Realms of Alerfa: Jobs and Classes

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Within the eight realms of Alerfa, those suited for hardy adventuring are trained to have different type of jobs for their questing. Jobs range from physical jobs to magical jobs. Some jobs suit adventurers better than others. However, the only time an adventurer can switch between a job class is that they completely master the first job class with great experience. The more classes an adventurer learns, the more hardy they become.

Though adventurers can change between classes, some excel better at physical classes, while others excel better at magical classes. Not all adventures are the same with learning their jobs. Each adventurer excels at certain things of their own.

Here are the different types of job class types available for adventurers:

Fighter Classes: Fighter classes are jobs that excel in physical attack and physical defense. Some classes use weapons such as swords and spears, while others use physical brute strength and martial arts skills. Though they excel in attacks, some fighter classes can use a little bit of magic, mostly either healing magic or elemental weapon magic.

Agility Classes: Agility classes are proficient in speed, stealth, and slyness. Abilities range from stealing or mugging random enemies, picking locks, and camouflage. Some agility classes use abilities similar to the kunoichi assassins in the human world country of Japan. Though in some cases, some items and traps that the agility class types use have elemental or statue abilities, thus, making them very handy type of adventurers.

Attack Magic/Black Magic Classes: Black Magic classes are magic jobs that exceed in elemental attack magic made to harm enemies or to get rid of environmental obstacles. The main elements used in black magic are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Holy (in some cases), Darkness, Metal, and Wood. Depending on how mastered at the job the adventurer is, black magic classes can pack a punch in dishing out elemental damage.

Healing Magic/White Magic Classes: White Magic classes are magic jobs that exceed in helping allies, exorcisms, and purifying the environment. The only type of attack magic they are allowed to use, is holy elemental magic and purification magic. White magic classes come in very handy, due to adventurers being prone to peril.

Status Magic/Gray Magic Classes: Gray Magic classes are magic jobs that exceed in status boosting, status ailments and transformations, as well as warping either time or space. They can boost physical, magical, agility and defense status, making allies more powerful, as well as reduce the stats to weaken enemies. Some gray magic users are also skilled at the ability of shape-shifting, transforming friends and foe, as well as mimicking others around them. In the field of time and space magic, only one or the other can be learned, not both at once.

Environmental Classes: Environmental classes are jobs that involved manipulating the surrounding forces of nature, as well as summoning magical phantom entities, known as Vardygers. Regular nature manipulating without the aid of a Vardyger, is known a Geomancy. Classes that use Vardygers, are known as a Conjurer. People who can communicate with flora and fauna, using this life to aid them, are known as Rangers and Beastmasters. Geomancy and Conjuring is more beneficial to magical classes of any kind, while Tamers are more beneficial to any classes that makes use of whips, bows, arrows, and crossbows.

Male Exclusive Classes: These classes are jobs that are only available to adventurers of the male gender. The jobs include heavy armor knights, knights known for their superhuman strength, warlocks, who are skilled at all types of magic, as well as being decent with physical attacks, and minstrels, musical performers who use enchanted musical instruments that can either damage foes, or aid allies. Female Exclusive Classes: These classes are jobs that are only available to adventurers of the female gender. The jobs include enchantress, a type of sorceress job known for manipulating foes to their very whim, shieldmaidens, which are known for their superhuman speed alongside their sly, craftiness, and song maidens, the female half of the minstrels who use their magical voices, instruments, and dance moves, to aid allies or harm foes.

Fighter Classes: Knight

A beginner entry physical attack job. The Knight class is light aligned, meaning that this class excels in healing and defense. The typical weapons used by a knight is swords, shields, flails, axes and two handed swords.


Another beginning entry physical attack job. The Gladiator is more dark aligned, thus, the focus is on both physical strength and defense. Weapons used by Gladiators, are swords, shields, flails axes, halberds, and tridents.


