The man walked into the little grocery store on the corner of Watt and Hill. He did not walk in there to buy anything but to see where he could find Princess Kaylen. The cashier stared at him as if he were crazy.

"Who?" She asked.

"You heard me," He answered.

"Who are you? And who is Princess Kaylen?" She questioned.

"I'm sorry. I should have done the proper thing and introduced myself first. My name is Dolon. I am here to see the Princess. Princess Kaylen is our people's princess. Don't you read the papers?" Dolon concluded.

"We don't have a princess," The cashier said.

"Oh," Dolon remarked, "Well then, thank you for your time." He turned and left feeling confused and angry. His tracker had told him the Princess was here and it was never wrong. She had somehow outsmarted him once again. It did not occur to him that she would be grown up now and have a different last name. Or that she might not go by the princess title anymore. His tracker beeped. It was time for him to meet the new 'Heir of Battle'. His route took him by the school. As he walked by he saw three teens staring at him. He glared at them. His gaze then landed on one girl. She had a striking resemblance to the Princess. Only he knew it was not her. He smiled and kept walking, not seeing the questioning looks in their eyes.

"Who do you think that guy was?" asked Prissy after the man had passed them by.

"No clue," Leticia responded.

"Students, come inside now," Mrs. Dineen called out from the school's doorway.

"Come on and we can discuss this later," Ansel responded as he walked back to the school.

Leticia could not help but have a weird feeling about the man. She followed her friends and decided to turn around to get one more glance at the man only to find him doing the same thing. It made her once more uneasy as he smiled at her and kept walking. The day passed without any other sight of the man. That confirmed her feelings about the man. He was not up to any good. Leticia was lost in thought as she walked with Prissy and Ansel.

"What is on your mind?" Ansel questioned.

"Who was that man and what does he want?" Leticia asked her friends.

"I would not trouble myself with unfounded worries, Leticia," Prissy stated.

"I do not trust him," Leticia concluded as she stepped into her gate.

"See you at school tomorrow," She told her friends.

She opened the door to her house to find a huge mess. It looked like the Great Red Spot had happened in her house. She stepped over the boxes and stumbled over to the closet to put her coat away. Boxes and boxes of stuff, mainly books were scattered everywhere.

"Mother? Are you in here? Dad? Are you here too?" She called out.

"In the kitchen, Leticia," Yelled her Dad.

"Okay, I am making my way over there now. By the way, do you happen to know what happened to our house? It looks as if the Great Red Spot went through here," She chattered on.

"Your Mother has been searching for something very important to her and her side of our family," He answered.

"Really? What is it?" Leticia asked as she entered the kitchen.

The kitchen was a completely different sight to see. Everything was in its place. Except for her Mom. She was sitting at the table. Crying. She held a small ball. It was a dark red color. It had a crack on one side that you fit your fingers in to open it. When her mother opened it, all she saw was a small necklace.

"Can you believe that one small necklace could cause so much pain and heartache," Her Mother whispered with tears pouring down her cheeks.

"Why do you have it out, Kaylie?" Her Dad asked his wife.

"Rhys, the cashier in Mobe's grocery store told me about a man who came in there asking for 'Princess Kaylen'. Of course, she said she had no clue who that was and told him so. He got angry about it and left. What if Dolon is back? What do we do then? How can we protect our children?" Kaylie Mobec's voice trailed off after her last question.

"We will fight him. You know that. We can beat him again," Carz Mobec assured his wife.

"What is going on?" Leticia asked her parents. She was not scared, just a little disconcerted. It had been a little over a week since that satellite had passed over. She was starting to wonder if this had something to do with that.

"Except we will not be the ones who fight him," Kaylie continued not hearing Leticia's question.

"It will be our children. We fought for our parents when the threat arose. Now the children must fight this threat," Concluded Carz.

"Can either of you tell me what is going on? Did it have to do with that satellite that flew over last week?" Leticia asked as both her parents turned to look at her.

"Yes, and yes," Her Mother said.

"Then it was not from Earth, was it?" Leticia asked after hearing the answer to her second question.


