She could see it
The writing on the wall
About how things'll go

In the years moving forward

She was done
This was just a job for her
End of, be of

She didn't go into
Thinking that, of course not
But her psyche is fragile

Cracks turning into
Breaks and cavities
Losing her own battles

As she helped other wage theirs

This was not a sacrifice
Without an offering
No, she was getting paid

However, still, she could see
The writing on the wall
Looking deeper as to where

Most of the problems seemed to be

Her supervisors meant well
And she knew this but she knew
There was a difference

Betwixt being well-intentioned and good

They were well-intentioned
But their ways were, as she deemed
Outdated and inefficient

Operating almost like an MLM

MLMs, as she noted,
Had their heyday when her job debuted
It's been 26 years

And those were dying
Struggling to stay afloat
While their crew seemed to be drowning

She could feel it
The blackened water rising
It's risen past her ankles

The ship was sinking
She was more apt to stay silent
They needed to learn

And it'll probably be too late

If she'd drown, then
She'd go "So be it."
At least, she wasn't drowning alone

No, there were lambs to the slaughter
Each and every one of them, all being lead to drown
In the blackened waters

That further swallowed their ship

The writing was on the wall
About how things'll go coming forward
She could see it plain as day

Her supervisors were well-intentioned
But their efforts were not good
The blackened waters

Had risen to her knees

She was done
This was a job for her
End of, be of

She worked on a sinking ship
And it'd only be a matter of time
Before she'd drown