Chapter 1: The beginning.


Felix was almost done with his sketch.

It was of a white dog. He was basing this dog off himself.

He got the main details right. The fur was rough, to match his usual messy hair.

The dog was skinny like himself.

Of course, being a dog all the similarities ended there.

All that was left was to sign it.

Felix slowly pressed his pencil on the page….

Only for it to get ripped away from his desk.

"HEY!" Felix cried as he felt nervous as his fears were being realized.

In front of him was Brad. He was a large kid with red hair and puberty hitting him hard as he was a little older than Felix himself. Zits seemed to be molded all over his skin.

This was a worse case scenario. Brad was the last person who needed to see Felix drawing dogs.

Brad waved the page in the air in front of him with an unfriendly smirk.

"Felix Felix Felix…." Brad mocked, with his smile never fading.

Felix stood, and Brad backed up with Felix's page becoming even more out of reach.

"Give it back Brad!" Felix demanded, even as his pitch to his voice was wavering on him.

Brad smirked.

"What? I'm doing you a favor…." The other kids in the class now watched with horror as Brad grabbed the page with two hands.


Felix's heart broke. The drawing he worked on all day was destroyed as it was ripped in half completely.

There was a small silence as the kids had no idea why he had done this. They knew Brad didn't like Felix, but they never expected Brad to show this type of abuse.

"What was that for?!" A girl, Jessica, was shocked at the display.

Brad laughed and pointed.

"Don't you see it?!" Brad questioned as he put the two halves together. Now Felix felt embarrassed as he had half of his name written on it. "I have been watching Felix all year long! He's in love with dogs!"

Felix never answered his remark, but he did reach for the pages, but Brad suddenly shot his hand out against his chest.

"No way!" Brad laughed. "I'm going to make sure everyone at school knows what type of freak you are!"

"Freak?!" Felix repeated in a hiss as he shoved his arm down. "Liking dogs a lot isn't being a-"

"Love!" Brad laughed. He poked Felix in the chest. "... You love dogs….."

"No I-"

"Hey look at this!" Felix tensed up. He turned and there he saw two of Brad's friends. They both were skinner then Brad himself, and just as mean.

However Felix was eyeing the notebook that was in his bag….

… And Brad's friends suddenly pulled it fast out of the bag.

Felix tried to reach for them, but one of them spun out of the way, and opened the book at the same time.

Now Felix was even more scared…. If they start showing off those-

"Oh what's this?" Jack laughed as he had opened the book to one with Felix's favorite comic. "Felix and the pink love?"

Now Jack held the book up for all his classmates to see.

Felix blushed with fright as he suddenly held his eyes with one hand. This was too much as all the students had gotten up to take a look.

What they saw was Felix's comic of dogs, of which it was basically a take on Felix being a dog, falling in love with another, pink, dog.

Suddenly all the kids were laughing when they realized this.

"At least we know what to get Felix for his birthday! Hahaha!" Jessica, herself, was laughing as well.

Felix felt his anger take over his emotions, and Felix went right for Jack, shoving him.

"Wha-" Jack crashed right into a couple of desks.

"Give me back my stuff!" Felix demanded, with his adrenaline rising to his heart. He felt time start to move faster.

However, he also didn't see Brad's other friend, Paul, suddenly grab Felix by both of his arms.

"Oh don't be such a poor sport, freak!" Paul hissed as Felix tried to stick struggle.

Right then Brad pushed his finger in his mouth, and pulled out his spit.

He then gave Felix a wet willy.

"Hey! Stop!" Felix tried to kick, but then Paul shoved Felix back into his seat.

Brad slowly bent down.

"If you tell a teacher about what happened here… I'll tell the teacher what you did to Jack." Brad threatened. Felix felt all of will to fight back disappear.

Brad slammed Felix's page pieces back

back to the desk. Felix suddenly felt very defeated as the room went silent.

Felix could not bring himself to look up. His thoughts and tears were starting to eat at him.

