As soon as Master Sheng and Senpai Rin faded from view, Zume and Auri's eyes returned to their floaty, de-synchronized normal states as their heads lulled to the side and their normal, slack-jawed grins returned. Just in time for Team Gimura and Team Idate to make it to them.

"You two!" Vituo said. It took him a moment to realize that Zume and Auri weren't subjects of the Masai Crown, and therefore would not be bowing to the crown prince. Still, Vituo was no longer buying their absent minded stares. "The Sages of Silence. Who are they?" He demanded, as if Zume and Auri could answer. Their eyes just continued to float independently of one another; Kyanna just stared at Vituo for a moment before stating the obvious. "Do these two look like they are with it, Vituo?" She said, and Vituo took a breath. "I don't know anymore, Kyanna. I just… I just don't know what to think about these two." He said, as he found his eyes lingering on Auri's figure. He envied his father's age, because Vituo swore his youthful male urges were going to cost him dearly.

Vituo tore his eyes away from Auri, only to have his eyes land squarely on Imara. He squeezed his eyes shut, before opening them to glare into Imara's eyes. "But I do know what to make of you." He said, hoping no one else could see his male urges surface for the split second that it did. Imara smiled nervously at the beautiful prince, her big pink lips framing perfect teeth that only convinced the Prince further of her 'master plan'. "Your little act of being too demure and submissive to be a threat won't work on me; I have no intention of losing this to you or anyone else opposed. I know that you saw the same thing I did. I know that you are aware of much more than you pretend to let on." He declared. At this, Ron stepped in.

"If you know these things, then you'd also know exactly why you should quit while you're ahead, pretty boy." Ron warned. Vituo for the first time assessed the young, powerfully built warrior that was Imara's partner. "I see. So, you're the one she chose to accompany her for this event. Of all the priests in the Elven Sanctorum, of all the sergeants and officers in the Armed Forces, she picks her favorite boy-toy for an event of this magnitude?" Vituo said in a sneering tone. Ron narrowed his eyes at this, tempted to grab and then throw the Changeling Prince clear across a city block.

"Yes." Ron said bluntly. "Yes, she chose me. Because she knows what I'm capable of. Especially when pushed." Ron said, as he got closer to Vituo. At this, Kyanna jumped to Vituo's defense. She stood her full 5'3", which made her seem almost comically small compared to the 6'2", 250 pound greatsword-wielding warrior. "Has the Prince told you what I'm capable of, when he's threatened in my presence?" The experienced Shamaness threatened, her eyes lighting with power as she said so. Ron glowered down at her. "Looks like Imara isn't the only one bringing her 'housemates' and 'favorite toys' with her to this all-important Challenge." Ron said with a sneer. He wondered if he could split Kyanna's skull open with a chop or punch before she could snipe his head off with an energy bolt, but the realist side of his brain suspected a fight between them would end with a mutually assured kill.

However, before anyone could do anything, Imara stepped forward. "Ron, that's enough. Save it for the Combat Grounds, after the first Challenge." She said. Ron hesitated, his fists shaking as though he was tempted to just swing on Kyanna and Vituo both anyway. However, he took a breath and calmed himself. "Fine. If I must. I'll be seeing you two at the Combat Grounds, in that case." Ron said as a parting challenge, as Imara led him away from the conflict. Zume's eyes focused as he watched Ron and especially Imara walk away; Vituo knew his eyes were trained on Imara's rear end as she moved.

"You just wait, Imara. I'll get you to discard your mask of modesty soon enough. And you…" He said as he looked at Zume. "You too, will discard your jester's mask, and when you do, that is when I will prove myself worthy of training with the Sages of Silence. Whoever they may be…" He said. After a moment, Vituo realized he was expecting an answer yet again as Zume and Auri just stared at him with their floaty-eyed and slack-jawed stares.

"We're going, Kyanna." He commanded, as he turned and walked away. Kyanna saw Zume and Auri's eyes focus for just a moment, and considered informing Vituo that they were engaged with the world around them at this moment. However, she got the distinct impression that these two wouldn't be engaged for long, and so chose to follow her Prince.

They they could not voice it, Zume and Auri both began to laugh in child-like anticipation at the Trials they had no doubt decided upon in mysterious unison.

6:00 P.M. that evening, Training Island

The signature 'roar' of Imara's Deadly Dragon Dance sounded for the final time as she took a breath to recenter herself. The pink aura characteristic of Hajitar's power dissipated, and the dragon heads that outlined her feet died with it. Although she had most definitely gained weight since becoming the next Grand Priestess, the fact that it was all healthy muscle meant it was also worn very well.

And it was also very, very usable as the remaining pebbles still glowed with Hajitar's residual power. She glanced over to where Ron was also doing strike training, and the fact that he was able to shatter these same, house-sized boulders with just his physical power alone was a reminder of just why she'd never complete this Challenge alone.

"Now, that is what I call a good workout. The Physical and Earth Trials, at least, will be a breeze with this kind of strength." Ron said. Imara didn't need to say it, but she did anyway. "When we get to those Trials, that is. Tomorrow, we're gonna be doing the Lightning Trial." She said. Ron seemed to hesitate for a moment, before answering.

"Koroa didn't teach me much as it concerned Lightning Conversion. In fact, the Lightning Teleport I learned isn't even the most advanced Teleportation technique Lightning Conversion has to offer. And you know this, Imara." Ron chastised, as Imara seemed unfazed. "Exactly. That's why we're clearing this Trial first; get the most difficult one out of the way first." She reasoned.

Ron crossed his arms and closed his eyes, pondering what she said. "Now, there's quite a few things that can go wrong here. But I suppose I trust your judgment, Imara. I'm sure you'll explain any Lightning techniques I'd need to know along the way." He finally said, expressing his full trust in the next Grand Priestess's decision.