Unspoken Words



The sound of the sea,

Doesn't drown out the voices of apathy

Get me out of my mind

Being caged here is agony…

A memory,

Feeling free…

Faded; glimpses of what used to be me

Searching for a guiding light

Stumbling through endless night

Clutching onto fragile hope

Stranded; holding both ends of the rope

No anchor on this stormy sea

No lighthouse calling "home" to me

Floating out into nothing

Hoping it may lead to something

The human condition; Our life long mission;

The thrill of the chase, a perpetual rat-race…

Let me out!

Let me in?

Show me what it takes to win?

This game of life, with its loaded dice

Stuck in the maze, generations of mice

Observed and controlled,

From beyond our perception.

Swallowing both lies and pills on prescription.

Take a step and follow me down

Deeper still before we drown

Inside the darkness, hides the light

Never seen, without a fight

Shout and let your voice be heard

Least you be crushed by the Unspoken Word…