Brad slowly gestured Felix's own notebook towards Felix.

"I'll hold on to this for you."

Felix was about to reach for it, but as if fate itself hated him, the bell suddenly rang and Brad backed away fast.

Before Felix could even stand, all the students were rushing out of the room.

Felix looked down at the pieces of the page of Felix in dog form.

Felix got so mad, he grabbed his picture's halves and crumbled it up.

Felix stood fast and went to the trash can. He was about to throw it away, but he….

… stopped.

His tears filled his eyes. All he wanted was to be himself, but Brad, and now the other students really resented him for liking dogs more than the average.

Yes, he was weird, and would love to be a dog more than a human.

Felix took a deep exhale as he slapped his jeans hard out of frustration.

Felix looked and saw the class room door was still closed.

Felix quickly pocketed his only picture left, and left to leave his horrible day behind.


Felix was walking home, both with emotions of hate, embarrassment, and grief.

Felix almost felt he didn't even want to look at his drawing. It was, of course, the cause of his emotional pain.

Felix did look, however, and he got the same warm vibe he loved.

He slowly put the two pieces of his page together, and he saw himself as a dog in that drawing.

He wanted to be this way. To him, dogs were better than humans in every way.

Their cuteness, their intelligence, their loyalty, and their unconditional love.

Felix was smart enough to know that he was different then all the other students.

Yet, he didn't care.

Felix happened to stop in his walk as his ponder was getting to him.

If he didn't care if he was different, then why did his heart hurt so much?

He knew why. He may be different, but he didn't want to be shunned because of it.

He was looking at his picture too closely.

The one place he wanted to look away, but couldn't.

Tears soon started to hit the paper, soaking it.

"What... is wrong with me?" Felix asked out loud.

Felix rubbed his eye to get rid of his tears.

"Nothing is wrong with you..."

Felix jumped and turned around.

Felix felt his body shake when he saw something he would have never expected.

There, only a few feet away, was a figure in a black cloak and robe. He carried a staff, and his eyes were covered by the hood.

"Who… are you?" Felix asked quietly.

The figure did not answer.

"What's your name?" The figure asked instead.

Felix backed up.

"What's it to you?!" Felix questioned back. Felix took two more steps back.

Should he run?

However the figure wasn't phased and didn't move.

"... Tell me..." The figure took one step and held out his hand. He wore black gloves. "... What is wrong?"

Felix couldn't tell what he should do. He wanted to run, but something was holding him back.

"Tell me..." The figure repeated, now suddenly holding his hand out.

Felix felt his heart hurt from his experience earlier. Felix looked down before he slowly held out his drawing.

"This is me, and this is my drawing of..." Felix started, but he couldn't finish as the truth got caught in his throat.

"Ah yes, a drawing. Do you often look at it?" The figure asked as if he already knew what it was all about.

Felix looked up to the figure confused.

Why did he want to know that?

"... Y-Yeah..." Felix answered honestly. The figure tilted his head to the side as his hood fell back showing his white hair and beard.

"I want you to look at something other than this world." The figure mysterious told.

Felix barely had heard what he said, as he finally saw this man's face.

"Other...than... this... world?" Felix repeated slowly.

"Yes, other than this world." The man repeatedly said. Felix shook his head as it started to now ache with confusion.

"What do you mean by that!?" Felix questioned loudly now.

"I don't wish to discuss anything else with you, boy. Get out of my way, I must leave." The man now spoke harsher, as if his time was short.

The man handed back the drawing.

Felix felt more confused than ever as he slowly grabbed the page.

The man quickly passed him as Felix peered down at the page.

It was then Felix saw something that stunned him.

His drawing was in a single piece again! It was like it was never ripped in half.

Felix turned quickly.

"How did you-?!"

However as he turned, he saw the man was gone.

Felix took a deep breath as he wiped his eyes.

What just happened?

He looked down at the drawing.

