When you speak of love


Am I included

Is my name uttered

Am I described like a still and peaceful morning

Do my words cause a pang in your chest or a skip to your heart

Or am I forsaken from a dream perspective


Could I never change their minds,

I'd die of shame

Cursed to the loneliness that I always feared

Help me understand

What is it about my existence that screams

That echoes


And why does this fear of scarcity live inside me


This family of cards

Blows away with the feintest breath of fatigue

There's no solid structure to keep this alive

Even though

I've scoured the earth for an answer

For peace

For days without sickness and vile thought

And yet I am still empty

What's a girl to do

What's a frail, docile and relentless girl to do

When she's easily forgotten


When will she get her turn when you whisper

When you whisper of all the things that you love?