Paladins are like a combination of physical attacker and white magic user. They have the high defense of a Knight, and the healing abilities of a Bishop. Paladins also excel at not only healing, but holy magic usage, exorcisms and purification. The type of weapons used by Paladins are swords and shields, as well as lances and shields.

Dual Edge Knight

Dual Edge Knights are knights that can use two weapons at once. With the usage of two weapons to wield, comes elemental combo attacks at their helm. Choice of weapons are swords, shields, axes, hammers, spears, poles, and lances.

Blood Knight

Blood Knights are a brutal type of dark aligned physical attack job. Not only do they exceed with massive physical damage, but they can also use darkness elemental attacks, as well as attacks that drains the enemy's health, thus, acting as a way of self healing for the blood knight. The blood knight can also use status ailment attacks, such as petrifying an enemy, or poisoning them. The choice of weapons for the Blood Knight, are swords, shields, flails, axes, and two handed weapons.

Mystic Knight

Mystic Knights are knights that can bless their weapons (as well as weapons of fellow allies) with any sort of elemental spell they learned. Their magic infused weapons are a force to be reckoned with, as well as being almost as powerful as a spell cast by a black magic user. The common weapons they use, are swords, shields, axes, flails, spears, poles, lances, and two handed weapons.


A beginner entry class of using nothing but pure strength. Brawlers attack using various martial arts skills, and are known to be agile on top of being physically strong. However, what they gain in strength and agility, they lack in magical strength and defense. Weapons used by Brawlers, are their bare fists, knuckle weapons, tonfas, and claws.


A martial artist class who can use healing magic. Monks are an upgrade from brawlers due to that reason there. They have a bit higher magical defense and magical healing strength, but still lack in the defense department. Weapons used by Monks, are their bare fists, claws, knuckle weapons, tonfas, and nunchaku.

Death Hand

A Death Hand is a type of martial artist that delves into the dark arts. A Death Hand can use some magic to drain their foe's health, and use the energy to heal themselves or allies. Death Hands also boost attack power, making themselves, or their allies, stronger than ever before. Weapons used by Death Hands, are claws, knuckles, bare fists, twin daggers, and darts.

God Hand

A God Hand is a type of martial artist that delves into holy elemental arts. Not only can they use healing magic like the Monk, but they can also cast regenerative health spells, and use magic to drain their foes magical energy, thus, using it to heal magic users that accompany the God Hand. Weapons used by God Hands, are claws, knuckles, bare fists, Bo staves, tonfas, and nunchaku.


A Lancer is a type of attack class that involves great attack, average to below average magical attack, average defense, and great speed. Lancers are skilled at the art of wielding pole and rod weapons. Lancers also have some of the best attack range of all the physical classes. Sometimes, a lancer has been known to swiftly attack from going up great heights, and then, impale their foe's weak spot. Some lancers are even known to attack so fast, that they can use wind attacks to toss their foe around. Weapons used by lancers are lances, spears, halberds, poles, harpoons, javelins and tridents.

Agility Classes:


A beginner entry agility class. The Thief can use superhuman speed and stealth abilities, thus, making things easier to steal treasure from enemies. Weapons used by thieves, are daggers, bolas, darts, boomerangs, and ring blades/chakram.


A Rogue is a type of agility class who are not only skilled at setting up traps, but also have been known to use different type of elemental magic traps as well. They can use all eight elements in their traps, which are earth, wind, fire, water, metal, tree, holy, and darkness. Weapons used by rogues, are daggers, bolas, darts, boomerangs and enchanted cards.


The Kunoichi job is an agility class with an Oriental twist. The Kunoichi knows not only the arts of the Thief, they are also skilled at Ninjitsu as well. A lot of their Ninjitsu skills use either elemental attacks, status ailment attacks, or both. The choice of weapons for the Kunoichi are twin daggers, darts, shurikens, ring blades and sais.


