It was a typical day for Otis. He would wake up to go to work at the crack of dawn, deal with stupid bullshit, and head back home. And as usual, when he wanted to punch a hole through the wall, he would play his music slightly louder than usual. It wasn't his choice; it was just instinct. More often than not, he just wanted to kill something. The useless sacks of shit at his work gave him a headache.

He just wanted something different. Something new and exciting to happen in his everyday boring life. Maybe if he just sped off the bridge on his way home, then somebody would care for him.

Staring at the endless highway paved in front of him, Otis drove carefully. Even though he had all these wicked, boundless thoughts bouncing around his mind, he never acted upon them. Like everyone else, he didn't want to die despite his somewhat shitty life.

Subconsciously, Otis slammed on his brakes as he spied a car swerve off the road from the corner of his eyes. The car blitzed through the landscape, glass shattering with each impact before halting to a stop upside down in a ditch. Immediately, smoke poured out from the hood of the car and floated off to the clouds, mingling with the whiteness of the clouds, though it was obviously simple enough to differentiate it from the white clouds and the grey fumes.

Severely concerned for the person inside the car, Otis didn't realize he was staring at the mess of a car until he almost flattened himself from colliding with a slow car. Otis whipped his steering wheel just in time to dodge death as it stared at him right in the face. Driving slower and shutting his music off, he drove up to the smoking car sitting in the ditch before parking his car a few meters away from the demolished vehicle.

Stepping out of his car, Otis gazed at the destruction before running up to help the man, only to see him standing outside the car, looking at him. "Sir, are you okay? Are you bleeding anywhere? Should I call 911? Do you remember your name?"

"Uh… I think I'm fine… I feel no pain anywhere…" The man looked down at his own body and lifted both his arms up. "And my name is David."

Otis scanned him up and down. From the looks of it, David was fine. There was no blood anywhere. No signs of serious injury. He had miraculously survived a gruesome car accident. It was as if an angel from heaven descended to shield him from any harm.

"You should go to the hospital just in case. Internal bleeding could be an underlying issue that could potentially kill you." Otis took his phone out of his pocket and was about to call 911 when he heard a noise coming from the forest. At the edge of the forest, he could see a deer staring at them with its black, beady eyes.

David also turned his head around to look at the source of the sound but gurgled as his hands shot up to his neck. Otis stared in horror as David twirled around with fear reflecting from the inner depths of his soul. Watching the dance of pain was all he could do as David's eyes shrieked with utter terror from the welcoming arms of death itself.

He could see it all. He could see every single second David struggling to stay alive, holding onto the thin sliver of hope that he could survive. The continually weakening gargles escaping David's throat winded down into whispers before deafening silence overtook the scenery, leaving only music from the tires of cars to produce any sounds.

Otis dropped his phone in terror as his mind processed what he had just witnessed. The sound of his heartbeat hammering through his ears was almost enough to drive him insane from the traumatizing ordeal. With a trembling voice, Otis kneeled down and shook the still body of David. "Hey… Should I call the police? Are you alright…? H-Hey… Answer me…"

Looking around, Otis realized all the cars that had slowed down were already gone. Not one person had stopped by to check the scene. Not one single person checked in to see if David was fine.

Staring at David's body, Otis ran his fingers down his face, closing his eyes to block the one-way mirror into the soul that horrifically illustrated death in all its glory. With shaky legs, Otis stood up and scanned the area one more time before dragging David's body through the grassy land. He opened the passenger side of his car and did his best to prop David up carefully on the seat.

Otis patted him down, making sure David's hair wasn't ruffled or his clothes wrinkled. Nervously glancing around, Otis scurried over to the driver's seat. He slammed the accelerator, driving off the grassy area before flying down the highway.

Maybe today was the day he would drive off the bridge.