Dark room


She's a child


Her tiny fingers grasp for stability

She's back here

In the dark room

Where dreams go to die

And anguish manifests in every way

The dark room

The one that holds screams and tears and locks them away

A pandora's box of nightmarish endings

A decrepit pit of starvation

Of souls looking for guidance


Her tears dry before they fall

She looks around frantically

But the hope that only childhood can know has disappeared

There's helplessness here

There's regret

It continues to grow

And it never pauses the hurt


What a shame it is to have to care for this child

This child within you that never healed

From all the lashes of reality

And all the heartbreaks to come

So all you know is to lock it away

No urge to face it

In this sickly place

This one that rots

And smells of all of your ruins

What a dark world

What a dark room