A Vigilante is the highest class of assassin, with high agility, great elemental attacks, average physical strength and low defense. Due to the Vigilante's high agility and cleverness, they are extremely skilled at not only ninjitsu, but also skilled thieves as well. The weapons commonly used by Vigilantes, are twin daggers, darts, shurikens, ring blades, enchanted cards, and sais.

Warden Keep

A Warden Keep is the highest class of thief, with the abilities leaning more towards the light. Unlike the Vigilante, they are not very skilled with ninjitsu, but are instead, skilled with setting up different types of traps. They can use both traditional traps, as well as elemental magic traps. The weapons mostly used by Warden Keeps, are daggers, bolas, darts, boomerangs and enchanted cards.

Attack Magic/Black Magic Classes:


A Sorcerer is a beginner level entry of an attack magic user. Sorcerers start out with beginning entry elemental magic of six of the main elements, such as earth, fire, wind, water, light, and darkness. The weapons of choice used by Sorcerers, are rods, sickles, canes, daggers, whips, and hammers.

Grand Mystic

The Grand Mystic class is an upgrade from the Sorcerer class. Grand Mystics can now learn both metal and tree elemental magic alongside the other six elements..Grand Mystics can use a higher amount of attack magic that can take down a bigger range of enemies, than the Sorcerer can. They also have the magical abilities to both drain the enemy's health or magical energy, thus, using it to heal themselves. Weapons commonly used by Grand Mystics, are hammers, rods, canes, sickles, daggers, Eitr energy, and whips.


A Mysticist is a more holy aligned attack magic class. A Mysticist can now learn to attack a gigantic group of enemies, on top of learning non-elemental magic. Though there is a catch to being a Mysticist. Their holy elemental spells are at their max strength, however, their darkness elemental spells are at their weakest. Weapons used by Mysticists, are hammers, rods, canes, daggers, and Eitr energy.


A Spellbinder is a more darkness aligned attack magic class. Like their light half, the Mysticist, a Spellbinder have a much more gigantic range of attack magic, on top of learning non-elemental spells as well. Unlike their light class, the Spellbinder excels at darkness elemental magic, yet have very weak holy elemental magic. Weapons used by Spellbinders, are hammers, rods, canes, daggers, sickles, and whips.

Healing Magic/White Magic Classes:


A beginner entry healing magic class, the Cleric is your typical type of healer, with the typical type of healing magic. They can heal wounds, cure status ailments, and purify the land around them. Weapons commonly used by Clerics, are flails, rods, canes, staves, bows, hammers, crossbows, bows and arrows.


A Sage is a significant upgrade from the Cleric class. Not only can Sages heal, but

they can use holy elemental attack spells, on top of enchanted a fighter's weapon with the holy element. The weapons of choice for sages, are flails, rods, canes, staves, hammers, crossbows, bows and arrows.

High Priest/High Priestess

A High Priest is among the highest racks of healers. For they can heal, purify, and use holy magic. Not only that, but High Priests have the power to exorcize the undead, as well as other beings of darkness, making them handy against dark elemental fiends. Weapons used by High Priests are flails, rods, canes, staves, hammers, crossbows, bows and arrows.


The Bishop class is like a hybrid of healer and conjurer. Only this time around, a Bishop has the power to summon all types of angels to his/her side. Angel summons are used to purify a huge section of land, heal allies, bless allies' weapons with the holy element, boost statuses of allies, heal status ailments, and/or smite unclean beings. Weapons used by Bishops, are staves, hammers, flails, rods, canes, crossbows, bows and arrows.

Status Magic/Gray Magic Classes:

Rune Master/Mistress

Rune Masters are mages that excel in the arts of using rune glyphs to cast spells. The Runic spells usually range from ally support to striking down enemies. The art of Runic Magic is said to be very diverse in affects, all varying from rune to rune. Weapons used by Rune Masters, include Eitr energy, staves, tonfas, rods, canes, hammers, bows, arrows, and crossbows.

