To suddenly wake up in a strange place chained to an uncomfortable hospital bed was the least of Kyle's worries. He was in a drug deal with some of his friends because it was a great way to make money despite the negative connotation surrounding it. All he remembered was scrambling away from the police to save his life before climbing a gate halfway when something with great speeds came smashing down on his spine. He screamed out in pain, but it was to no avail as the object connected with his head, blacking him out.

Kyle groggily scanned the dimly lit room he was in stationed in as fear bubbled up in his chest. This was no place to hide from the police. In fact, the buzz saw sitting a few feet away from the bed on top of a cart told him as much. Its sharp, bloodstained teeth twinkling in from the faint illumination flickering above him as a moth smashed its fragile bodies against the bulb.

When Kyle tried to move his legs, the confirmation of his spine shrieking in pain told him as much; he couldn't move his legs an inch. Instead, tears of agony rolled down his face. "Fucking kill me already…"

Kyle glanced at the door with gritted teeth as he watched a doctor with a complete set of surgery clothing, mask, and dark goggles step into the room. The doctor strapped sterile blue gloves over his hands. Stepping closer to where Kyle was sitting, he dragged a chair and the cart right beside Kyle before sitting down on the metal chair.

"Hey, what's going on…" Kyle murmured in between harsh breaths. "Let me go."

"It's just a fun little game where I like to experiment on people. Especially ones that contribute nothing to society just like you." The doctor grabbed the chain saw and glanced at him. "Forgive my rude manners, but the name is Butch."

"What the fuck are you doing with that…" Kyle's breath turned raspy as he struggled with his situation of a broken spine. Even through the shady goggles, he could see the malice reeking from his eyes.

Completely ignoring his question, Butch watched in fascination as the buzz saw slowly revved up to full speed. The dark goggles were useless if Kyle could see every emotion through his body language.

Kyle pulled on the chains in desperation as the buzz saw neared his stomach. The will to live pulled its reins tighter around Kyle as he eyed the saw nearing his hospital gown. The moment it touched, it shredded his skin clean open. His shrill screams bounced around the room, trapped from reaching any helping hands.

Blood clung onto the claws of the buzz saw, splattering the wall and floor with Kyle's precious life serum. Butch pressed deeper into his stomach until Kyle's organs spilled out from the opening in a hot, soupy mess. The continuous high pitch screeches died down as Butch shifted the saw to where his neck was, splitting his vocal cords right down the center. Red liquid gushed out, tarnishing the clean gown.

Choking on his own blood, Kyle gargled as he tried to speak, only to see specks of red fly out of the slit in his neck. He watched in silent suffering as Butch plunged his hands into his internal organs, crushing it in between his fingers. Blood dribbled down from the punctures, swirling around Butch's finger like a ritual to summon a demon. The intricate patterns it made only served its purpose of whispering the notes of death into Kyle's ears.

Butch grabbed the intestines out of Kyle's body and placed them on his own abdomen. Mimicking his high-pitched screams from earlier, he held his hands up and mocked him. "Oh, no! My organs! What are you doing with that buzz saw?" Laughing from his own parody of Kyle, Butch suddenly tugged at the intestines with all his might, drawing out a gurgle from Kyle.

Butch giggled, continuing to rip Kyle's organs out from the gaping gash. Delicately holding up Kyle's stomach organ, Butch marveled at its distinct shape. "Do you know what this is? This is your stomach. Isn't it beautiful?" Butch stared at it for a few more seconds before squeezing it with aggression, causing Kyle to shake around the hospital bed in pain.

"It's so much fun, isn't it? Just testing out how long a human can survive even with their organs all splayed out for the world to see. But don't worry, friend. You'll be joining the hundreds I tested on. So go on. Rest in peace." Butch whispered as he held out his hand and watched as Kyle stared at him until his life left his body.

Picking up the buzz saw, Butch placed it inside the laceration and turned it on, gazing at the bloody mess sprouting. The blood splashing against the floor landed with a satisfying splat.

Butch turned the buzz saw off before he unchained the lifeless body from the bed. Sliding it across the room, Butch placed it in the middle of the room and lied down next to it. Staring up at the stained ceiling, Butch smiled underneath his mask.

"So how is it with the hundreds?"