Walking Over My Grave

She could feel them coming for her. She could feel them gaining speed on her. It was like something she had never experienced before. The very thought of knowing the thing behind you was out to kill you was more than enough to set her on edge.

She stopped at the corner of the forest, staring down at the cliff in front of the her. Even in the darkness, she could make out the rushing water below. Lightening flashed behind her, turning the night into day. The jagged rocks greeted her, like the butcher knife her mother kept in the kitchen.

She had been told it was a good match for her, but no one had never known the horrors of that house. To her small village, he was a saint, a perfect gentlemen. However, there was more to him than that. Once he sunk his claws into your tender skin, there was no going back. Once he had you alone, you quickly realized just what he was.

He was a monster, a devil in disguise. The face of the angel kept his true colours masked. There could be do doubt about that.

She looked back down in the dark abyss. She could hear him gaining on her, calling out her name. The voice of an angel drifted out of the forest. She closed her eyes. No, that would not do. She had to remember what he was. If she didn't, she would only fall back into his deadly trap.

She closed her eyes and waited. For what she was waiting for, she really had no idea. It was not the time for waiting games. He was coming after her. She had to remember what was out there for her.

She had to be brave. The darkness was her friend. The light had betrayed her and left her dead.

Thunder crashed, causing the ground beneath her feet to tremble. The trees cracked behind her, as if they were pointing him her in direction. She looked upward as lightening danced across the sky.

She crept closer to the edge, willing herself to go through with this.

How could anyone get to this point? What drove people over the edge? These were the questions that had always raced through her mind when she learned of people doing the very thing she was getting ready to do.

Now that she had actually been faced with a very difficult situation, she knew what it was like when people reached their breaking points. When there was no way out, death was seen as the easier option.

She looked back over her shoulder as lightning struck again. The trees lit up. She blinked. She could see him there for a brief second, but then he was gone.

She looked back down into the darkness, taking a deep breath. This was the only thing she could do correctly. If she were to just die, everything would be okay. She would finally be a peace.

Now, she just had to get the courage to do so. She took a series of deep breaths as she crept closer toward the edge. Maybe it would be better this way to go in the darkness. She wouldn't know when she had actually stepped off the edge until it was too late.

That was the funny thing about going in the light. You always knew when the end was coming. The darkness blocked you from seeing that. It kept up wondering when it was going to happen. It was almost like it was the way things were supposed to do-if that made any sense.

Still, she would like to see the end coming. It would make everything all that much better. No….She couldn't think like that. The end was in sight. She would be brave…She would not allow the small things to prevent her from doing what she needed to do. She had to keep her head straight. She had to think.

Maybe thinking wasn't really the right thing to do. It was her thinking that she had made the right choice that had actually ended up with her being in this bad situation in the first place. Thinking was what got you into the trouble. The act of not thinking meant that you were truly living.

Thunder roared above her. The heavens were yelling at to make her choice.

She took a couple of shallow breaths. The edge had be coming. She just had to brave and face whatever was out there waiting for her. She had to be strong. Her strength was what was going to keep her alive in the long run.

She looked back at the trees as lightning struck again. He wasn't there. He wasn't there waiting for to see what she was going to do. This was good. It meant that she still had time to escape from him.

She took another step. This was it…It was getting closer and closer. She just had to take a couple more steps and it would all be over.

Thunder and lightning clashed above her head in a dangerous power dual. She just had to be brave and believe she could pull this off.

Just a couple more steps and it would all be over. Just a couple more steps and she would face her destiny.

This was her destiny….She had to believe it….This was what she was supposed to do.

Even though she was walking to her grave, there was something peaceful about the whole matter. She wasn't frightened. In fact, if anything, she felt a sense of joy and peacefulness. Everything was telling her that she was making the right choice.

She looked back over at the tree line. She couldn't see anything but the darkness. Even though he was close, she felt at peace. In just a few minutes, he would no longer be able to hurt her. Though as long as he was alive, he would still be able to hurt others.

No, she couldn't think like that. She had to save herself first. In order to save the others, she had to save herself.

"ABBIGAL!" he screamed behind her, his voice laced with pain.

She took one final breath before plunging into enteral darkness.


The smells of the earth filled her as she opened her eyes. Darkness sounded her and other things. She could hear things. No, it wasn't people talking. It was things moving in the ground.

It was running water and worms….Wait…That couldn't be right. She wasn't supposed to be alive! How had she managed to screw so badly.

