Set in 2693 - Santa Claus has just reinvented his mansion (up at the North Pole) to include both new facilities - including a highly fashionable pool - and new staff - including a new Pool Guardian (Pool Guardian I).

The new setting works fine - incorporating (in the swimming (spa) pool) such things as murky water; ocean salt; and wave machines - including the visiting children's (up at the top of the nicelist) (mediated by the pool caretakers taste for lifeguarding (Pool Guardian Lifeguard) swimming in the pool until one day - Santa Claus lure for a new (specialized) Pool Guardian came to spring.

This so highly was his wish for a new pool setting (to both garner a new pool (in a race for the most luxurious pool in his neighbourhood ('There's always a need for a new pool')) and a new - accomodated - Pool Guardian) that he forgot about the visiting children (swimming in the last optioned pool).

And so when the new pool caretaker, seemingly a semi-construction worker, was hired as the new pool cleaner (Pool Guardian II (Pool Guardian Construction Worker)) - the de(a)pth of the pool rendered (for worse) some children to get lost in the pool.

But when some of the families of the lost children began to raise voices upon their whereabouts Santa Claus wasn't slow to hire a new pool caretaker - Pool Guardian III (Pool Guardian Diver) - with the new Pool Guardian (the Pool Guardian Diver) soon finding the missing children's corpses (clambering at the bottom of the pool).

Continuing his [Santa Claus] quest for the most fashionable (spa) pool in the world, his vision sooner finds a halt with the pool seemingly being contamined with oil spill from a pool-installed oil rig - an oil leaking cargo ship (en route) - some factory oil waste - and oil spill from an oil source down beneath the bottom of the pool.

Santa Claus then finds no other way than employing a pool cleaner oil spill decontaminator (Pool Guardian IV (Pool Guardian Oil Spill Sanitizer)) which soon finds his pool in action once again taking under many a many nicelist gratificated children.

And so Christmas was once again saved.

Santa Claus was once again victorious.

And so the Pool Guardian was yet victorious.

And so the Santa-visiting children was yet victorious.