Lük and Bea are working at Are You Coddin' Me where Lük vents about the amount of money he owes the Heaven Internal Revenue Service. "$450,000,000?!", said Bea. "I know, right. Just who do those assholes think they are, trying to rob me of my life. I didn't know I still have to pay taxes no matter where I lived", said Lük. "And you'll lose your home if you don't pay them by tomorrow?! What are you gonna do? And what will I do? I can't live without my best friend.", said Bea. "Cool your tits off, red. I'll come up with something to make $450,000,000 in... 21 hours. [gulp] I hope.", said Lük. "Psst. Hey, demon man. I heard you're a little tight on cash. I might be of assistance.", said Sal Coddington. "What the hell could you possibly do to get involved in my money woes.", said Lük. "In case you haven't noticed, there happens to be a casino just 16 miles east, it is the great gold mine of heaven.", said Sal. "And why should I care?", asked Lük. "Because, don't you wanna get some of that mula you need before tomorrow. Besides, everyone always loses in the first try. But... if someone were to get that money other than winning...", said Sal. "You're gonna steal $450,000,000 at a casino for me?", asked Lük. "No, I was referring to both of you. Also, I'm banned from the casino for life. Apparently, they wouldn't accept my offer to lose my virginity as payment.", said Sal. "You want me and Lük to steal from a casino? Isn't that like breaking the law?", asked Bea. "We're in.", said Lük. "What?!", said Bea. "Red, what choice do I have? I won't have enough time to raise that shitload of mula by tomorrow. So this is what I'm left to resort to, and you're gonna help me.", said Lük. "Well, I don't want to see you lose your home, and I don't wanna see you leave heaven, cos you're my friend and all... Alright, I'm in.", said Bea. "Great, I'll have Horoshi drive you to the casino ASAP.", said Sal.

Sal walks out of the register counter and to the restaurant entrance, completely unaware of two people holding up newspapers. One of them puts down the paper and is revealed to be... Prichard the demon! "So, Demonson is on the verge of losing his home, and he and that female imbecile are gonna steal at a casino? Interesting.", said Prichard. "We're definitely gonna f with those fools, aren't we, boss.", said Winsel when he revealed himself. "Oh, yes, Winsel. And we'll never see that parasite in our lives again.", said Prichard when he and Winsel both chucked evilly.