Monster Mashing

Summary: A mad scientist once created monsters. Now, he hunts them.

Dr. Jason Riegel blasted the vampire back with a cherry wood slug fired from a Remington 1858 percussion revolver. It sparkled as the unearthly flames seared it into ash, and Dr. Riegel remembered the foolish addict he convinced to try a predatory undead existence. That rein of terror was over, but there were many more to put down. He moved to the greenhouse he'd prepared for the second target.

Dr. Riegel drew the SGP as he opened the portal to the fey realm. A shrieking elven warrior charged out, only for the coilgun's cold iron slug to explode into a quivering pile of giblets. The elf was once a narcissistic serial killer he'd given a magic mirror to, hoping to determine its effects on a living being. The mirror turned one murderous maniac into a supernatural one, but one he'd resolved to put down once he determined the cause.

Entering his kennel, Dr. Riegel loaded the Tiger Claw revolver with birdshot and silver nanoparticles. The feral lycanthrope, once a particularly gluttonous financial speculator, futilely threw itself at the bars. The revolver barked back, sending the room into silence. The werewolf was a pain to capture, but the bloody trail made it necessary.

Dr. Riegel ensured they were dead before burning what remained of them in an industrial incinerator. He'd spent what was left of his credibility diving into areas others considered pseudoscience, with only a parade of abominations to show for it. As he dumped the ashes into a growing pile beneath the stairs, he resolved to get back to more productive research.