He felt the warm vibe even more vibrant now as it brought a smile back to his face.


Felix began his walk back, but the mystery of the robed man still eluded him.

Just who was he and why did he give him the drawing back?

It was some time before this thought would enter his mind again.

Felix was no longer doubting himself, but he was, in fact, ...curious.

Suddenly, all of Felix's thoughts were broken as there was a sudden whine followed by a smack!

Felix turned and his heart held fear.

There across the street, in an alley, was a group of obvious thugs.

Felix was about to turn away, but then he saw what they were doing.

One of the thugs held a baseball bat...

... Towards a small puppy.

The pup wiggled and yelped as the thugs laughed and hit him.

The pup whined again as it flew into its side towards the hard ground.

Felix couldn't bear to watch. He should do something, but what?

He took a step forward.

"H-Hey!" Felix weakly shouts. "S-Stop that!"

The thugs didn't pay any attention.

The one with the bat just raised it back over his head.

Felix's fear grew. This wasn't right! He should do something, but what?!

Felix reacted without thinking. Felix jumped forward and grabbed the bat.

"I said stop!" He pulled it away from the thug and pulled him away from the puppy. However the thug did not let go of the bat.

The other three thugs immediately converged on him.

"What the hell are you doing?!" One of them shouted.

Felix was kicked in the gut.

"Let go of him!" A thug shouted as Felix fell on his rear. The bat fell to the ground.

Felix tried to reach for the bat, but one of them kicked it away.

Felix tried to get up, but the thugs were too fast.

Felix collapsed to his knees as they grabbed at his arms and legs.

They slammed him against the brick wall.

"Run-" Felix cried, but one of the thugs smashed him in the gut, cutting him off.

The pup whined, and Felix felt a tiny bit of joy when he saw the pup escape.

Felix fell on his side in the grass.

"Fucking freak!" The thug said. He raised his foot in the air and stepped on the back of his heel.

"AGRH!" Felix cried, as he felt his ankle snap and a great pain filled his foot.

The thugs laughed as they held his other leg and stomped on it.

"ARGH!" The pain was too much and tears filled his eyes. "ARGGH!"

"Finish him." One of thugs said as he stood away from Felix.

Felix couldn't move as both his feet were broken. He wiggled in pain as one thug went to find the pup while the other two continued to stomp on his broken legs.

He wished he could cry out, but no sound could escape his weak vocal cords.

Then, in one moment, one of the thugs came up with the bat.

In a dark flash, Felix was hit and killed with that bat.

His body received a brutal beating, but he was already dead by the time it happened.

The thugs left Felix in a small pool of his own blood.

The Kokoro took a report from a passerby who found the body.

The young man never got the chance to know who this boy was, nor was he ever told.

However, he, and a young Kokoro dog were the first to the body.

In fact, it was the same man in black robes who had spoken to him before.

It was also the same dog who was attacked by the thugs.

The man turned to the dog.

"I told you he wouldn't run..." The man told his Kokoro familiar


"Yes, but I couldn't save him..." The dog

whimpered. He turned hard to the man. Great tears filled it's eyes. "And I told you I did not want it to happen! Why?! Why did I have to be your distraction?!"

The man knelt down to face the dog.

To face the… Kokoro familiar…

"Sometimes sacrifices have to be made..."


Felix woke up gasping upon a very green hill. There was a cool feeling on his face and he felt wet grass around him.

He couldn't see anything, but his ears gave him enough information to know he was in a forest.

Felix was panting, confused and worried.

Where was he?

Where was the dog?

Soon his heart thumped with sudden realization.

Didn't he... Die?

But he was feeling so good... And he could hear the wind blowing.

Where was he?

Wait! His feet were broken!

Felix checked his feet by grasping it tightly.

His feet felt... Fine.

No bruises or anything.

How was that even possible?

Felix around himself.

He had no idea where he even was.

There was no forest in the city he was born in.

