So beginning a new story, the protagonist of this story is actually a redo of an earlier idea I had to make a Humanimal Expy of the Protagonist of the 90s Edutainment Game Geometry Blaster in my original plans for a story that has since been deleted Andi was a Labrador Retriever but after that idea was scrapped and a new Lab Character was created in Bumble I realized a Great Dane actually fit Andi's stately figure better also made her more intimidating as the powerful guard dog instead of the incredibly cuddly Lab

This is a story of Planet Mizzer, where Bio-Engineered Animals called Humanimals, creatures that can speak, wear clothes and live in houses just like Human Beings…The Heroine of this tale is a Dog-Girl of the Great Dane Breed named Andrea Dewclaw though most people called her Andi for short.

Before we move forward I realize for people who are just tuning in and this is their first Humanimal story might be asking, what is a Humanimal? And what is Planet Mizzer? Is it like Earth?

And for the purpose of this story we're gonna have a brief flashback using a excerpt from another story, like when a TV Shows uses a clip from a previous episode for a flashback, easier to copy and paste than to re-write the whole thing from scratch.


In a distant part of the Milky Way Galaxy, a wormhole opened, it was a once in a million year phenomena, that the Neo-Hippies knew they had to take advantage off if they wished to reach the promised land, a rich, lush Earth-like planet with no intelligent life-forms meaning fit for colonization.

The wormhole seemed to belch out a giant spaceship, almost as large as Mount Everest; she had to be, with the sheer amount of passengers she carried! A few hundred Neo-Hippie humans of all races, but all predominantly either Americans, Canadians or otherwise First-World nations with most being Americans, and even more than the humans Humanimals, seven breeding pairs of almost every species of Earth Animal.

(There were only a few exceptions to what species could be transformed into Humanimals, first the Animal had to have a physical brain so no sea sponges, also no hive-mind creatures like bees and ants because the hive is one mind divided into many bodies the Cauldron can't grant individuality to a single ant, and finally the larger species of whales, not because the Crystal Meteorite can't give them Humanoid form and intelligence, but because they both can't fit in the machine and because they can't survive out of the water long enough without being imploding, the largest animal that has been transformed by the Cauldron is the Orca)

Anyway as the Massive Ship approached the Virgin planet, a Man, the Captain of the ship, beamed as the planet's sparkling blue waters and white clouds sparkled in his brown eyes.

The man had long brown hair and a long brown beard like your quintessential Hippie, he also appeared like many depictions of Adam in illustrated books and videos about the Bible.

A young woman came toward him "Our new home." Said the Captain "Mizzer."

The Neo-Hippies had decided to name the planet 'Mizzer' a nonsense word almost purely on a whim but also to be non-denominational and simply they liked the way the name sounded.

"Jonathan." Said the Woman named Melissa who was in charge of monitoring the Humanimals who were sleeping in pods filled with some kind of fluid "Shall I begin the awakening?"

"Not until we've landed." Said Jonathan

"To think Jonathan…." Melissa said "…A new world all to ourselves! A chance to begin anew! A world without war our strife!"


Yes that was the Neo-Hippie Humans' intention to have a fresh start and create a world without war or strife a chance to truly create Heaven on Earth…Or at least on a Planet similar enough to Earth….

Unfortunately the Neo-Hippies would prove Hippies don't make good parents with how they introduced the Humanimals to their new surroundings upon awakening them.

For this purpose, we'll focus on Andi's own ancestor, A Great Dane Dog-Man who was one of the seven breeding pairs first brought to Mizzer, time for another flashback


The Great Dane-Man of fawn color and a black muzzle was one of the Humanimals who had slept peacefully throughout the entire trip in his incubation pod, during the Spaceship's journey through the wormhole to reach this distant part of the Milky Way Galaxy where the Mizzer's Solar System was located he was not disturbed by frightening dreams that caused a few Humanimals to be roused from their slumber before they were scheduled to be awakened.

The Great Dane-Man awoke when they were scheduled to be awakened, in fact this Dog's Sluggish mind was still particularly sleepy as the green fluid that filled each Humanimal pod was drained away, causing a slight tickly feeling, like when you're in a bathtub that's draining and you notice the tickly feeling as the water drains away from your skin…The Dog-Man smiled in euphoric bliss at the feeling.

But that bliss was quickly shattered when the floor of his pod opened and the Dog-Man fell down a dark, slippery tube!

The Dog howled in flight as he slipped and slided on the drops of the green fluid that was still clinging to his fur, for a moment it seemed like he would be falling forever, but then with a THUMP he came to the end, a conveyor belt, one of many leading into a giant red room in the belly of the spaceship.

Each chute landed on a conveyor belt, as the Dog-Man panted from that terrifying drop, mechanical hands wielding towels and blow dryers, it was like something out of Looney Tunes cleaned and dried his fur of the last remaining drops of the green fluid.

Then he came to the end of the conveyor belt and saw the rest of the red room with a giant movie screen at the end.

Gingerly, the Great Dane swung his massive legs and for the first time, stood and walked on his hind legs.

It was so different from the vague memories he had of being a normal dog before he was put through the machine and went into that long sleep and yet it felt good, nearly all the other Animals were walking on their hind legs (And if they weren't it was because they had no legs like the Snake-People who have arms but no legs so they resemble the mythical Nagas of Asian Mythology) or they have neither like the Earthworm-People (Who couldn't be given arms because they have no bones, at least the Octopus has water to support his boneless body)

Most of the Animals were Human-Sized, though some of the smallest animals were only three feet tall, the largest pachyderms were twelve feet tall, no one had any inclination to hunt each other or fight each other, the Dog remembered times as a normal dog he chased smaller creatures…Now that idea seemed abhorrent to him all of a sudden, he saw all the many ways to be an Animal all around him and he wanted to befriend his fellow creatures ask them what life was like in their skins be those skins covered with fur, feathers, scales slime or even exoskeletons!

But just as the Humanimals were beginning to intermingle, a human voice announced on the PA system "Settle down and find your seats, the movie is about to begin!"

The Humanimals if they were beginning to speak beforehand were really chattering now "Did you hear that! The movie is about to begin!" "Well what's a movie?"

Domestic Housepets had some vague inkling from memories of when Humans would sit on the furniture and watch the strange box with moving pictures in it, the creatures faced the movie screen, some of the largest creatures becoming seats for smaller creatures, letting them perch on their shoulders or head, the Great Dane-Man sat flat on his rear end with his legs stretched out in front of him like a small child…The room darkened giggling, squeaks and squeals of excitement went through the Humanimals like a wave, they were as innocent and jubilant as children. Then the movie began…

On the screen a young human man was standing on a stage "Greetings Humanimals!" He said "Welcome to the world! I am a Human, we Humans created you Humanimals from ordinary animals this filmstrip will teach you the history of humans and the million year journey that brought us to making you!"

What proceeded was an animated cartoon demonstrating humans evolving from primitive apes to civilized beings, a great hush of awe came over the Humanimals when the Cave People created fire for the first time…From then it was bit of rush through the rest of human history, for most of the 'modern history' segments they used a lot of vintage art from the 1950s to depict Suburban family life.

And that was when the Man said the thing that would cause five thousand years of confusion and suffering "…And you Humanimals are just like us Humans in every way!"

Yeah finally I gave a bit more detail on the nature of the filmstrip that was shown to the Humanimals at the very beginning explaining why Mizzer Humanimals have such conservative family values and aesthetic