I swear Trevor nearly had a mini heart attack when me and Tyler exploded back into the hospital room he was in.

I saw him clutch his chest in pain and I freaked at the sight. I quickly ran over to him, saying in frantic worried words,

"Don't die. DON'T DIE!"

He then stopped his fearful movements, and only grinned up one side of his face. It was then I realized he was messing with us.

"Oh, HAHA." I said coldly, and he chuckled to himself at his stupid prank, "You shouldn't be messing with us that way."

"Chill, Padraig." He said with a wink and looked around me, seeing Tyler just standing away and watching the scene take place, "Do you have the serums?"

"Do I ever," I said, and clicked my thumb, pointing my finger in Tyler's direction. My blonde friend was not amused, but slowly lifted up a bag of serum flasks and Trevor instantly brightened up, his mouth making an O shape in awe of what was before him.

"Gimme!" He begged and I slowly lifted the flasks out of the bag with my telekinesis, floating them above his head teasingly. He quickly snatched them, one at a time, and gulped down some of the liquid in each, "Tastes like heaven."

"Yeah," I said with a smirk, patting him on the back, "And you don't need to die to get there, either."

"But I will one day," Trevor added in, "He showed me when my time would come. Not for a long while yet."

I laughed at his words, Trevor was a nice guy. I could see us being friends outside of prison and maybe in the real world. But what he had just said stuck with me then and I had to ask.

"What does it look like...?"

He blinked his eyes, turning his gaze back on me, and saw my worried nervous face.

"Heaven?" We both said at once and I saw Tyler approach the other side of the bed, just as curious.

"I can't explain it in words... it's just,"

Paradise... he thought and I could see slight images that were distorted in his mind's eyes, home...

"This," Tyler butted in then, and I and Trevor turned our eyes puzzled over to him, "This world isn't home?"

Trevor only laughed and shook his head softly, "Home is where your heart feels at peace."

"Hmm... I guess so?" Tyler concluded and the three of us laughed nervously between one another.

As I left Trevor in the hospital, Tyler and I walked in silent steps.

I couldn't stop thinking about what my old inmate had said... what home was for someone. Home to me was where I felt at peace, where I felt I was meant to be.

Amy... when we were alone, that felt like a kinda home... not dissing my other friends. Kissing her... was like breathing in a way. Natural, safe, and soft.

Home... I had lost my home.

I had lost her here in this world... so I had to find her in another.

I could see Tyler looking at me as I thought while walked and he said sadly. Sad for me like he knew what I was planning was a big mistake.

"You still love her... want her..."

I glanced at him, seeing his forlorn expression and I gulped, nodding my head.

"But you do know, Padraig," He continued, almost in pain at his words, "She isn't yours."

I looked at him like he was stupid in saying this. He only sighed, and pat me sadly on the shoulder.

"Will you never learn..."

"If it was you and Jessica," I asked then and he blinked quickly, coming back to the conversation, "Would you quit?"

He stared at me for a long second then, and sighed heavily, gazing down to the ground.

"Okay... you got me there."

"Hmm," I hummed in a hard grunt and suddenly we heard the sound of a roof being blown apart. We spun around quickly, looking back up at the hospital's top and seeing Trevor tear through the sky with his new powers accomplishing his dreams.

"Ha ha HA!" He laughed and flew through the clouds. Tyler and I watched him slowly, the two of us grinning at his happiness and we watched as he disappeared beyond the horizon.

We both turned our gaze back on each other and Tyler asked.

"You're never gonna give up, are you?"

I then gave him the same look I had before at the mention of Jessica and him, and Tyler sighed, adding.

"Stupid question... stupid, stupid question."

"How's Jess anyway?" I asked then, trying to change the subject but wasn't very successful.

"She's good... um... a little hormonal,"

"Sounds like every teenage girl," I laughed and Tyler huffed a small chuckle, but covered his mouth quickly, realizing he should keep his gob shut.

"No, she's just very sensitive at the moment... only four more months, and then that baby's out."


"Yeah... but..."

"But what?"

"Listen," He said quickly, pulling me close and saying in worried words, "I don't mind the baby not being mine, I really can. It's just..."