She opened her eyes even wider. Darkness was all she could see.

She tried to move around, but couldn't. There was something holding her back. It was solid. When she touched it, it smelled and felt like wood.

Wait a minute….

Had she actually been buried alive? Panic started to set in. No, that just wasn't possible. He wouldn't do this to her. He wouldn't leave her in this grave to die.

Oh, yes, he would. This was the same man who had caused her all of her pain and suffering. It would be just like him put her int eh ground, knowing the panic it would cause her.

Oddly though, she wasn't really all that panicked. If anything, she felt kind of calm. Her breathing and heartrate was even on the slow side, which was good. The last thing she needed to happen now was to run out of oxygen, which was probably the main goal in this very messed up situation.

Above, she could hear people moving around, walking over her grave. Did she dare to say something? Would they even help her or just dismiss it as their mind playing tricks on them? No…She needed to focus…She needed to make sense of what had just happened to her.

She was in a coffin in a grave. A little giggle escaped her mouth. The world had a funny way of working. Clearly this was his idea of a sick and rather twisted joke. Knowing him, he was the one standing on her grave, waiting for her start freaking out.

Well, the joke was on him. It wasn't fair and right that he got to have all of the fun. She just needed to stay put long enough to figure out was she was going to do. Surely, she could make It long enough here to gather her thoughts.

She just had to remain calm long enough to think.

The world had done her wrong and she was going to figure out a way to make sure she got everything right-even if it meant she would never walk the light side of the earth again.

After all, that had been her goal. Now, she just had to figure out what to do with it.

She looked up at the top of the coffin. She was going to have to figure out how to actually get out of here.

She needed to let her senses soar and find a way to keep herself in her head. She couldn't carry out her revenge if she was panicking. Wait…She wasn't actually panicking…That's the part that didn't make sense. It was like her body was in tune with nature and everything surrounding it. Her body felt like it belonged here.

That was the funny thing about death. People thought of it as being something awful when it really was the most natural thing in the world. If death was natural, then what did that mean about life? Was life something that wasn't supposed to be experienced?

She looked up at the coffin's lid. She could still hear people talking above. She just needed to be patient and wait to see what happened next.

She did actually need to think about how she was going to get out of here. Night was by far going to be her best option, but how did she go about digging herself out of this place? The thought of digging herself out was enough to make her feel a little sick. How many people ever thought about actually digging themselves out?

She sighed, wishing the people would just speak a little louder. Not being able to make out what they were saying was enough to drive anyone mad. They were probably talking about her; she just knew it. It would be like him to talk about her, playing the act of the mourning husband, and saying how much her was going to miss her. Yeah, if only those people knew the truth. If only they knew that he was the reason she was in this situation in the first place.

She would make them see her side. She would find a way to turn them against him.

It was only just a matter of time before the saw his true colours. It would be nice though to bring down the Golden Boy as her single act of revenge. After that was done, she would be more than happy to remain dead.

She looked up at the coffin lid. The brown and wooden pieces of it were becoming clearer with each passing second. Now, she could see that actually wouldn't take much for her to dig herself out of here.

Okay, she just needed to focus and make sure she could actually do this. No, there was no doubt. She could do this. She would manage to get out here and she would pull this off. She would go after him and make his world miserable.

Killing him right away would not be good enough for him. She needed to let him suffer a little bit. Seeing him suffer would be one of the greatest joys of life. She wasn't actually sure that he had ever suffered before.

She just had to work on her timing though. She couldn't make her big reveal too early or it would set everyone into panic. It was going to take some careful planning on her part, but no matter, she would find a to make sure everything came together in the end.

The voices were now drifting further away, leaving her alone in silence. Well, maybe not silence. Now, that they were gone, she could focus on what was happening right in front of her. She could hear the worms making their way through the soil, bugs dancing on top of the coffin's lid, and if she wasn't mistaken, the sounds of roots embedding themselves into the dirt in their quest for life. These things…No, these living creatures moved around her as if she were a part of them.

She just laid there, drinking it all in. She had always been lead to believe that the world was not a very kind place and that everything could end up falling apart. Hearing all of this and embracing it all just sent little chills down her back. The world still had some life in it, even if it was mostly unseen. It was these unseen things that really kept everything in line-that really was the backbone of this crazy and insane place.

She took a couple more deep breaths. That was also why it was wrong for those in a position of power to make others feel weak and unimportant. It was just wrong to put someone down because they didn't have access to the same resources as you did.

