Hello all who have found or stumbled across this collection of mine! Welcome, welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here if you happen to read beyond this introduction to what this is going to be about. If so, thanks a bunch! If not, then still, thanks for even giving this a click. Means the world to me!

This story is a collection of different one-shots, two-shots, mini-arcs, alternate universes, what ifs, and a lot more, that center around my universe called Soulbound. This is a prompt challenge thing that I'm sure many of you have seen floating around the internet in some shape or form. For those that don't know, allow me to explain for you.

Basically, the prompt will be a single word, phase, or sentence (I'll put what it is in the title) and that chapter will center around whatever the word, phase, or sentence is about. For example: If the chapter is titled Friendship, then that chapter will center around friendship. And that will continue until I run out of ideas or prompts to use. XD Hopefully this lasts for a while though!

I'll even connect and combine some prompts together to make mini arcs to follow certain characters, though. That might be fun! We'll have to see if any inspiration hits while I'm writing something else.

The point of this collection is for me to just let ideas out without real fear of updating a massive story if I'm running low. This is meant to keep the creative juices flowing and help me get back into the swing of things. As well as that, I want to use this to help improve my writing and get better. I'd say I'm fairly decent, but I can get better. So that's the whole point of this collection and prompt challenge.

You don't have to have read Soulbound to understand this series, but it would be an added bonus if you did. You'd have more knowledge on the world and characters you'll be seeing within this collection. But that said, I still hope you all enjoy this if you bother to stick around. If not, that's fine with me! Thanks for even just reading this bit. That means the world to me.

That said, thank you for your time. I'll see you guys in the first prompt chapter! Until then, bye and safe stay!