Card Magus

The Card Magus class are a class of mage that excel in using Tarot magic. Like Runic Magic, Tarot Magic also has a diverse set of abilities that vary from spell to spell. However, when learning magic jobs, you either have to learn either Runic Magic of Tarot Magic, since those two are opposites of one another, and cannot be learned together. Weapons preferred by the Card Magus, are enchanted cards, darts, daggers, and shurikens.

Time Lord/Lady

The Time Lord is a type of magic using class that exceeds in using Time Magic. Most magic that Time Lords use, have to do with the flow of time. They master at skipping time forward, speeding up time, slowing down time, and even pausing time all together. Time Magic is the exact opposite of Space Magic, you cannot learn both at once. You have to choose one or the other in order to learn the classes properly. Weapons preferred by Time Lords, are staves, tonfas, rods, canes, Eitr energy, daggers, and sickles.


The Meterorite is a class of mage that excels in using Space Magic. Magic attacks used by Meteorites includes, but not limited to: gravity spells, meteor spells, comet spells, and black hole vortex spells. They are a class to reckon with if one wants to take down a colossal menace that plagues their land. Since Space Magic is the opposite of Time magic, they cannot be paired together. Weapons preferred by Meteorites are rods, staves, canes, Eitr energy, spears, lances, and poles.


The Illusionist is both the master of shape-shifting, and transformation, thus, making this type of magic class a very unique one among its kind. An illusionist can take on the abilities of the creature they transform themselves into. If they can transform into a magical being, then, the illusionists can use magic. If they transform themselves into animals, they use instinctual abilities that the certain animal was born with, while still retaining high intelligence not found in that certain species of animal. An illusionist can also transform allies and enemies into certain type of creatures, though for temporary time. The weapons preferred by illusionists, are Eitr energy, rods, canes, staves, flails, and sickles.

Environmental Classes:


The Geomancer class is a type of environmental class that uses the natural surroundings to aid in attacks. Though the Geomancer comes off as a magic using class, they have no need to use magical energy, since nature is on their side instead, since they have to power to communicate with the forces of nature. For example, when Geomancers are in winter environments, they can harvest the surrounding ice and blizzards to subdue a foe. The choice of weapons Geomancers use, are bells, chimes, flutes, and drums.


Just like a Geomancer has special powers over their natural surroundings, a Ranger has special powers over the beasts and critters. The Ranger class is known for taming the wild, and have the wild come to your aid. As a Geomancer has the power to communicate with the forces of nature, a Ranger has the power to communicate with animals. The weapons commonly used by Rangers, are bows, arrows, crossbows, whips, canes, bolas, and boomerangs.


A Conjurer is a class of magician, that has the power to summon magical phantom entities, known as Vardygers. Vardygers come in the elements of earth, fire, wind, water, metal, tree, and even non-elemental types. A Conjurer must train hard to bond with these Vardygers, taming the powerful creature into being the Conjurer's true ally. For therefore, untamed Vardygers are known to be rather wild, on top of being unpredictable, hence, things ending in nothing but disaster. The weapons used by Conjurers, are whips, canes, rods, staves, daggers, hammers, and tonfas.


The Necromancer class is a type of darkness aligned summoner, who have the power to raise and communicate with the dead. They also have been known to make pacts with undead beings, from ghosts and ghouls, to vampires from all walks of the worlds. With these pacts, the undead beings can be summoned to aid the Necromancer in battle, heck, even give up their "life" for their lord/lady. Also, a Necromancer has some healing spells to go with their undead summons. Weapons of choice for Necromancers, are flails, whips, sickles, daggers, and hammers.

Dark Lord/Lady

The Dark Lord class is yet another darkness aligned summoner class, and the complete opposite of the Bishop, which is a holy aligned type of summoner. The Dark Lord can summon demons and devils to aid them in battle. Like with the Necromancers, the Dark Lord can also use some healing magic to go with their unholy demonic summons. Weapons used by Dark Lords, are flails, sickles, rod, staves, canes, and daggers.