It was also why he had to go before he could put another innocent into the ground. He had to be punished for his behaviour. He needed to be taught that there were certain ways to act and that his actions had consequences. She was the right person to do so.

Other than the movements in the dirt, she could hear nothing more. That didn't mean that there wasn't someone above waiting for her. It would be just like this town to do that. This place was full of old wives tales and believed heavily in the supernatural.

After today, it was clear that there was some truth in the matter. After all, she should have been dead, yet, here she was. She wasn't actually sure that she would call herself alive, but she was something. She was neither a part of this world or whatever awaited her on the other side either.

She sighed. She supposed she was going to have to figure that out at some point. However, right now, the bigger goal was making sure that he paid for everything he had done to her.

She looked up at the lid, waiting for the right moment. She couldn't tell if it was day or night. She really couldn't even tell how long she had been laying here, thinking her thoughts. Time was kind funny like that. Whenever you thought it was pasting quickly, it had a tendency to stop moving at all.

She tested the lid. It lifted rather easily. Bits of earth fell down on her, covering her in a fine layer of debris. Normally, the filth would have put her off, but not now. Now, it felt right. It felt as she belonged in its world. Maybe this was a sign that she was actually dead.

No matter…No matter…It would only add to her shock factor. She was going for the dramatic effect rather than the clean route.

She pushed harder on the lid, sending more earth down onto her body. She didn't know how much pushing she was actually going to have to do. She had no idea how far down her grave actually was. She had always heard that graves were dug six feet down, but was that actually true? She had never had reason to actually question such things before.

She needed to get rid of the lid, but she didn't know how to do so. The earth, while rather lightly packed, seemed to have no end to it. Whoever had dug her grave had done so with the intentions of her not getting out. Had they known she wasn't fully dead? Was this just the standard practice?

She tested the lid against. The dirt above it was rather soft. That would at least be a big deal. However, there was still the matter of trying to figure out just how far down she was actually was. If she wasn't all that far, then she could just lift the lid right off. However, if she was further down, then she was going to have to come up with another plan.

The world just wasn't exactly on her side right at this moment. She was going to have to get creative and just think. That was all she needed to do. She needed to think….No, she needed to get out of here.

She lifted the lid again. This time she got it a little bit higher. More and more debris fell down on her, covering her body. Yet despite all of this, she could see and smell just as well as she could before. That stuff had to be harming her senses, yet she was able to carry on like she normally would.

It didn't make any sense.

She lifted the lid once, going higher than ever before. What was this madness? Like her senses, her body was showing no signs of slowing down. If she didn't know any better, she was willing to bet that the world was actually on her side.

For once, maybe everything was going to work out and everything was going to be okay. It was a rather strange thought, but she couldn't help but to feel a little bit happier when she thought it. She just wasn't used to having everything go her way.

She could now see the earth surrounding her. if she could just shove the lid anyway, then maybe she would have a chance to see just how far down she was. She needed to find out for sure and save her strength.

Yet, she didn't seem to be trying at all.

It was rather odd, but it wasn't something she was going to dwell on. It was really about time things started to go in her favour.

She sat the lib back down for a minute. If she wasn't tiring, then maybe one big, final push was all she needed. Maybe she would be able to break through earth and come out like she was supposed to. If was worth a shot…After all, what did she really have to lose?

She took a couple of deep breaths. She needed to gather up her strength and that seemed like the most logical thing to do.

Counting mentally to three, she pushed this everything she had. She could feel the earth breaking as more came tumbling down on top of her. She couldn't stop….She couldn't allow something as small as a few bits of dirt stop her from getting out of here…Stop her from gong after him. There was no doubt in her mind. He had to go…He had to go before he could hurt someone else.

"Come on….Come on…." she muttered, grunting with each push. "Just a little bit further."

The earth was giving. It would give and she would get what she wanted. No, not what she wanted, but what she deserved. She deserved to have her revenge….She deserved a chance to make him suffer.

With another grunt, she pushed harder than ever before. The muscles in her arms pulled as she heaved again. Surely, it couldn't be much further. She had to be getting close to the end. She just needed to stay strong and be brave. She couldn't allow herself to give up hope.

Then, she felt it. The lid was much easier to push now. In fact, she was pretty sure that she could shove it off.

She shoved the lid to the side and stood up, allowing herself to breath in the sweet goodness of fresh air.

