Pieter Stalenhoef, a noted financial industry professional, has been a member of CFA Society. CFA Society, originally called the Boston Security Analysts Society, is a non-profit professional society that has served the Boston investment community for more than 70 years. He encourages youngsters to become a member of CFA Society.

Apart from being an active member of the Boston Security Analysts Society for more than 18 years, Pieter has had the privilege of appearing on Barron's Magazine for his interviews about Femsa, a Mexican convenience store chain, and MBT, a Russian telecom company.

Pieter Stalenhoef advises first time skiers to avoid pushing themselves too hard. Skiing too fast on a trail can prevent beginners from focusing on learning the right techniques. Besides, it can lead to more frequent crashes, which slow down the learning progress and lower self-confidence. According to him, the key to ski control is leaning forward. This may feel scary at first; however, it centers a skier's gravity and allows them to take greater control of their skis.

Regarding his academic background, Pieter is a bachelor's degree holder in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and also has a master's degree in Investment Management from Boston University.

About Pieter Stalenhoef

Pieter Stalenhoef formerly served as the equity analyst at Wells Capital Management where he served as the consumer, media, and healthcare analyst on the Wells Fargo Global Opportunities Fund. He drew on his investment management training from Boston University to analyze small and mid-cap global stocks.