CFA Society is a nonprofit professional society in Boston that has served the investment community in Boston for more than 70 years and Pieter Stalenhoef has held a membership with this industry organization for several years now.

Pieter Stalenhoef has always encouraged the youngsters to apply for membership of the CFA Society to help them avail themselves several benefits such as:

1. The members can take part in more than 60 events, programs, and features that are exclusively available for the members.

2. Get access to educational opportunities that cover a wide range of subjects and feature industry professionals such as Dr. Alan Greenspan and Dr. Ben Bernanke.

3. The job openings board on the CFA Society's Career Center gives them access to a large pool of qualified candidates and helps recruit talent.

Talking of Pieter, he is an investment industry professional who has the experience of working for several renowned names in the field of financial services. He has earned an MS in Investment Management from Boston University and is known for applying fundamentals-based techniques to investments.

About Pieter Stalenhoef

Pieter Stalenhoef is an aspiring novelist who is currently working for Highland Financial Group as a Financial Planner. As far as his educational background is concerned, he is a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and a Master of Investment Management from Boston University. He has been a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society for more than 18 years now. In addition to that, Pieter has also made an appearance on Barron's Magazine for his interviews about Femsa, a Mexican convenience store chain, and MBT, a Russian telecom company.