Fake News Reports!

I was married by a Justice of the Peace.

Ironically, since then, I've had neither justice or peace.

A Toronto School Board Has CANCELED Yazidi Survivor & Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nadia Murad Because Her Story Of Being An ISIS Sex Slave "Would Foster Islamophobia"!

"They're such good boys," wokes Superintendent Helen Fisher, defending the terrorists.

The Los Angeles Times Reports That Central California Hospitals Are FULL, So They Want To Send Their Covid Patients To Other Counties!

"Forget that," say the other counties.

Darrell Brooks Jr.—The Violent Felon Who Is Accused Of Killing Five People And Injuring Dozens By Driving His Car Into A Christmas Parade—To Appear In Court!

"Now that's OUR kind of hero," fake news wokes, still stinging after the Rittenhouse verdict.

CBS's Disgraced Stephen Colbert Insists If Kyle Rittenhouse "Didn't Break The Law, We Should Change the Law"!

What about Darrell Brooks Jr., The Violent Felon Who Killed 6 & Injured Dozens By Driving His Car Into A Christmas Parade?

"Aw, he's okay."

Actress Debra Messing Blasts Fake News Media For Portraying Murderous Thug Darrell Brooks Jr.'s Driving Of His Car Into A Christmas Parade Killing 6 & Injuring Dozens As An "Accident," And Not The Domestic Terrorist Act It Was!

Man, when did I start agreeing with Debra Messing?

On Thanksgiving, OF COURSE my in-laws have a right to be heard…

…but just not constantly.

Best Buy Offers Employees Counseling After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict, Calling It A "Difficult Moment"!

Did you do the same when Darrell Brooks Jr used his SUV to kill 6 & injure dozens in Wisconsin?

"Why would we do that?"

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Calls Out Congressional Colleague Lauren Boebert For "Hateful & Dangerous Muslim Tropes" And Telling A "Made Up" Story At A Speaking Event!

"As everybody knows," she said, matter-of-factly, "9-11 never happened."

Actor/Director Rob Reiner CONDEMNS The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict, Yet Gets All The Pertinent Facts Wrong!

"And can you believe how they're railroading that Darrell Brooks Jr. guy?" he continued. "It's a travelocity of justice."

While I do not offer financial advice, I CAN tell you that buying more lottery tickets with the lottery ticket money you've won is not reinvesting your earnings.

Jim Duchene

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