Going back to the office, I started having dreams of cycling to work, on roads I have never been on and places I've never worked at. Some things were very familiar, the breeze rustling the trees, they provide a gentle background noise to the harmony of all these bicycles. Other things are more alien, the skies turned a perpetual pink by the morning sun, the road I'm on a set of confusing bicycle lanes and the grassy sound walls colored in an unusually bright green.

Standing there, bicycle in hand, I'm confused more than anything. The morning rush hour seems to go on endlessly, the paths crossing in unusual ways coming from under the highway overpass to disappear into a long right curve, hidden by the sound walls. The constant rush of cyclists passing by a cacophony of gears and bells, my confusion only grows. I see two distinct paths disappearing to the long right corner, two paths coming from the overpass to the west. four paths coming from the south and a double cyclist roundabout that I'm currently stuck between both lanes of. If it's not the cyclists that confuse me, it's the contrast and the color palet the sky and the grass provide. The pink and the green work together well, but they almost overload my senses.

It takes me a while to gather myself and back up my bicycle, coming from the west I back up and make room to join the roundabout again. I watch closely and driven by chance and a bold attitude I barrel down the lanes to the exit on the east. Adrenaline and nerves propel me ahead, once on the road to the east the smell of my own sweat comes to haunt me. I recall why I often disliked cycling and especially these kinds of stressful circumstances.

The road ahead curves and it seems to go on forever, both cycling lanes continue as do the sound barriers. The skies remain pink though I'm certain they should have shifted to either a dull grey or a bright blue, the moment just keeps lingering, the cycling the only constant. As the road continues the sound barrier widens and the I get to a T-crossing. I need to go to the left. I make the turn and quickly a town appears in front of me, the cycling path joins a road and as I transition on the road, the weather changes, clouds appear and the light fades to a strange shade of green. It feels as though rain is imminent.

I cycle a bit into town and the road widens and I find a space to the left of me for a short break. I drive on to the cobblestones as they make a drop towards a brick wall. I set my bicycle against the wall and stand on a bench in front of it. I stretch and as I stand on my toes I'm looking at a brook behind it. Obscured from view it passes with minimal sound and a gentle flow. I watch the water and get mesmerized by it. I don't know how much time has passed when I come to and remember I need to be somewhere. I get back on the road and continue down the road.

Although the town feels as though it's small, getting through it feels like it takes an hour. Then I run into an overpass and see where I need to be on the other end. I cross under the overpass and park my bicycle. The buildings stand out as large rectangles, wide and tall, they sport a stone texture, rough but glistening strangely. As I get closer, the texture becomes all the more apparent and I can tough it. It feels organic, neither warm nor cold, hard and bumpy but somehow still silky smooth. I grab the door handle and open it. On the other side the building is even stranger. The floor large stone tiles, similar in their bumpy nature though more colored, dark shades of blue and green swirling through them. The roof and the opposite end the exact same structure. The left and right side appear entirely open, though looking closely, there is a four meter wide gap in the middle, windows close it off on either side. On both ends the floor continues another six meters. Beyond that a field of large pools or ponds are laid out in a square grid pattern. They different in height and between them a path of half a meter separates them.

Confused by the whole vision I step outside and look out over the grid of pools, the weather changed again and is now a shade of light purple, as though it's become evening already. The purple reflects in the pools and the windows. Throughout the distance I see similar buildings in a grid pattern with these pools between them. People walking everywhere, talking, discussing, holding notepads and tablets. Yet not a single piece of furniture in sight.

I'm attracted to explore the pools and set off walking between them. From one to the other, I step between them and walk out ahead. The shade shifts and the purple makes way for a bright orange. The vision captures me and I freeze. "Hey, there, we've been waiting for you," I hear a voice calling from a distance. I barely notice the voice and continue to stare. The sun seems to rise and I breathe deeply. "Hey, Karl, you shouldn't be out there for too long, come here, we're waiting for you." This breaks the spell and I reply, "Yeah, I'll be right over, sorry about that, I needed a breather after getting here."