She wiped the grim from her eyes and looked around. Even though it was dark, it was easy for her to see. The graveyard, which she had always found rather creepy and disturbing, was beautiful. It wasn't dead…No, it was alive and oddly peaceful.

She stepped out of her grave, letting the peace overtake her.

She walked amongst the gravestones, listening. While no other living soul seemed to linger, she could get a sense of who these people were. Their life stories seemed to come to life to her. Some mourned for the life they had left behind, while others seemed to be excited about what awaited them.

The trees dipped down at the right times, allowing her to see the shadows dancing in the grass. The wise, old owl called out, providing them with their music, while the stars and the moon walked with the careful eye. Other night creatures darted in and out as if they were young lovers in a game of chase.

She paused, drinking it all in. Why now? Why was she just finally the seeing the world? Had she really been so blind?

She watched the trees bowed at her, like they were encouraging her own her mission. It was a good feeling to have, to know that someone was on your side. She couldn't help but to smile, to add a little skip in her step as she walked toward the exit.

He would have no idea as to what hit him. He would never see this one coming.

She stepped out into the empty street, looking at all of the sleeping houses. None of these people would know what hit them until it was too late.

She could and would pull this off. She just needed to be strong and show the world that she could and would do this.

She looked up and down the street, waiting. For what she was waiting on, she really had no idea. She could do anything she wanted, but, yet, here she was just standing her. It was really annoying. She needed to will to go on and figure out just what was next.

The main goal was to try to get rid of him-that was the goal. No, it wasn't try to get rid of him. It was to completely destroy him until he was begging for her to end it. That would be great. Just picture it. He's on the ground, bleeding out, in so much pain that he sees her as being his only way out. There was just something oh so wonderful about that. To hold one's life in your hands was just a feeling that she could not and would not let go of. Oddly enough, it was kind of a dream of hers-one that she now had the chance to live.

It was powerful. It was a feeling that she could not describe.

She would kill him and she would make him suffer.

She turned and started making her way down the street. He was probably sleeping off a drunken stupor, making it seem like to the world he was drinking because he missed her so much when the reality was he liked the taste of alcohol. He was probably walking around with bloodshot eyes, telling everyone it was from the tears. He was probably colourless, everyone was whispering about how the death of his wife the reason behind it all. They would say "that poor man" and "he's been through so much." Never once would they stop to question that he could be the reason he was driven to this point. Never once would it cross their minds that he was anything but innocent.

She smiled as a cat ran out in front of her. It stopped, just mere metres away, looking at her with big eyes. She couldn't help but to smile at it. Like her, it had probably been wronged at some point by society. Like her, it was just doing what it had to in order to survive in a very unkind world.

Everyone had their demons and everyone had different ways of dealing with them. You couldn't judge someone just based on outward appearance. In order to truly know someone, you to look within. Maybe some people really didn't want to look within for they were afraid as to what it would reveal. It was a tricky matter-one that she really didn't have time to think about right now.

She looked up at the large house in front of her. Its features stood out to her once, like a dream. It had been welcoming with its tall fences covered in vines that bloomed in late spring and all through the summer. The path that lead to the house was draped in beautiful flowering trees that made you think you were in the country instead of a filthy city. The birds and other small creatures called the garden home and would greet you the moment you stepped into its sweet enclosure.

It was kind of funny how your view on things changed over time or just having something different in front of you.

Now, what was once beauty was now rot and despair. The once beautiful home was now a place of secrets and a place of being trapped, not of escape and wonder. The once strong iron wall was now bars meant to keep those inside trapped instead of keeping the city out. The vines looped around the edges like fingers of someone trying to get out. The flowering trees had lost their flowers and stood there, naked, like they were rotten to the core.

She inhaled, expecting to at least get some of the wonderful scents, but instead it was all cold. It was like he had truly managed to suck all of the life out of this place. She needed to remember that it wasn't actually the place doing this to her, but the man inside. It was the man inside who just seemed to have no end. Everything that she was feeling was a result of his actions, not her own, not the house. He was the one who drained the life out of everything he touched.

She slowly opened the gate, letting the squeak echo out through the night. Its shrill call sent chills rushing up through her spine. Hopefully, it would his as well. She hoped it made him turn over in his sleep for the smallest of seconds, disturbing his peaceful slumber just enough to annoy him. He would roll over for a second, then drift back off to dream land. Still, a little peace of him would wonder what was there. It would haunt him in in the back of his mind.