Tyler gulped, closing his eyes tightly in pain and mumbling, "I don't want it to have his eyes..."

Ah, yes. Luke's famous striking blue eyes. Jessica had distinctive eyes too. Big eyes like a gentle doe.

I stared at Tyler, and I think he thought I was judging him, but I wasn't. And I had to make that clear.

"I understand," I said in a hushed voice, patting him on the back and adding, "But know... you two can try again once it's born. You can take the antidote."

Tyler had almost tears in his eyes at my words and he suddenly hugged me. I stiffened at his warm embrace and only pet him uncomfortably on the back. He let go of me then, a warm smile on his lips and he said with bravery and truth.

"You're right. Me and Jess WILL have that family... one day. We will."

I smiled back at him and he looked up at the sky as if he was filled with newfound hope.

"I have to go now," He said, not looking at me but at the setting sun in the distance, "I have to remind her how much I love her." He turned his gaze back on me and just waved his hand softly, saying, "Bye,"

I nodded back and he exploded, leaving me alone once more in this world.

The third wheel... with everyone I knew, I always felt like a third wheel. I slowly walked on home and when I reached my bed that night at nine o clock, I let sleep overtake me and send me into a world of manic peace.

Also known to the world as dreams.

But I knew I was dreaming. I searched my inner imaginings, looking for something, someone.

Thee one, where could she be. I hope that when she laid her own head on a pillow she'd search for me too.

I then, saw her... her brown hair was shimmering, her green eyes afraid.

But not terrified.

She knew why we were meeting here, the only place we could meet. Where we could be together and be free.

All it cost were our dreams.

She approached me, and held my cheek in her hand, directing my dream eyes to look at hers. Maybe I was only imagining it all. It was like I could see her soul instead of her real body. How it shined and glittered with every movement she made. Her hand was still touching me and I placed my own dark hand on her pale one. She smiled shyly, and I pulled her close to me. We kissed.

It felt so real like it was really her.

And the kiss... it led to something more.

All our inhibitions seemed to go down the drain.

I'll let you guess what happened next.

When the light of day came, my alarm clock began bouncing and shaking and I jumped up awake the moment a bucket of water fell on me.

Ah, yes, my wake-up call.

I lay there only gasping from the chill of it and sat up quickly, getting off my bed and changing into dry clothes.

As I made my way across the room and towards the hallway, I heard my mobile start to vibrate first, then let out the ringtone. I slowly approached it, picking it up slowly and seeing who the number was.

I gulped the second I saw.

I answered it and put the phone up to my ear, saying, "Yes...?"

"It was REALLY you in the dream... wasn't it?"

I couldn't think of what to say... so it was real?


"Meet me tonight at the same time."

"Want another round do you?"

"Podge..." She whispered, in pain at my joke at her expense, "I... I..."

"I know," I replied, finishing her sentence for her, "I know..."

What did I know? Simple. That she loved me... but she was, of course, lovesick.

"I'm not lovesick anymore," She said just then and I blinked my eyes puzzled at this.

"What do you mean, Aimes?" I asked and she swallowed, before crying in bitter tears.

"I took the antidote like you said... to free me of these stilted emotions and for me to know who I truly love."

I stood there, silently and she only cried, whispering in case anyone would try to hear.

"You're winning..."

I didn't know how to react to that. I just mumbled the pained yearning words.

"See you... tonight... and don't break my heart."

She cried in laughter and hung up on me. Was I doing the wrong thing? Was I manipulating things to my own benefit?

Or was I fighting for the girl I wanted? I looked across my room at the locket that was on my nightstand and only stared at it silently.

What would it lead me to? What was its grand purpose?

Who knew? Just the one being who had dominion of it all.


He said to me then.

You will see... it will save... history.

I stayed still at hearing His voice.

I then asked him, You said she will never be mine... but she's falling for me...

God's presence was felt around me then and he said simply.

She belongs with him... but you, you are a thief.

Does she love me or not?

Stolen love... is the worse kind.

I stood there, pondering his words, before uttering, I can't stop.

You will... when it's too late. The clock is ticking.

The clock was always ticking. I didn't care.

Let the dreams come... leave reality behind. And then, someway, my dreams will become reality.

And I'd have her.

I'd have her once more.