Chapter 1: The Ice Wall

Meta smiled to himself, as he sat on the bench where he met the love of his life in Castro. Visions of his husband danced through his head as he looked at the plaque they created to remember the day they met. It was the happiest day of their life. Their love grew more and more every day after that, an adventure like no other. Meta ran a finger along the edge of the plaque, just feeling happy and whole. A dance had just ended and he was waiting for Jed to come by, he hadn't seen him all day. A strange cold wind blew passed as a tanned, tall, blond hottie came out of the club, dressed in light blue jeans, jean jacket and a pink shirt. Meta didn't even notice, distracted and worried about his missing husband. He put his arms around himself as it started to get colder out.

"No husband today?" Nicholas asked, as he placed his hands on the back of the bench, looking down at his boy.

"No master, I'm worried." Meta said.

"Well, I'm sure he will be around. Come give me hugs, I'm heading to work on the farm." Nicholas said, gesture for Meta to stand and hug him.

Meta stands up and leaps into his masters arms, holding him tight as Nicholas wraps his arms around his boy. The scent of Nicholas tickles Meta's nose as he breathes him in and a warmth washes over him, filling him with joy and love.

"I love you master." Meta said, not wanting to let go.

"I love you more then I did yesterday." Nicholas said, holding Meta tight.

"Yay!" Meta shouted with joy.

"It's cold out today." Nicholas said as Meta let go.

"Yes, very strange, it's not even winter." Meta said as he looked around, the streets were quiet and dead.

"Alright, I'm off, see you later." Nicholas said as he kissed Meta's cheek.

"Bye master." Meta said as he smiled, holding Nick's hand for a moment, until they part ways.

Nicholas took off down the street back to the farm as Meta sat on the bench. He sighed as he looked both ways down the streets, no sign of anyone, only Nicholas disappearing around a corner in the distance. The city seemed to get even colder as tiny snowflakes came from above. Meta looked up and wondered what was going on, confused at the sudden temperature. His eyes darted one way, then back to the club. He saw a strange shadow that looked familiar, standing near the club. Short black hair, slender figure with claws, slightly hunched over. Meta recognized that shape, the one that we must not speak, the dark lord himself. He heard his laughing in the distance as the air around him became very cold and the sky went darker and darker. At the edge of the city, blue jagged icicles began to form and rise. They surrounded the entire city, forming a great ice wall, climbing upwards into the sky like blue vines. Meta watched as the dark lord faded away into the cold night, leaving nothing but a trail of dark magic, echoing through the city. Meta ran towards the frozen wall at the end of the street passed the gym and placed a hand on it. The magic felt familiar, but it didn't come from Liam directly, it was being taken from someone else. As he looked into the ice, he noticed his bear on the ground on the other side. Meta frowned as he started to miss Jed and Nicholas, things were becoming very dark as the ice wall became thicker and taller. He turned and rest his back against the ice wall, annoyed that his bear was just out of reach. He made a face, thinking of how stupid and evil Liam was, he knew he caused this. He brought a hand up to try and create some light magic, but the darkness was getting in the way, he couldn't make himself glow orange, only a dim light then fading quickly. Meta motions his fingers in and out, making a fist over and over trying to gather some light magic the best he could, but still nothing. He wouldn't let the dark lord take over his hometown and ruin their life here.

"Fucking Liam..." Meta mumbled to himself.

Just then, he heard a strange tapping sound from behind him, against the ice wall. He raised an eyebrow as he slowly turned around to see what it was. Looking through the ice wall, his face lit up brightly as he was staring right at his husband, Jed. The pink hair flowing in front of his face, his pink and orange eyes glowing bright, staring back at him, the light pink beard equipped with a smile, the thing they make each other do all the time.

"Jed!" Meta shouted.

"Meta." Jed said, as he placed a hand up to the ice wall, holding his bear.

Meta placed a hand on his as he grasped for his bear, feeling relieved that Jed was here with him, even though they could not touch, an ice wall keeping them apart.

"Where have you been? Did you see this?" Meta asked, a worried look in his eye.

"Yes, and I came as fast I could to stop it. I was with Jet and Jamlamin and suddenly his magic was gone. I knew something was wrong." Jed said.

"Oh, so this is Jamlamin's magic? Liam is using him." Meta said.

"Damn him, well we will stop this... somehow..." Jed said as he looked up ast the giant ice wall that reached into the heavens.

"Jed..." Meta said.

"Meta..." Jed said.

"I missed you."

"I missed you more." Jed said as he smirked.

"Noooooo!" Meta shouted.

"Don't worry, we will stop this. I just need to gather some magic to break the spell." Jed pondered.

"Well here, use some of mine to start baby." Meta said, as he summoned a tiny nimbus cloud on the other side of the wall, the last of his magic. A white cloud forms from the cold wind and stared at Jed for a moment, before bouncing around in mid air.

"Cute, just like you." Jed said as he took the nimbus into his palm.

"No you're cute." Meta said as he smiled wide at the love of his life.

"Now I wonder where I should start..." Jed said as he thought to himself for a moment.

"Go to the bear forest in the farm and find more of my essence, that nimbus isn't enough." Meta said.

"Of course, thanks baby. I will be quick, I don't want to be away from you too long, trapped in there." Jed said as he brought his face closer to the ice wall.

"I love you, Jed." Meta said as he pressed his head against the frozen wall.

"I love you, Meta." Jed said as he grasped Meta's bear tight.

"Take care of Bear for me, use that to store our magic." Meta said.

"I will, be safe my love." Jed said as he flew away into the night.

Meta watched as Jed disappeared into the night, his pink and blue wings leaving a trail of fairy dust that trickled down the ice wall like a waterfall. Everything seemed quiet as Meta found an orange bike and began riding around the streets, searching for anyone else that was trapped in the city that he could help. He rode up and down each street until he came to their old brownstone home they lived in. They lived here during their first years together and eventually gave it up after getting new homes and spending more time at the farm. This was the beginning of their adventure, their first home together. Meta rested the bike against the end of the stairs and walked up to the front door. He looked over to where the old plaque was with their name on it and smiled. He opened the door to the now empty house and stepped into the living room, where the fireplace was out and cold. He came to the center of the room and sat down. This was a place he could calm himself in the darkness, a place of light where he would feel safe, until Jed found the magic he could to break the spell. But for now, Meta had to be strong and keep the inside of the city safe from the darkness. He crossed his legs and closed his eyes to meditate as his light started to return, a light in the darkness. Meta is my light in the darkness.