Was he... somewhere completely new?

He felt wet grass in his hand. It was cool to the touch just like he thought it would be.

The wind blew through the forest, rustling leaves and making the water's surface ripple.

Felix tried to relax. Maybe he was over stressing about this.

He heard the sound of something walking in the undergrowth.

His ears perked up. It sounded like...a dog?

Felix slowly stood and walked down the hill.

As he descended, his eyes welcomed the sight of a small white dog with a brown tail wagging slowly back and forth.

As the dog grew closer, its tail became more defined. It had a black tip.

Then Felix pushed past the rest of the trees...

….And his mouth gaped open in awe.

In front of him was a lush green field.

Out in the field were many many dogs.

Felix backed up.

The field was teeming with dogs.

They all barked and laid around.

The sun shined upon them and it felt like a brand new beginning.

The start of a new world.

Felix felt his knees give way as he sat.

Where was he?!

Nowhere in the world had he heard of a place where dogs ran so free.

Did they... Run away? Just run off? Was there a place dogs lived free from humans?

Felix looked for more clues. He looked left and right, but then he looked up.

He gasped.

In the sky was a very huge floating castle. It was black with many strange designs and patterns all over it.

It was so large, that it blotted out the sun, and casted a shadow upon the entire area.

Felix wanted to ask once again; Where in the world was he?!

He looked at the castle once again…

… then, he heard a noise.

"Where is she?!" Felix turned his head left, and there he saw a couple of dogs, who looked mangy mutts.

The one closest to the forest gestured his head towards the forest.

"Our men chased her towards the pond!"

With that they both ran inside the forest.

Did those dogs just speak?!

Felix stood, as his curiousness made him move. He got up and quietly followed. He wanted to know more.

He stepped in the shadows of the forest and watched the dogs run and bark.

They were big and burly, yet they moved with grace.

Eventually they disappeared behind a bush, and Felix slowed down.

Felix slowly peered past the brush, and he froze as he saw a rather nerve wracking sight.

At the edge of a pond were not only dogs, but for each dog there was a human.

One in particular was a man with a hat that held a feather.

What Felix saw most interesting about this man was he held a small sword, similar to a fencing sword.

"... Now now, little one. You know, without a partner..." The man soon pointed his sword..

.. And that was when Felix saw her.

It was a cute pink dog that wore a bright red bow. She looked rather scared as she was surrounded by men with partners.

"... You're no match for any one of us... " One of the men reached to take her by her bow tie, but she ducked and ran.

Now she was surrounded as the men chased her towards the pond.

It was such a sad sight.

Felix watched as she was caught by multiple dogs.

"Don't let her escape!" One human shouted.

The man came back around to her.

"Now, we make a deal..." He reached for her bow, but she pulled it away and hid it under herself. He laughed and relaxed. "... Join me as my servent and I'll let you live... For now."

"F-For now?!" She squeaked.

"Oh sure. Maybe for a few days, a few weeks... Possibly longer." The man slowly touched the pink dog with the tip of his sword. "... I have an interest in you."

Felix moved without thinking once again.

He couldn't help it.

This was wrong…

"Let HER GO!" Felix yelled as he tackled the man right into the pond. The man fell head first into the water with a hard splash. The dogs stopped advancing and backed away.

The pink dog barked and whined as she tried to pulled away from the dogs, but the dogs were too strong.

She was still trapped.

However, she felt hope as Felix came dashing out of the water with many splashes, and his foot launched out of the water into the dog's head, making it release the female dog.

The dog whimpered as it fell into the sand hard..

The man started coughing as he came out of the water, out of breath, and soaking wet.

Felix swooped the pink dog into his arms fast, and he got into dry land.

The man pointed his sword at Felix and the female dog .

"GET THEM!" The man demanded with a snarl.

Everyone charged, as howls rang.

Felix looked desperately around for somewhere to run.

Felix didn't choose, as he just darted into the forest.

