This never happened

This will never happen

"Oh, my god, Reid?!"

He turned to see the curly haired brunette approach him, arms open. He let her envelope him.


"I thought that was you!" Pulling away, "How are you?"

Patting her arm awkwardly. "I'm good. How are you?"

Smiling she pushed hair out of her face, "I'm good too."

As he opened his mouth someone said his name and stepped up by Mae. She smiled, tight lipped and with a wave to him, she walked off

Standing at the bar she felt someone step up next to her.

"Hey, sorry about that." Reid spoke before ordering a beer.

"It's cool. Comes with the territory of wedding receptions." She chuckled, taking a sip of her beer.

"Yeah." He coughed. "So, where are you now?"

"Oh, I'm in D.C. You still in the area?"

"Yeah, yeah still here."

"That's great!" She smiled, sipping again, trying to figure out how to make this less awkward. "So, who did you come with?"

"Uh, Sherri." Sipping beer now.

"Oh, that's great! You guys are still together," A wide smile directed at him.

He tapped the bar with his knuckles and cleared his throat, "Actually we aren't together anymore. Uh, we RSVP'D together, so we just decided to come together…"

"Oh…." She frowned. "I'm sorry." Patting his arm softly.

"Thank you, but it's okay."

She smiled softly at him, sipping again as she took in the hall.

Weddings with ex coworker, ex lovers, were suuuuure awkward!

"So, who are you here with?" he asked, bringing her attention back to him.

"Just myself."

"Back in D.C.?"

"In D.C.?" she queried, putting her almost empty bottle down.

"Are you with anyone in D.C.?"

"Nope." She paused. "Just myself," She shrugged. "A couple guys here and there," She explained. "But nothing special."

"Oh…" He responded, looking at her intently.

She smiled again. "You know…." He started, looking down at the bottle in his hand. "I almost texted you the other day…."

"Oh, yeah?" Twisting her head in confusion.

"Yeah….but Keltie said I shouldn't."

"Oh." She bobbed her head up and down a couple of times, gripping her bottle. "Why didn't you text me a week ago or a month ago?"

"I, uh, did, actually. About a month ago. You never responded."

She nodded again, with a far off look in her eye. "You know, to see how you are doing." Stumbling over his words.

A silence hung between them. He started at her from the side of his eye, while she looked wistfully at the dancefloor.

"How long ago did you guys break up?" She asked suddenly.

"About 3 months ago."

"Who did it?"

"Both… we realized we weren't happy together anymore. For awhile actually…"

"And you guys still work together?"


She let out a woosh of air. "Damn, I don't know how you do it. It…. it was so hard for me after we broke up." She took another sip of her beer, "And we were barely together."

"Yeah," he bit out with an awkward laugh.

Staring back at the dance floor, "Did you only miss me after you guys broke up?"

He choked on his beer, "Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"I think… I always missed you, but the intensity of it didn't come until after she and I broke up."

Mae nodded her head again, confusion flooding her face.

"I didn't think you'd be here. I didn't even know you were invited!" He rushed. "So, I though I'd say something while I had the chance."

Nodding again, "I can't believe you saved my number."

"Yeah," He chuckled. "Me either."

So they stood there in silence, ordering another beer and moving out of the way for other guests.

"I think I still have you blocked." She piped up.

"You blocked me?"

"Yeah, right before I found out you blocked me." She laughed, pushing her hair off her neck. "That's why I never got them."

"I just assumed you got a new number." He mused.


Mae saw the bride waving her over.

"Looks like Keltie is calling me."

He nodded.

"Maybe….maybe if you ask me to dance before the night is over I'll unblock you." She said, picking up her beer.

"Okay." He nodded, smiling as he watched her go to the bride.

She stood off the dance floor, leaning against the wall by the bar, arms crossed. Taking sip of her beer she watched old coworkers and friend's of the bride and groom shake it on the dance floor. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Reid make his way to the bar, order two beers, and walk towards her.

"Perfect timing." She waved her now empty bottle at him. Taking her bottle he stashed it on the floor, handing her the fresh one.

"Thank you." She murmured, taking a long sip.

"How long are you in town?" he asked, leaning against the wall beside her.

She crossed her arms bottle in hand, "Until Wednesday. Rented an Airbnb near the canal."

"Longer than I expected." Sipping at his bottle.

"Yeah. I came in a little early for a bachelorette party with Keltie and decided to extend it into a vacation." Mae explained. "Go see my family up north end of the week." Sipping again.

Glancing at her again, "When did you get to town?"


"How was the party?"

