Chapter 2: The Bear Forest

Sand lifted from the ground as Jed landed in front of McCullen Woods, that rested in the corner of their home. Jed looked down at the heart drawn in the sand with the words "Meta I love you" written in it. He smiled to himself as he stepped up the small wooden stairs leading to the grassy area of the woods, with a wooden path leading through. Balls of light lit the pathway on either side, with colors of pink, orange, purple and blue. Many animals littered the place; foxes, wolves, tigers, ocelots and mostly bears of course. Meta loved bears. Jed gripped Meta's bear in his hand tight, determined to bring that wall down and be in his arms again. The Nimbus hovered beside him as he entered the woods, walking down the wooden path leading to a fire pit in a clearing, surrounded with fluffy bear chairs. Each chair a different color, blue, white and brown. Jed sat in the white one, as he gazed down itno the fire pit, thinking of the good times he had here with Meta and company. A small pink fire started to glow beneath the rocks and ashes and it grew into a raging fire as the night fell upon him. Love filled the forest, a magical place for him and his love to spend time together, happy memories. The two bears under the tree across from him were sharing a honeycomb together. Jed just smiled at them, as he noticed a small pink bear come out from the bushes. It wore a purple claw and adorned an orange rose on it's right ear. He has never seen this bear in this forest before and wondered where it came from. Jed's magic must have summoned it. He watched as it waddled over and jumped up on his lap in the chair. Jed placed a gentle hand on it's head and just stared at it, pondering. It made cute high pitched grunting sounds as it was enjoying the touch. The small bear put it's purple claw on Jed's heart as the forest was suddenly glowing around him, shades of light pink like fireflies danced around.

"I hope I can get him out of that ice prison." Jed said to the pink bear.

The bear made soft bear noises as it caressed Jed's heart, comforting him and making his worries and doubts disappear into the clouds. The nimbus began to glow orange as it transformed into a Clouffant, a cloud creature with four legs and orange skin. It floated below and landed next to the pink bear in Jed's lap. Two creatures were staring back at Jed, as he smiled and was filled with hope, that somehow he could breka the spell. He felt the wind surround him as clouds gathered throughout the woods. A bright light filled the center of an area of clouds, opening up like a movie theater screen. Images of Meta began to play, of him as an angel, soaring through the skies, searching for Jed.

"Meta... I miss you..." Jed said to himself as he watched his beloved in the clouds.

It was that fateful day they met, things changed. Meta coming to the bench, them falling in love, the adventures they had, the evils they fought, everything they've been through flashed within the light. Jed was granted the power of wind, the first element to break down the ice wall as the clouds circled him. Meta's love washed over him, feeling him meditate in the middle of their brownstone house in Castro. Meta opened his eyes and smiled, he did what he could to give Jed the magic to help take the ice wall down. But, it wasn't just up to Jed to break the spell, he needed to do his part within the darkness of the cold abyss. He knew Liam was lurking in the corners of this place and he had to be on guard.

"I miss you too Jed." Meta said as he stood up to leave the house.

He suddenly heard strange music coming from the club in the distance. It sounded familiar, he recognized that sound. The pumping heavy bass, the fast beat, the wild style of none other then the one that shall not be mentioned. Meta ran down the street towards the club, just as the brownstone house started to freeze over in a block of ice. Meta looked back for a moment to catch a glimpse of the dark ice surround the place, trapping all the memories inside. His footsteps echoed the alleys of the frozen city as he ran across the hard cold pavement towards the club. His heart was beating fast, nervous at what he would find when he got there. The air grew cold, but he kept warm by keeping his body moving. He turned the corner to see their bench frozen with dark ice. If he stayed here any longer, the whole place will turn to ice and he will be next. It was strange to think that he was just sitting here the other day, like everything was normal and fine. Things change so fast here, the darkness can creep up on you with no warning. He looked inside the club and saw a shadow standing in the center of the dance floor. Large icicles hung down from the ceiling like they were inside an ice cave.

"Welcome!" A voice echoed through the room.

"Liam..." Meta grumbled to himself.

"I remember playing my music here, but you kicked me out..." The voice said.

"That was your own fault." Meta said.

"Poor Meta, all alone. Where is Jed?" Liam asked as he revealed his face within the shadowy figure.

"Gathering the magic he needs to break this curse." Meta said.

"He won't come. He manipulates, deceives, lies..." Liam said as he smirked.

"Of course he will. He loves me and all of Castro." Meta said.

"Well..." Liam said as he hid back into the shadows.

"What do you want, Liam?" Meta asked.

"Do you want to go out with me?" Liam asked.


Meta stepped back a little as he gave Liam a wierd look. Liam just cackled as he shot out a shadowy blast of energy at Meta. Meta heard Jed's voice in his head as wings suddenly appeared within an orange light on his back, reflecting the dark magic. Meta hovered above the ground, ready for a fight. Many more blasts of shadow magic hurled at him, but Meta blocked each one as a cloudy shield formed in his hands in front of him. As each shadow hit his clouds, it was like a black thunder cloud forming as tiny sparks of lightning crackled just as the cloud vanished shortly after being struck by the shadows. Meta kept his focus up as he defended against the shadowy dark lord.

"Jed... Do this with me baby..." Meta said as adrenaline and love pumped through his veins.

"I'm here my love." Jed's voice whispered in his head.

Meta brought his hands out in front of him together, as a bright orange light filled the room. Meta closed his eyes as the light grew and grew until the shadows in the room started to fade away, back into the darkness where they belong, back where Liam belongs. The giant icicles on the ceiling started to melt and drip down on him. Meta fell to his knees as the light cleansed the club of darkness. The melting icicles rained down his body, running down his arms and chest, glistening like the afterglow of making love to his Jed. Meta smiled as the dark energy faded around him. The ice on the bench also melted and for the time being, evil was at bay. Meta shed a single tear, wishing his love was with him at this moment. Instead, Jed was in the forest taking care of Meta's bears...