She drifted up the walk. The wind hissed. The trees bowed down to her, like they were waiting for her to give the show they knew was coming. She would be more than happy to give into them. She would give them a much better show though than they had been wanting. That was the goal of any performer: to shock your audience.

She drifted further up the walk, allowing the night air to sink into her body. The feeling was so wonderful, so great that she didn't know if she would ever feel like this again. She wanted to stay here just a little bit longer, but, at least, there was work to be done. There was always something that seemed to interrupt her fun.

She paused in front of the large house, staring up at it. It seemed to be staring back at her, like it was daring to complete her deed. She couldn't help but to smile at the thought. A challenge was just what she needed right now. A challenge would only add to her cause, her crusade.

She ran her hands over the rich grain of the door, allowing it to fill her soul. Everything was going to work out. She could feel it in her bones. She was going to make him pay for all of the pain and suffering he had caused her. She was going to make sure that he never harmed another living soul.

The windows stared down at her, like they were watching and waiting to see what she was going to do next. She couldn't help it. Her smile widened. She knew it should make her feel sick, but it didn't. She didn't feel like she was doing anything wrong. She was just trying to make sure that no harm came to anyone else. It wasn't wrong. It was her right to take some evil out of the world.

She slowly pushed open the door. Somewhere from within, a grandfather clock chimed, while another clock answered. An owl hooted from the tops of one of the trees. It was all perfect. The orchestra was here to give her the music she needed.

She looked straight ahead as she stepped into the darkness, allowing the house to come alive around her. He was here, she could feel it in her bones. He was lying up there asleep without a care in the world. She cold feel his breathing….Feel him sleeping off a drunken night in town.

She stepped into the hallway. It was once beautiful, but now it was the mark of death. Everything was just placed in a way to hide the truth, to hide the ones who were out to kill her. It was amazing how much pain and suffering could be hidden by glitter.

A bit of dust kicked up from the carpet as she slowly started out the stairs. She couldn't help but smile. While she had no idea how long she had been gone, it was nice to see that things were slipping. She had ran this house beautifully and it seemed that no one had been able to keep it like she did.

The stairs didn't give at all under her weight, which was kind of odd. There was always a little bit of creak to them. it had driven him mad, but she had always found them rather enjoyable. It added character to the house.

The oak banister greeted her as she guided her hands up the smooth railing. It was the only thing that didn't lie in this house. It was the only that still reached out to her and greeted her like an old friend. Like her, it had seen years of abuse and turmoil.

She made her way up to the first landing. The paintings stood out to her, showing her snapshots of a better life. It was amazing how human life was portrayed one way in books and pictures, but the reality of it could not be more different. Life wasn't beautiful. It was the exact opposite. Life was ugly and it would warp its claws into you until it broke you in two.

Just like it had her.

She wanted to kick herself for being so stupid. It had all been there right in front of her and she had chosen to ignore it. There was no other way to put what she had done. Like everyone else, she had been taken by the beauty and it had came back to bit her.

She turned away from the landing and started up the next set of steps. It was no matter now. She would have to deal with the consequences of her actions. She would have to be brave and not let the past get the best of her.

She could and would do this. She would show him that she wasn't someone who could be pushed around. She was better than he was. She stronger and smarter. She deserved so much than how he had treated her. She deserved to be treated like a person, not the way that he had treated her either.

She smiled as she made her way up the carpeted steps. There was no way that he was expecting her, expecting anyone for that matter. He had let his guard down, which would end up being his undoing. He thought there was no way he was going to get caught. Aw, if only he had been careful….If only he had actually made sure that the thing he was trying to kill was actually dead and would stay that way. It was his loss. By the time he realized his fatal mistake, it would be too late.

The thought made her almost giddy and a little bit guilty about what he was getting ready to do. However, he did need to be taught a lesson. He needed to learn that sometimes others did and would get the best of him. He could be broken-that he could lose everything he had ever worked for.

She reached the top of the staring down the hallway. Bits of moonlight and starlight found their way into the hall, but other than that, it was perfectly dark. A sudden hush came over the house as she started forward, ready to give him his fate.

The world was out of control. Sometimes you just needed something that you alone could control and this was it. She could make sure she could control this and do so well. She could pull this off….She could make him suffer.

After all, it just wasn't about her. He had caused others so much pain and suffering that he deserved to die. He deserved to die. He didn't deserve to live, to have a place on this world.