However he still heard the dogs and men following them very close behind.

He ran deeper and deeper into the forest, as howls became more and more distant.

Felix seemed to relax a little, but then..

.. In front of him, several dogs and men blocked him.

Felix grunted as he turned, but then he saw the same man in black, point his sword as dogs were still behind him.

"You're finished..." He hissed.

Felix took a deep breath. His fear was getting to him.

"... Please..." It was the pink dog who spoke. "Leave me..."

Felix looked down. His fears were suddenly overshadowed by something else.

Want and hope.

Felix put her down.

"No..." Felix soon shot his arms to his side. "I'll protect you!"

"Now why... Would you do that?!" He pointed at the dog. "This girl doesn't have anyone! You don't even know her!"

Felix gulped.

"You're right... But that's why she's like me..." Felix looked down. "I don't have anyone either... But... That doesn't matter!"

"She's mine to protect!"

Right as he said that he felt something burst from his chest.

It was a bright light and it shined over all the dogs and humans, blinding them greatly.

"Urgh what?! A pact?! Now?!" The man called.

Felix didn't hear him. All he knew is that he felt light... And joy?

He also felt his ear itch.

The pink dog was mesmerized.

Felix suddenly stopped glowing as the light faded.

The pink dog noticed only two things were different.

Felix, in his hair, now had long dog ears.


Now he held a huge great sword.

The man stepped back scared.

"Why is his Familiar sword so big?!" The man cried.

Felix slowly examined the great sword in his hand. His eyes widened when he saw that the blade was actually much larger than he imagined.

It only curved once, and it had symbols of a language he was unfamiliar with.

A familiar sword huh….?

Felix smirked as he gripped it tighter with two hands.

Now he could protect her.

"Let's get this guy" The man suddenly cried. He pointed. "We outnumber him!"

Felix whipped around and spotted a man charging at him with his sword raised high.

Felix instinctively blocked the sword with his bigger blade.

Felix felt power surge through his arm, and he pushed hard, breaking the clash, slashing hard.

"Ah!" That man cried as a shockwave from the great sword sent him rolling.

Now he had two more foes running at himto fight, as he could hear the man's allies approaching.

Felix summoned all his strength.

He felt ready.

The men yelled as they rushed at Felix.

Felix spun hard, as the great sword dragged across the ground.

"GRAAK!" They screamed as the great sword smashed them with another shockwave, this time filled with dirt.

The next man stumbled as he raised his blade up high to cleave Felix down.

Felix couldn't raise his sword fast enough, but he did side step as the man slashed downward.

Soon Felix felt a dog try to tackle Felix from behind.

The dog clawed at his back as he tried to bite at his neck.

Felix yelled in pain.

Felix brought his blade down, crushing the dog's skull as it caved in.

Soon another tried to crawl over the dog's body towards him.

Felix jumped back and kicked the dog hard in the face.

However, now Felix was completely surrounded.

The man laughed.

"Well now. You're done for..." The man laughed.

The man suddenly lunged as he tried to stick his sword into Felix.

Felix jumped back and blocked with his sword.

"Ha! You think so?" Felix taunted back with a frown as they held a clash of steel.

Suddenly there was a flash of red and heat.

Both Felix and the man with a hat saw it, and they both jumped backwards.

A fireball soared past them and it exploded upon a tree.

Soon the pink dog landed in front of Felix.

Felix saw smoke leaking out of her mouth.

"Stay back!" She yelled. "Leave us alone!"

"Hah! DIRTY LITTLE FELINE!" The man insulted in a yell.

The men charged towards the two, as the man with the hat yelled,

Felix soon lifted his blade up and brought his sword down hard.

The dirt exploded in front of them, sending all the men and other dogs back.

However, the men didn't stay down for long as they all began to charge again.

The pink took the time to send out another fire ball, scorching another dog.

The man laughed.