Dragon Lord/Lady

The Dragon Lord class is very similar to the Conjurer class, only this time, a Dragon Lord has the power to summon dragons, and only dragons. Dragons come in all eight elements, and come with many diverse types of abilities, from fire breath to spitting highly toxic venom. Like with Conjurers, Dragon Lords also have to form a bond with the dragons they summon, so the dragon can be more tamed and calm. Weapons commonly used by dragon lords, are spears, lances, halberds, javelins, poles, staves, rods, canes, harpoons, and sickles.

Male Only Classes:

Heavy Armor Knight

A Heavy Armor Knight is a male fighter class, relying purely, on superhuman physical strength, and high defense. A group of Heavy Armor Knights have been known be so physically strong, to the point where they can break boulders, and smash down weakened walls with ease. Though there is a catch to being a Heavy Armor Knight. Not only is it a male only class, but since Heavy Armor Knights have high physical strength and high defense, their speed and magical strength are some of the worst among fighter classes. Weapons commonly used by Heavy Armor Knights, are swords, axes, two handed weapons, lances, spears, halberds,

poles, and javelins.


A Warlock is a male mage class, that is master of both magical strength and physical strength. A Warlock can use both attack magic and healing magic, on top of using weapons commonly associate with physical fighters. However, despite their high magical strength, high agility, and decent physical attack, the Warlock has pathetic defense, unfortunately enough. Weapons of choice for Warlocks, are swords, shields, axes, hammers, flails, rods, staves, canes, bolas, harpoons, and boomerangs.


A Minstrel is a male musician class, who uses the power of singing and musical instruments to aid others in battle. A Minstrel is somewhat like a magician in a way, only, their musical attacks do not drain the magical energy from them, much to the Minstrel's benefit. Weapons used by Minstrels, are harps, lutes, guitars, flutes,

horns, bells, chimes, and drums.

Female Only Classes:

Shield Maiden

The Shield Maiden class, is a female only attack class, which is the feminine half of the Heavy Armor Knight class. While the Heavy Armor knight relies on physical strength and defense, the Shield Maiden relies on agility and defense. While not as physically strong as their male counterparts, the Shield Maidens make up for it in being nimble and cunning, which makes them the perfect candidates for stealth missions, as well as make perfect spies on top of that. The common weapons they use, are swords, shields, axes, flails, spears, poles, lances, and two handed weapons.


The Enchantress is a female only magician class, which is a combination of the male only Warlock class, and the Illusionist class. The Enchantress can not only use both magic and physical attacks, but they also have the power of both transformation and mind control. Despite their low defenses, while being slightly physically weaker than their Warlock counterparts, the Enchantress class is force to be reckoned with. The weapons preferred by Enchantresses, are Eitr energy, swords, shields, axes, whips, harpoons, bolas, and boomerangs.

Song Maiden

The Song Maiden class is the female counterpart, to the male Minstrel class, who like their male counterparts, can use the power of singing and musical instruments in battle. However, unlike their Minstrel counterparts, Song Maidens are also much more skilled at dancing, looking super humanly graceful with their dances. The Song Maiden's dancing is known to be just as magical as their singing and instruments, either healing the allies, or hurting the enemies. Like with their Minstrel counterparts, Song Maidens don't use magical energy when using the power of song and dance, much to their convenience. Weapons used by Song Maidens, are harps, lutes, guitars, flutes, horns, bells, chimes, and drums.

So, there you have it. These are the different jobs and skills picked up by all beings that inhabit the eight worlds within the realms of Alerfa. Every class has their pros and cons, nothing is perfect after all. Even divine beings can make mistakes here an there.

There will be more information of my Realms of Alerfa series, from characters to races of beings. Stay tuned for more to come.