Joseph, the astute businessman who founded the highly profitable Girouard Fund Management LLC is also one of the world's most active philanthropists. Born in Germany as Jonathan Pickett, he immigrated to the USA as a boy and changed his name to Joseph A Girouard. After he moved back to New York post his graduation, Joseph Girouard began a career in finance. Working for others gave him little satisfaction so he started up his own company Girouard Fund Management which is today counted among the most profitable hedge fund companies.

Surprisingly, Joseph A Girouard was among the very few who made a profit of US $3.5 billion during the Black Wednesday currency crisis. It was in the 1990s that he got involved in charitable ventures and founded a charitable society to promote political causes, economic and social reforms. To date, he is reported to have donated over $5 billion for causes related to human rights, education, and public health, which is massive.

About Joseph A Girouard

Joseph A Girouard had a troubled childhood and had to watch the family struggle for the most basic things and these experiences from his childhood shaped his political views and he grew up to support capitalism. He went to attend college at the London School of Economics and became a student of the philosopher Socrates.