She crept down the hall, staring at the closed doors. People said you were supposed to keep doors closed in a house, but she couldn't help it. It was behind closed doors were the best things happened. It was behind closed doors that lives were either taken or given. It was behind closed doors that allowed her to do her best work. The only downfall was that no one got to see all of the wonder she did. There was no audience and it was very hard to her to perform without one.

She would make do however. This wasn't about her today. It was about making sure he paid for all of the pain and suffering he had caused over the years. He was the star, not her. it was a hard thing for a performer to have to deal with, but she would make it work.

She paused outside of his door, listening to his gentle breathing. He was sleeping alright and sleeping rather heavily. She could smell bits of his night out coming out from under the door. Was he even alone? She couldn't tell. He always did have trouble with keeping his eyes on his wife when she was alive. She couldn't even imagine what it would be like now.

It was fine though….She would make do…It wouldn't take much to get another woman out of his bed. The whole married thing did send more women running. She would just causally mention she was his wife and everything would be good to go.

She breathed in again. It would do her any good to go in there this tense. She needed to calm her body down. She couldn't help it. Sometimes she just really got excited and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Okay…She needed to get a grip. She needed to focus on what was right in front of her. He was the end goal. The longer she allowed him to stay alive, the longer he had to try to hurt someone again. She couldn't let that happen…She just had to remember that…She could not allow that to happen.

She placed her hand on the cool glass doorknob and slowly opened the door, letting it creak just enough. His snores stopped for a brief second before starting right back up again. Good, his body was on alert, even if his mind wasn't.

She stepped into the room, listening to his slow breathing. The stars dipped down into the windows, allowing her just enough light to see where she was going. Even though the room wasn't really all that hot, he had kicked some of his blankets off. The bitter smell of rum poured off his skin, creating a sticky smell throughout the whole room. She wrinkled her nose. At least, once he was gone, there would be no more of that.

The floorboard creaked just the slightest of bit as she moved forward. Still, he did not wake from his drunken stupor. Good...It always did take him a while to get the alcohol out of his body. She hoped tonight would be no different.

Outside the wind picked up, giving her the perfect soundtrack. It whipped around, creating moans and cries that sounded like death itself had come to pay a visit. She couldn't help but to smile at the thought. Death itself had came to pay a visit and it was about time for him to realize that. He was going to suffer.

She stood at the foot of his bed, watching him sleep. Really he was kind of an ugly sleeper, so it made everything all that much more easier. He didn't even look like an angel or a baby, he looked like something that didn't belong on this earth.

She took a couple of steps forward. The floor creaked just a little bit under her weight, but that was it. There was nothing from him though, which was a good thing she supposed. Still she did want him to realize what was going on. It wasn't worth it though. As long he died, she guessed it was worth the lack of an audience.

She crept around the side of the bed. The moonlight drifted into the room, covering her in a soft light. This would be the end of it. In a few short minutes, all of this would be over. Then, and only then, would she be able to live in peace.

He rolled over in his sleep. His heartrate and breathing were slow. It was only going to get slower in a few short minutes. She smiled at the thought. He was making killing him only that much more easier. Maybe had he actually been out doing something, then, maybe, she would have felt some kind of shame.

She stared at his closed eyes. The smell of rum drifted up even more. This was just getting better and better. It was like he was asking for it. He knew how much she hated the smell of rum, yet, here he was in front of her, reeking of it. There could be no doubt about it now. He was going to have to die.

She clasped her hands in front of her. She still had to figure out just how to carry out the deed though. It had been rather foolish of her to go about it without really thinking it through. Still, she would make it work. There could be no doubt it. whatever she did had to work for she would get no other chance like this again.

She looked down at his sleeping form. There had to be something in this house that she could use to help her out. The kitchen seemed just as a good place to start.

Smiling, she turned away from him. She would be back and the next time, he was going to pay. He had a few extra minutes to live and remember his night on the town.

She crept back out into the hallway. The trees dipped down and peered into the window with excited looks, like they were waiting for the second act of the show. She would make sure that their wait was well worth it. After all, she could not all her audience to wait and be disappointed. It just wasn't good for her act.

She crept back down the steps, this time with a bit more of a spring in her step. There was just something about knowing she could do this that made her feel all that much better about herself. It was good…It was all good…Everything was going to be okay.

She stepped into the kitchen. The bushes outside the windows greeted her, like they expected her to pull this off. After all, he had threatened more than once to have them taken out, which was not very good press in her mind. It only made sense that they were now on her side.

