Sukhi Mawkin is a reputed senior executive assistant who works to coordinate daily calendars of senior managers and plans appointments. She holds excellent organizational skills with an ability to proactively prioritize work. Maintaining a strong working relationship with clients and their EAs is essential to create a valuable network of contacts for Sukhi. Overall, she is a trusted gatekeeper and primary point of contact for senior leadership.

As a diligent senior executive assistant, her expertise ranges from putting together well-structured documents and presentations, delivering on seemingly impossible requests, organizing and scheduling meetings and events to helping resolve any other issues/challenges that come her way.

Adding more to her expertise, Sukhi Mawkin has worked for various large organizations including GE Capital and Merrill Lynch Private Bank. Over the years she has been fortunate to be able to interact with several key International Public Figures, from Royalty, UK Government to corporate clients.

Out of her work, she loves to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies. She also enjoys cooking and long walks in the countryside with her dog.

About Sukhi Mawkin

Sukhi Mawkin has the ability to manage competing priorities and work to tight deadlines. She also has an exceptional eye for detail and extremely strong work ethic. Sukhi holds strong communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with clients and colleagues. In addition, Sukhi collaborates with all key stakeholders to help foster effective business and financial objectives.