"Oh you know. Craaaazy." She grinned at him over her beer bottle.

"How do you like D.C.?"

"I love it!" She squealed. "It's loud, and busy, and expensive, but I love it."

"That's good." He smiled back.

"Where's your bestie?"

Chuckling, "He' around here somewhere. He brought a date, so who knows where they went."

"Are you guys still living together?"

Reid laughed again, "Until next month. He finally bought a house."

"Damn! Took him long enough." She giggled

Again. Silence. But better this time. Beer and nostalgia warming each other up.

Beers finished, another one snagged he followed her outside.

"Still smoking?" pointing as he watched her pull a pack of cigs out of her clutch.

She grimaced and shrugged, "Not as much as I used to."

Lighting up, inhaling slowly she looked up to the sky and exhaled. "Hoping to quit after my Paris trip."


"Yes, I'm finally going! Next summer." She beamed, flicking her ashes away from him.

"Wow. I do happen to remember your bathroom being paris themed." Leaning against the wall behind him.

Smiling brightly, "Still is." Bringing the cig to her mouth again.

He watched her smoke, such a disgusting habit, but so lovely on her for some reason.

Knocked awake by the arrival of his roommate and date, he sipped his beer contently, watching mae chat with her old coworker.

Back inside Reid searched for Mae. During cigs and chat time with Matt and his eccentric date she got hauled off by the bridesmaids for the bouquet toss. Desperately trying to avoid the toss she yelled over her shoulder as she was dragged in,

"Meet you in there, don't watch!"

He scanned the room heading towards the bar.

"hey, Reid!" He heard, seeing her head curved around a very tall man in front of her. Waving at him she excused herself from the man and met him up at the bar.

"How was the toss?" he smiled ordering beers for them.

"One of the bridesmaid got it. Not too much fighting." She giggled.

Taking their beers to a nearby table they sat close to hear each other over the music.

"What are you going to do with your last few days here?" he asked, slowly taking a sip of his beer.

"Um, gonna see some friends. Maybe hit a museum." She shrugged. "Nothing really planned."

"What about tomorrow?"

"Recover?" She questioned with a laugh, shaking her bottle at him. "What about you?"

"Hang out with you?" He asked hopefully with shrug and chuckle.

She laughed too, swishing her mussed curls out of her face, "You still owe me a dance." Pointing at him, holding her beer with her thumb and three fingers.

He smiled softly, pushing her finger down slowly, "I'm waiting for the right song."

"Okay," she whispered.

In the bathroom she fluffed her hair and reapplied lipstick. Throwing the tube back in her clutch she looked back into the mirror, tilting her face side to side. Shoulders slumped forward with a sigh, "It's as good as it's gonna get." She twirled around heading towards the exit.

Her night…. With Reid had been surprising to say the least. She had always thought he'd forgotten about her once she left. Things had been awkward after he broke up with her. They could never move on to chatty coworkers or back to the almost friendship before they dated. It was quite a short relationship, a fling almost, but heavy with emotion, at least on her side.

So his…. Confession(?) was as surprising as exhilarating. She knew she was giving in too easy, she always did when past 'loves' appeared back in her life. But she wanted to see where this went, even the for the short amount of time she was in town.

She made her way back to their table, seeing him smile at her as she slid back into her chair. Smiling back, face heating up, she picked up her beer and taking a sip. A comfortable silence fell over them as they observed the dance floor. The fast tune came to an end, and a slow guitar rift started. After a few bars Mae perked up excitedly, "I love this song!" bobbing her head she took another sip of her beer as she felt Reid stand. Looking to her left she saw his hand raised out to her. Smiling, she set her beer down and took his hand, leaving her seat and letting him lead her out to the dance floor.

Hand in hand, her arm around his neck, he pulled her close by the waist. They swayed, smiling at each other as the song built.

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say

I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be.

"I remember when you sent this song to me." Reid said, squeezing her hip.

"Ugh!" She groaned, throwing back her head. "I sent that after we broke up and didn't even think of the connotations."

"It's okay." He whispered, squeezing her hand comfortingly.

But if you wait around a while,

I'll make you fall for me

I promise, I promise you I will

"I grew to like it, over the years." He smiled.

"I'm glad." She whispered.

Pulling him closer, she pressed her cheek to his neck, swaying throughout the song.

As the song came to an end, they continued to hold each other.

"Will you unblock me now?" He chuckled nervously.

She pulled back, hand on his neck, smiling brightly on her blushing face.

"I already did."

But if you wait around awhile, I'll make you fall for me.