The car again. Another move, another experience.

There have been so many of them.

Starting with Utah, then Arizona, off to Indiana

Washington, Utah once more (for but a month), back

down to Arizona then over to Kansas.






New friends; New ward; New school.

I haven't yet started and finished at a single school.

De Vaney, Carl Cosier, Wade King, Rock Canyon, Franklin:

these make up my elementary experience.

Then off to middle school half way through sixth grade

at Curtis.

And now a junior at East High, not knowing

if I'll once again have to switch for

senior year.

I don't want to.

But Dad started work in Pratt in January.

Now I'm unsure.

It would mean a lot to finally finish at one school.


That's what I'm faced with.

What ifs.

What if I went to another school?

What if I didn't?

What if I could have…

would have…

should have…


Indecision is now my enemy.

I've come to a fork in the road and now I must

overcome him.

My indecision.

Shall I do what is expected?

Or shall I take the road less traveled by?

Will that make all the difference?

That is what I must face.

Must ask myself.