There once was a town that was peaceful and happy. One of its inhabitants was a man named Gerry. His interest seemed to lie in working his best each day at his job and coming home to his apartment with a positive attitude each time he returned. Though Gerry was talented and skilled at his career, it seemed each day was dull and uneventful.

Indeed, so much of life seemed to go into uninteresting avenues to time consumption, such that one was careful to make the most of precious moments. For there was a place in this town where life could be strange at times. In the park by Gerry's house, it was rumored ghosts could be seen in the moonlight an hour before midnight to about an hour after midnight.

Gerry found the younger folks' obsession with the supernatural a sort of outlet for pent up boredom. What better way to spend one's precious time than to dream up strange connections with the supposed haunting of the park. What annoyed Gerry the most about the park was everybody's indifference to other possible explanations for what went on.

Indeed, such was the state of Gerry's town when he found he could tolerate the superstition no more. One night, he drove to the park at 10:52pm and waited in the parking lot. The next eight minutes seemed to stretch on and on, with no relief in sight. Finally, eleven o' clock came, and at first Gerry spotted no strange thing in the park in front of him. But then, as the moonlight poured into the leaves of a nearby tree, a strange child underneath stared at him with hungry eyes. Gerry initially guessed the boy was lost, and Gerry began to get out of his car to help the little child.

But then, the person underneath the tree vanished in the blink of an eye, and Gerry was left stunned by the incident. So he got back in his car and watched with dismay the emptiness of the park the hour up until midnight. So, when Gerry back home he blamed the strange vision of a small kid he had on hallucination, and he never did indeed return to that site of ghostly appearances.

I'm the end, what can really be said with certainty about what Gerry saw?