So been a while since I updated this story hasn't it? I admit that's because I wasn't sure where to go with this story, then when imagining random story ideas I imagined Andi somehow able to land on my Eastern Dragon Character Belladonna's back while she's in mid flight and in imagining how she could do that, I imagined Andi being able to fly, thinking of a certain My Little Pony fanfic I read years ago that opens with an Earth Pony who is mysteriously able to fly (Earth Ponies are the ordinary horses, without horns or wings for those not in the know) And I realized in that moment Andi has been daydreaming about getting into the sky/Heavens and thinking there will be Paradise when the Humans and Humanimals get into the Sky.

So shortly after that, Andi had her adventure in Dimensia to help restore the whimsical planet of Euclidean Axioms to three dimenstionality, the point of that mission was it was test for Andi to see if she was worthy, after she was returned to Mizzer, she tried to tell her parents but they struggled to believe her, that night as Andi lay in her bed, she had a new dream.

In this dream she was not met by her Guardian Angel, but from figures she knew from her History Book, a Pink Pig-Man named Francis Bacon the one who defeated the dreaded Biollante, and his best friend Alison Tabby and orange Tabby Cat-Woman.

"You have proven yourself most worthy..." Francis said "...I know you have been wanting to get into the sky, so I will let you in on a little secret, Alison and I are both Mages, we have genuine magic powers! That was how we defeated the Biollante, when I was alive, first I created a special suit that would help me glide on wind currents, and I would rest on clouds, but eventually I developed true flight, thus I grant the gift to you...Flight Without Wings!"

As he said this Francis touches Andi's nose a puff of pink powder appeared causing Andi to sneeze.

"Try not to reveal your new power to anyone just yet..." Alison cautioned "...Most Mizzer Humanimals aren't yet for such blatant violations of the normal laws of nature."

"Wow Thanks!" Andi said "But uh...Can I ask one question?"

The Pig and the Cat turned to her.

"What is...Death like?"

Francis gave an irritated Pig Snort, seems he had heard this question many times before and he was tired of hearing it.

"You Modern Cubs!" He groaned "We worked so hard to create a Paradise for you, and you spend much of your time worrying about your death while you're young and hale and hardy! You'll cross that bridge, that glorious Rainbow Bridge, when the time comes for now, en joy your youth and enjoy this bountiful land we worked and fought for you to have!"

Andi awoke with a start! And she realized the point to Francis' words, Modern Humanimals were too comfortable and with that comfort came boredom and that resulted in much navel gazing where they lay awake in bed fretting over their own deaths...Well not anymore! She had been given the gift of flight, and she would enjoy her gift!

Despite trying to remain the same, Mizzer Culture does go through some changes, I imagine 'Crossing the Rainbow Bridge' was a Mizzer Humanimal euphemism for death until a hundred years ago where it became seen as 'Not Politically Correct' because of the knowledge the story of the Rainbow Bridge was created by humans referring to pet death, so you're most likely to hear it at this point in time from species that live for a hundred years like Tortoises