Sample One

Paradise Earth is a world similar to Earth, but also different. The world has been around for several hundred years and during this time the lucky cities have grown and the unlucky ones have fallen to disease or war.

Currently there are only eight cities and one town that still stand. From the rich to the poor and the old to the young everyone is aware that war is on the horizon.

The four Royal Cities Amber, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire have their armies ready and pray that their alliance with each other will hold strong.

The city of Eden hides behind the barrier that protects it while the Royal family to the city of Diamonds gets ready to flee. Both Royal families believe that it is their only option if they are to survive the upcoming war.

The last remaining enemy cities are the city of Opals and the city of Death are ready to send out their armies once they hear word from Lord Agamemnon who lives in Utopia which is the last remaining town and he will only send out his army for the final battle.

Lord Chaos and Despair Bender are the twin rulers to the city of Death. From their shared study window, they can see that the sun is just beginning to set. Neither say a word about the sun setting or even about the meeting that they have called. Instead, they begin to people watch, both silently looking out for Eteocles and Polynices. It is important for them both to be at the meeting if things are going to go to plan. They both feel that things must go as planned if they want to stay safe. Though neither really want to use the term safe as they do not fear Agamemnon.

Despair suddenly smirks at his twin brother as though he has a secret. A secret that he might or might not share depending on his mood.

"Brother, I know that look very well." Chaos says after a few minutes of silence. He had not seen the look as much as he had sensed it first. Their bond was stronger than most siblings or even twins.

"That would be because my darling brother you have seen it on your own face when looking in the mirror." Despair responds, not giving anything away and his smirk only widening.

"Do you plan on telling me the reason for the look? Or perhaps you want me to try and guess. Part of me wants to remind you that we are no longer children. Then I look at your face and I remember how much fun it can be to play our old childhood game. So let me try and remember the rules because there were a lot of rules." Chaos responds matching his brother's smirk with and an identical smirk of his own.

"You can ask for three clues about what might have made me smirk. As well as the clues you are able to ask just ten questions. None of the questions can be direct but they can hint at what it is you would like to know. I believe those were the basic rules."

"When should we start the game?"

"Now. We have about half and hour before everyone arrives. That should be enough time for us to play the game and for us to play the game and for you to either win or lose."

"Sounds like a good plan. I don't believe that our wives or son will come looking for us." Chaos states already thinking of the ten questions that he needed to ask. He was sure that he would not need any of the three clues because no one knew Despair in the same way that he did. This filled him with a lot of confidence and he turns to full face his brother.

The smirk turns into a smile as he faces his brother and indicates for him to start.

So that is exactly what Chaos does, he asks the first three questions quickly as though he has barely thought about them. Still when Despair answers them he acts as though he is paying attention. It is as he comes to the sixth question that he decided to make a guess.

"Before you make your first guess let me remind you that you only have five guesses. If all your guesses fail then I win and you lose." Despair says with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Don't worry I remember and I wont waste my guesses." Chaos responds with a shrug before making his guess. "Are you perhaps smirking because you have spotted Eteocles and Polynices walking hand in hand towards our mansion."

Despair lets out a groan. "How could you possible know that?"

"I can see them standing together. There are not a lot of things that can make you smirk. Watching Eteocles and Polynices who could be considered our friends make fools of themselves is on that list. I also asked if I would be able to see what had made you smirk and you said yes. So, I looked out the window to see what you found to be so very interesting." Chaos responds his gaze back to watching what is going on outside. He enjoyed people watching and many of the people who lived in his city were interesting. Even the servants held a certain amount of interest though he never bothered to learn their names.

"I am surprised that you would use the term fool." Despair says turning to look out the window to copy his brother. "Between the two of us, you are always seen as the romantic one. Even Rhea tells me that you know how to speak and treat Lilith and it can be annoying. Not that I plan to tell you how to treat your wife or handle your marriage. We share a lot of things but we never tell each other how to handle our wives."

"Don't worry I am well aware that you would not tell me what to do when it comes to my wife. I am curious though about why you think I would call Polynices and Eteocles anything but fools."

"It is not that you called them fools that I guess confused me. What I am curious about is that you did not use the term fools in love." Despair questions glancing over at his brother before going back to looking out the window.

"That is a term that could easily describe Eteocles and Polynices but I can think of many others." Chaos answers and is going to say more when someone knocks loudly on the door.