Chapter 3: Heart & Passion

Meta walked out of the club into the streets of Castro shimmering with ice water all over, wearing his cargo shorts and orange shoes. He was a small light within the ice barrier, ready purge the rest of the darkness. He ran a hand down his wet chest as he wandered over to the bench to take a break. He sat only for a moment, until he noticed someone standing outside the ice wall. Jed was back and waiting for him. Meta smiled and got up quickly as he ran towards his hubby, a sense of joy filled his heart.

"Jed!" Meta shouted.

"Meta." Jed said as he smiled brightly.

"How you doin baby?" Meta asked, as he placed a hand on the ice wall.

"I got your wind magic, thank you." Jed said, as he placed a hand over Meta's.

"Heeeee!" Meta laughed excitedly.

"Are you doing alright in there?" Jed asked.

"I'm fine, your love makes me better." Meta said.

"Good, I can't stand being apart from you like this." Jed said, as he leaned in closer.

"I know, me too. We will break this." Meta said as he also came closer.

"Look at you, you're glowing and wet babe." Jed said as he noticed Meta's wet body.

"Me? Look at you husband, sexy boy." Meta said as he giggled and looked Jed up and down.

Jed gazed into Meta's eyes, looking back at his beautiful partner, the one he loved the most. He wished more then anything he could be with him, hold him, touch him again, but this vile wall blocked them, kept them apart. Jed's heart raced as he filled with passion, wanting his baby so bad. Meta stared back, his heart in sync with Jed's, Jed was his heart. They both felt each other deep in their heart, even though they couldn't embrace. Jed couldn't hold back as he felt himself get hard underneath. He slipped his pants off as his dick sprang up and pressed it against the ice wall. Jed thought, maybe his fire magic could slowly melt the ice wall if they made love right here, right now. A test of how powerful his fire magic really was.

"Oh fuck..." Meta said as he gazed upon his naked husband.

Jed started to glow bright pink, his tight muscles ached for Meta's touch, his bicep flexed as he ran a hand down the ice wall, making it drip a little as the ice melted. Jed pressed his hardened cock against the ice wall, cold to the touch at first, but quickly heated up from his magic, it looked as though he was leaking from the head, but it was just the ice starting to melt. Meta was turned on as he watched and slowly unzipped his cargo shorts and let them fall as his ginger cock was exposed now. Meta ran his hand down his wet body, teasing his husband as his cock got harder as he went down his chest and stomach, down his ginger trail to his pubes. Jed's cock throbbed as he looked back at his angel, naked and pure. His fingers gripped ahainst the ice wall a bit, lust filled his eyes, wanting Meta so bad, he started breathing heavy, the ice wall fogged where the breath matched the outside.

"Oh babe..." Jed moaned.

Meta gripped his cock as it grew in his hand. Slowly he started to stroke as he watched Jed grab his cock too. They gazed at eachother as their hands moved up and down their shafts, throbbing and wet from the ice water. Their bodies began to heat up as Jed's magic ignited in their hearts. In their minds, they were making love as they closed their eyes, imagining they are together. They both rubbed themselves as the passion grew more and more, stroking faster and harder.

"Oh Jed... I want to suck your cock." Meta said.

"Let me feed you my love, it's all yours." Jed said, as his magic made his penis feel warm, as if Meta's lips were wrapped around it.

"Let me taste you, I can feel you hard in my mouth." Meta said as he continued working his shaft.

"Yes baby, don't stop... I can feel it..." Jed said as he moaned with pleasure.

"I want you... I need you inside me Jed..." Meta said as his dick began to leak all over his hand, he was throbbing hard as Jed's magic flowed through his hot body like lava running down a volcano.

"I want you baby.. feel my love for you, deep inside you..." Jed said as he felt the magic between them build up more and more, stroking harder and faster.

"Fuck... yes... Oh Jed..." Meta moaned as he felt something penetrate him by magic, he almost fell forward as he held on to the ice wall for support with one hand as he stroked harder, moaning heavily.

"Oh Meta... you feel so good... I love you." Jed groaned as his body shivered, breathing heavy.

"Fuck me baby, I feel you so deep inside me. Fill me with your magic.. I fucking love you." Meta moaned louder as his body quivered with pleasure.

Both of the boys were shaking and shivering with pleasure as their cocks throbbed in unison. Passion filled them as they felt the magic flow through as the liquids of love shot out of them as they kissed against the ice wall. They moaned and kissed as the ice water melted at their lips as they came all over the wall, their white seed splattered and ran down and looked as if they were mixed together. From their love, spawned a strange red heart candy creature as Jed glowed bright pink, then slowly faded as the little monster appeared below him. It's chest had a heart and two small eyes looking up at him. The fire element was ready to be awakened, the next step in breaking the ice wall.

"What's that love?" Meta asked as he opened his eyes.

"The Heart Candy, my magic must have summoned it from my heart." Jed said as he picked up the cute red monster.

"It's kinda cute." Meta said.

"Not as cute as you baby." Jed said as he winked.

"Oh hush." Meta said.

"I'm going to head back to the farm to my garden and see if I can gather some more fire power. Someone drained me." Jed smirked.

"Heeeee!" Meta giggled.



"I love you." Jed said.

"I more you more, and I'll fight you on that." Meta smiled.

"I know you will. Never stop fighting my love." Jed said.

"Be safe, I will be okay in here." Meta said.

"Thank you. Later crocodile." Jed waved.

"Later tater." Meta said, waving as Jed took off into the night once again.

Meta smiled to himself for a moment, then turned his back against the ice wall. He fell to the ground as he sat there, thinking of Nicholas, wondering where he was now. He missed his master and wanted everyone to be together again. But for now, this loving moment is what kept him going, the love of his husband and master were the ones that made everything good and made him whole.

"I miss you master..."