Sukhbir Mawkin serves as the volunteer for various charities, from shop assistant and online community champion, to employment service volunteer. She believes that even the smallest contribution to society can make a huge difference. Not only this, but it has helped her to boost her own skills, confidence, and self-esteem.

Adding to her skills as the volunteer, Sukhbir has learned office experience, events logistics, project and team work, customer service, handling payments and operating tills, and public speaking. She is dedicated to providing vital support for the most vulnerable people in society, and their families.

Taking her philanthropic endeavors to even greater level, Sukhbir Mawkin volunteers for SCOPE, a disability equality charity in England and Wales. She has also volunteered for The Children's Trust and Oxfam. Overall, she is well-known for her philanthropic endeavors and is determined to drive a change.

Apart from being a philanthropist, she is a foodie who is highly fond of cooking and loves to prepare dishes from all around the world. She holds ardent interest in good food and loves to visit different eateries. She enjoys food in their culinary brilliance. Recently, she visited The Breakfast Club and loved their burritos and waffles so much that she now considers it one of the best places for breakfast.

About Sukhbir Mawkin

Sukhbir Mawkin is also an avid reader who loves to read fantasy fiction by authors including Terry Brooks, David Eddings and Terry Goodkind. From time to time, she also enjoys the odd thriller – citing novels by John Grisham, David Baldacci and Tom Clancy as great reads.