"Was it looking for us? Leticia asked.

"No. It was a beacon to let Dolon know it was time to attack again," Carz responded.

"Why did you say it was from Earth?" She asked, feeling a little upset about the fact that they had lied to her.

"We figured you would obey us if you heard it was from Earth. We did not expect you to rebel and go see it anyway. You take after your mother that way. Especially when she was your age," Said her father.

"Now you must use that rebelliousness and stubbornness to fight our enemy," Her Mother concluded, "Now we are late for a meeting with the rest of the town's people."

Leticia's thoughts were all over the place as she walked with her parents to the town meeting. "What did all of this mean? How had her life changed so quickly?" She wondered.

It was already crowded with people as they got there. Prissy and her parents stood off to one side of the hall as Ansel and his family were on the other. Everybody was there. As soon as Rhys walked in, the meeting started.

"This meeting will come to order," Rhys called out, "Is there any new business to attend to today?"

Kaylie stood up.

"Yes, Kaylie Mobec?" Rhys asked.

"Dolon is back." Gasps were heard all over the room as Kaylie sat back down.

"I thought that we got rid of him?" Someone remarked.

"How is this possible?" A man near the front asked.

"QUIET," Rhys yelled out as the murmurs swelled, "We have fought him and can fight him again. Yes, Carz?"

"The young ones will be the ones to pick up our battle shields," said Leticia's Dad.

'Yes. You are right," She said as she looked at her daughter, Saoirse. All the adults knew and understood what would be asked of their children. They were all in agreement that the children would be the ones to fight.

"Now, with that part of business taken care of; who will be the leaders?" said Rhys's husband, Jay.

"Well since Kaylie was the Princess, it would only make sense for her daughter to be the leader," Rupert Iker remarked.

Rhys looked thoughtful at this suggestion.

"Did you bring the necklace, Kaylie?" She asked.


"Good. Bring it forward and have Leticia step forward too."

Leticia stood up and followed her Mother to the front of the Hall. She caught Ansel's eye and could see both had the same thought.

How had their, once peaceful, life changed so quickly?

"Leticia Sycily Mobec. This necklace will give you what it takes to do the task before you. It has been passed on to the most responsible daughter in every generation since your 8 x's great grandmother, Kaysey Rilla Meys wore it. It is your job to battle your generation's scourge. It, however, will not give you what you need most, which is good leadership and officers. You and the other children of your generation must work together to defeat this threat," Rhys concluded.

Leticia stood there as they put the necklace on her. It was a small locket. It had a tree on the front with diamonds as the leaves. When she opened the locket she saw that in it was a bright orange gemstone. The letters R.K.N. were carved in it. She closed the locket back up and sat down. The meeting ended shortly after with it being decided that all children between the ages of 14 through age 19 were to fight. Ansel would be her offensive officer and Prissy would be the defensive officer. The entire walk home Leticia kept hoping to wake up. She hoped it was all a bad dream. They were to leave in the morning.

On the other side of the solar system sat a little colony. They had somehow survived on Mercury. Not only survived but thrived. Dolon went there to meet the new 'Heir of Battle'. She was a spry girl of 16. Just like Leticia, her life had abruptly changed. Unlike Leticia however, she had known this was coming. She was prepared for it all her life.

"Welcome," A man greeted Dolon when he got out of his ship.

"Good to see you, Raz," Dolon said.

"Good to see you too Dolon. Now would you like to meet her?" Raz asked.


"Come on out," Raz shouted to the girl on the other side of the door.

She sauntered out with an arrogant air about her. The tree locket shining on her neck. She was excited to meet the heroic man who had led her people in battle against their enemy when he was only 14.

"Dolon, I want you to meet Elena Idra Iler."

Two more teens walked out behind her. They were her officers and best friends. Their names were Rome Alexander Iles and Portia Renee Walts.

A completely different history was about to be written. One that anyone could not have or would not have imagined. Both girls knew that whatever lay ahead, it would take all their strength and leadership abilities. Both were prepared to use it too.