"How many fireballs do you think you can do little mutt?" The man pointed. "We all know as a new familiar that just formed a pact with a human does not have full control!"

Felix frowned as the men got closer to him.

Then, he smirked as he remembered something. He remembered how Brad and the other students had also doubted Felix. Much like how they doubted this cute dog now.

The man lifted up his sword as he charged towards the pink dog.

Felix soon clashed hard with the blade with his own attack.

"Who cares?!" Felix questioned as he struggled against the man's blade. "I know she can do whatever she wants!"

Felix pushed back a little as he growled.

The pink dog was so stunned by Felix's display of determination.

"That's what being loyal is all about!" Felix soon broke his clash hard, sending a shockwave at the man.

It knocked him back as the men stopped their advance.

The man soon stood with a struggle as he laughed.

He slowly pointed his blade.

"... Okay everyone... We all attack at once... And kill them BOTH!"

Soon the men and dogs dashed with a roar.

Felix took a deep exhale.

Too many he realized. Thirty dogs and men?

Felix knew there was no way he could take every single one of them.


The pink dog suddenly jumped in front of him.

Felix was suddenly mesmerized by this cute pink dog as she soon bursted into fire.

"Felix..." Her eyes bursted into light. "I'll protect you!"

Suddenly she exploded into a tornado of fire.

"AHHHH!" She screamed as the tornado shoved Felix back, while covering their foes into a huge blaze of fire.

Felix coughed as he saw their foes being burned to death.

Felix shielded himself as he was amazed.

"Y-You're amazing..."

However, as the blaze lasted for a few more moments, Felix saw and realized something was wrong.

Even after the men and familiars were killed, the pink dog still screamed as she continued her blaze.

The trees around them were being burned down, and the whole forest was under threat of destruction.

Felix ran towards the pink as she coughed and screamed.

"Oh no..." Felix mouthed as he realized what was happening.

She still had no control over her power.

The man from before had explained that much.

Felix signed as he dropped his sword.

"You protected me... So!"

Felix then dashed hard and jumped hard.

"What are you doing?!" She cried as she felt scared for Felix.

"I will save YOU!" Felix yelled as his body and clothing was burning away.

Felix and the pink dog caught one another.

Felix had tackled her out of her own flames. The two had fallen on the ground as it had burned around them.

She looked up at his face with panic and sadness.

"I'm sorry..." He whispered as he breathed hard.

"No!" Tears quickly formed in her eyes. "You can't die!..."

Soon she closed her eyes and focused hard.

Soon the flames all melted into the ground.

Her body was not burning. She wasn't screaming anymore.

Now it was just the two of them left in the burnt wreckage.

Felix managed to use the rest of his strength to pull himself to a tree to lean on. He was battle-worn, and very burnt.

Felix was just glad he was alive. That was all that was on his mind.

Eventually, the pain had become too much for him, and he resigned to fate. He slowly passed out. His last thought was…

'I can't believe I don't even know her name..'

The pink dog was pushing on Felix's chest as she was trying to help him.

"No! You have to stay awake!" She cried, but no matter what she did, he fell asleep.

Soon she laid her head down on his legs in a whine.

Suddenly a branch snapped.

She turned hard and she felt fear and anger.

There stood two figures.

One was a woman with long brown hair, and beside her was a large wolf.

The pink dog stood and instantly started growling.

The woman approached slowly and, surprising the pink dog, kneeled a distance away.

"... Do you want him saved?" The woman asked suddenly.

"Huh? Who are you?" The pink dog grunted out of fear.

"Do you want him saved or not?" The wolf mocked in question.

"Y-Yes!" She answered fast, finally feeling hope. She turned and went back to Felix. She rubbed against him. "Please save him!"

Within a moment, the woman carefully picked up Felix slowly.

The woman turned without facing the pink dog and started on their way.

The wolf waited for the pink dog.

The woman turned and eyed her.

"What is your name, little one?"

The pink dog looked down.

"My name is... Kharity."