The Perfect Doll

Karley felt a thrill of anticipation as she began the interview. This would be one of the stranger investigations in her career as a journalist.

A man and a lady sat before her, both wearing black T-Shirts emblazoned with the company brand: SYN-TEC. The lady had messy brown hair and the guy had a shaved head and designer stubble.

"Hi, I'm Bronwyn," said the woman. "I'm co-owner and I take care of the customer service side of things."

"I'm Matt and I'm the artist," said the man.

"So why have you guys just now decided to make an artificial man to be a sex toy?" asked Karley.

"Only now have we realised that there are women who want male dolls," said Bronwyn. "Everyone used to think it was the kind of thing that only men were interested in. Now you have to spread the word. Get it out to people that we have a functioning doll."

"And these can be custom made?" said Karley.

"Yes," said Bronwyn. "For a nominal fee of course. A lady told us she wanted a doll modelled after a sci-fi character…" She showed Karley an image of a green man with staring eyes. "She's willing to pay what it takes to get it."

"She must really want to have sex with that creature," said Karley.

"It was difficult to make," said Matt. "It wasn't just silicone. It needed other parts as well to really work."

The pair showed Karley around the workshop. There were creepy silicone heads on all the shelves, all of which had no eyes. There were shelves of limbs and cabinets full of sets of teeth. Torsos of the male dolls were on racks all around them…

"Boy next door faces are quite common requests," said Bronwyn, gesturing at the cabinets. "They also request more pubic hair on the male dolls. Another popular thing - adding freckles, scars and birthmarks. A lot of women really want realism. Giving the dolls freckled faces is popular."

"I'd like to have a freckled face," said Karley. "It's a beauty attribute." She thought of herself. She had long blond hair, but her face was plain and bony.

Then adjoining room had torsos were arms and legs on stands. Karley noted with approval that they were all muscular. They still needed their body hair though, as well as heads. When would she get to test the good stuff?

"Can you show me a synthetic dick?" she asked bluntly.

Matt picked one out of a cabinet and held it out to her.

Karley handled it. "It feels so incredibly lifelike. It really freaks me out." She felt herself perspiring. Her panties were growing moist.

"It's the right size," she told Matt. "Not so big that you'd be waddling around the next day."

"Waddling around?" said Matt.

"Hm. I suppose you wouldn't know about that kind of thing from a woman's perspective," said Karley.

Next Bronwyn showed Karley the written requests she had received.

"Every woman wants a custom-made doll," said Bronwyn. "One that's able to do different things. So our most advanced prototype is to the specifications we showed you earlier."

Karley remembered the photo of the green man earlier. "Let's take a look then."

Matt took Karley to the room where the green man stood, stark naked on a pedestal.

"Oh my…" Karley stared at the doll. It was certainly complete in every detail.

"You can touch him," said Matt.

Karley touched the hand. It felt fleshy. "It's so lifelike. It's uncanny."

"Interesting," said Matt.

"It feels like a real person. One who can't respond to me," said Karley. She groped the doll. "I wouldn't be able to tell if its dick was real or not."

But she was becoming curious. And wasn't it her duty to investigate things.

"Um… to really endorse this, I must try it to see whether it works," she said.


Matt put the doll in a furnished bed chamber, lying it on the bed and then left so Karley could have it to herself. The door was locked. Whatever she was doing to the doll, it was private.

Matt went to his desk and began to write down his thoughts in the journal of theories.

There are many myths about sexuality. Women are brought up to believe that their sexuality is not important.

Matt considered what to write next. He flicked through his old notes. Throughout human history, it had been documented that men could use sex toys that included synthetic women. Since the time of ancient Greek mythology. He checked his references to the myth of Galatea.

From the locked bedchamber, Karley's screams and moans could be heard quite distinctly.

Matt started writing again.

A woman can explore her sexuality if she leaves behind preconceived notions. If she tries out different experiences, who knows what she may find?


The next day, Matt interviewed Karley about it.

Karley sat on a couch, sitting on the lap of the green man with her arm around it. Her long blond hair cascaded down her shoulders. She turned to croon at the doll, showing Matt her hook nosed profile.

"What was it like?" asked Matt, lifting his pen and notebook.

"It was indistinguishable from a real person, except that I was completely in control. Left to my own devices, I could be with a male doll, touching his chest and doing it with him and be lost in my own fantasy. You can't experience that with a real person. It's its own unique thing. I am the first woman to do it."


Karley published her in depth article. Hopefully the publicity would get Matt and Bronwyn the recognition that their amazing artistry deserved.

One night she felt herself feeling queasy and craving strange foods, like pickle and ice cream. She'd been feeling bloated and irritable too. Hopefully this would pass. However, in the morning she threw up. Fortunately this did not recur and she felt better. However, one night she started feeling terrible pains. A dull ache in her back and lower abdomen along with pressure in her pelvis. She started feeling terrible cramps. She touched her belly and felt it tightening. Then she felt a tense, crushing and squeezing, like her abdomen was caught in a vice. She cried and screamed and strained… And then a burning and stinging in her vagina… then a slippery, wet feeling and a huge sense of relief as something was expelled from her body.

She sat up and gasped at what she saw on her bloodied bedsheets. What looked like a tiny, green doll lay there, flailing, twitching and screaming in a tiny, bleating voice. It was attached to her by a scary looking red cord… Instinctively she gathered it up in her arms. There were a pair of scissors on the bedside table and she used these to cut the scary cord and then she clutched the doll to her. Her head was spinning, but she felt an overwhelming sense of warm fuzziness as she gazed at it. Her very own little doll. She pressed the cold little plastic form against her bosom and felt a strong need to keep it with her and to protect it from the world. Eventually the little green thing clamped its tiny mouth to her nipple and began to suck. Karley could forget her shock. Suckling her little one felt so right, that nothing else mattered in the moment. Questions like how she could have given birth when she had had no idea she was pregnant, or how she gave birth to a green doll, could wait.

Of course, Karley's bliss had to be interrupted when she expelled the bloody mess of the afterbirth.