, it is important that we stay true to our core beliefs.

He started his professional career in Chicago at Swiss O' Corner which is one of the top Derivative Houses on Wall Street. Thereafter, he started serving at Bank of America in New York where he advised and traded against the biggest Hedge Fund managers in the world.

Felix Frey from New York came up with all the trading ideas and made people get educated in the process through a live podcast. He provides investors with 3 steps to profit, thus uncovering the best trading ideas in the market every single day. It's a great opportunity for those investors who were interested in learning about early market trends, risk-reward analysis, options analysis, and chart reading.

About Felix Frey

Felix Frey is currently the founder of OptionsGeek, an options educational platform that offers a new and improved options chain, institutional quality trading ideas, and some of the best Options Education on the market. It offers a complete options training platform offering students and traders the options tool required to succeed, quality trading ideas to profit, and the best options education that ties it all together. Besides, it introduces brand new concepts and a more exciting delivery for all investors interested in better managing their risk and increasing their reward.