Simpsons fans will know what the chapter title is referencing also, I forgot to put this in the last chapter, but Felecia's freaky trip into the brain was also heavily influenced by Don Bluth's Rock-A-Doodle which many consider his 'Jumping-the-Shark' movie until he got back on track with Anastasia initially when I first saw it as a kid and the first time I saw it I was tuning in toward the very end I thought it was really freaky and cool but I was a weird kid back then the movie seemed a lot like the stories I was making up at the time.

When John-Meriweather finally came to, his followers had already woken up, in more ways than one, released from the hypnosis the Professor had put on them, they instantly realized how foolish they had been (Of course none of them had any memory of why or how they had come to this meadow, the Professor had put their minds to sleep) but all felt enormously foolish and covering themselves cried out for clothes.

John-Meriweather unfortunately also had no memory of the exorcism or what had transpired between him and Felecia, the sheer psychic trauma of the exorcism must have caused a wiping of his memory.

So upon awakening the first thing that happened was a pair of handcuffs were snapped on his wrists.

"You are under arrest for conspiring against the Mizzer Government!' John Dewclaw said back in his police uniform, he had been awake during the time he was tied to that stake, but too terrified to say or do anything, since he wasn't a psychic he didn't have any idea about the exorcism, it just seemed after the strange human woman did her chanting, the Tortoise-Man became still and silent for a few minutes before he collapsed and so did the Flea-Girl, if the Human Woman said they did some Psychic Hocus Pocus that was fine, to John Dewclaw the important thing was arresting what seemed to be Mizzer's first serious criminal and after talking to the followers it seemed they really had no idea what they were doing at that moment but they did seem embarrassed they had become so obsessed with their 'Nudist Club' prioritizing it over everything else, so John Dewclaw let them off with just a warning.

As John-Meriweather stared into the eyes of the Dog-Man police officer, the first time he had seen really burning hatred in the eyes of a Mizzer Humanimal...He remembered everything that happened before the exorcism and remembered what the spirit had been planning, what he was about to do to the Dog-Man and John-Meriweather realized he had no defense, all he could do was tuck his head into his shell in shame as they led him to the police car, looking like they had arrested a creature with no head!

Standing some distance away on a hill with a tunnel that led to Earth Town, Felecia and Sam watched them take the Old Tortoise away.

"Poor Guy," Felecia said as she remembered the conversation she had with John-Meriweather during the exorcism "Feel kind of sorry for him, knowing he's probably gonna spend the rest of his life in prison."

Sam didn't think he'd feel any merciful feelings towards the Tortoise but he wasn't with Felecia during the exorcism so he couldn't know for sure he turned towards the Flea-Girl and asked "Are we gonna tell everybody about what we learned about the Vertebrates?"

And then Felecia felt a chill run down her exoskeleton as she imagined what would happen telling her fellow Bugs that they had been keeping themselves underground without reason for thousands of years because the Vertebrates just forgot about them...Massive Bug Riots, particularly the rage from the butterflies, moths and dragonflies who for generations were never able to fly in the sky and could only exercise their wings in wind tunnels!

"I don't think we can tell them without starting a war between the Vertebrates and the Invertebrates." Felecia said somberly "We just averted one disaster let's not start another."

So they opened the hatch to the tunnel that would lead to Earth Town and Felecia deciding at this point she would just enjoy being a kid and from now on would be much nicer to her peers not looking down on them just because their interests weren't the same as her's...

Epilogue: And because of that not wanting to 'Stir the Pot' Felecia didn't become a detective, instead she became a wife and mother and was determined to do a better job than her own mother, she still loved detective stories and for nearly every Christmas got a different Agatha Christie novel. When the Wrangler Invasion of Mizzer happened, her daughter Bessie was six years old, Felecia would later die probably of exhaustion in slavery when Bessie was ten because unlike Earthworms, Fleas and Flies live only about 40 years because their natural counterparts live less than a year, it's like pulling taffy, the more you have the longer you can stretch so it seems with Humanimals the natural animal needs a lifespan of at least a year to be able to be stretched out to the human average of 80 years, but Sam never forgot about their adventure and when the Slaves of Viola Strierra were finally liberated Sam wrote their adventures in a book for Bessie to read.