She looked around, allowing the moonlight to be her guide. She just needed a few seconds to get her barring and think about just what would do the job. After all, there were so many options in this room and she wanted to pick the best one. It really wasn't that hard to understand why. Sometimes you just had to stop and think before you rushed into something like this.

She looked at the knives on the counter. There were lovely with their razor sharp edges and the way they shone in the moonlight was just a work of art. However, they were big and were bound to make a mess on the carpet. The staff would not appreciate having to clean that up. However, they were oh so pretty and were just begging to be used. Perhaps she could use one just to threaten him with and go in for the kill with another one….

Oh…It was all so difficult…Why did ending a life have to such a challenge? No, it really wasn't a challenge. The challenge was making sure the deed was carried out correctly.

She went over to a drawer and opened it. In here was the much simpler and easier to use knives. While, they would do the job, they just didn't have the appeal of the larger ones. They also weren't as likely to make a mess on the carpets.

The bushes stared her down as she tapped her chin. She was going to have to hurry. Her audience was getting restless. She needed to think…Yet, they were out there calling to her.

It was so difficult to be a performer in this conditions. On the one hand, she did want to put on a good show and that required time. However, the audience just wasn't going to wait forever. They would grow bored of this game and would find something else to interest themselves in.

It was enough to make her scream. After all, what good was a performance if no one was watching?

She needed to choose and needed to do so now. She rubbed her hands over her options. So many of them brought back memories-memories of before she had known what kind of monster he was. She just needed a few more seconds to think.

Some of them were out just because they weren't strong enough to cut through the human body, which was fine. Every now and then, you needed something like that, but she was looking for something to kill, not to leave alive. There was even a few that she was still kind of fond of and did not want to have them tainted by his blood.

Then, it hit her. In order for her to pack the most punch, she had to get him with one her loved…A blade of love would hurt the most….She closed the drawer, knowing what she needed to do.

She crept back out into the hall. Instead of going up the stairs, she drifted by them, down the little hall that shot past the parlour, drawing room, and dining room. At the end of the hall was what she needed. It was his study, his own little place where he kept everything that he didn't want her to know about.

Oh, but she did know about everything in that room. He had been foolish for thinking that something as simple as a door would keep her from going in. That was how men worked…They were always so foolish when it came to things like this.

She stopped in front of the closed door, looking at it with a smile. She just had to find it next. Hopefully, he hadn't moved it. The good thing was he was a creature of habit and a very predictable creature of habit at that.

She opened the door and stepped into the room. Everything smelled like him. It was like he was everywhere. His scent even drifted up from the carpet. She tried not to let that bother her as she made her way toward the desk in the centre of the room. Why he had put it there was a mystery to her. Still, it was going to help her. if he hadn't changed anything, it was all going to work out for her.

And there it was!

She couldn't help but to smile at the sight, sending a mental thank you to whatever was out there. She started toward it, feeling the trees watching her. No, they weren't just watching her. They were cheering her on.

She smiled out the window as she moved over to the knife…No, she needed to think of it as to what it really was. It was a dagger. Had it been bigger, it would have been a sword.

She held it up to the moonlight, letting the blade and jewels glitter in the light. It was beautiful, yet the way the light clung to the jaws, reminded her just how deadly the blade could be. Oh, it was perfect for what she needed to do. It would sting even more because it was his….His treasure would be the end of him. The thought made her feel giddy, like she wanted to waltz with it.

Now, though, was not the time for dancing. She needed to act before he woke and figured out that anything was remotely wrong. She supposed she could dance once all of this was over. Yeah….That just might work…For now, anyway…

She ran her thumb over the blade as she stepped out of the room. Oddly enough, the blade didn't bit into her skin as much as she thought it would. In fact, as she allowed her eyes to focus, it didn't seem to leave any marks at all. Huh…Maybe it wasn't as sharp as what she had thought…

No….No…It was sharp. She had seen him sharpen it many times and has seen him test it. Now, granted, he didn't use it every day, but it was used enough that she knew what it was capable of doing.

She stepped back out into the hall, still holding onto the blade. The entire house seemed to be watching her, waiting to see what she was going to do next. Her audience was getting bigger and she wasn't sure how to actually handle it. Never mind….This was any performer's goal. To perform in front of such a large audience was more than enough for her. Besides, it was dark out. it wasn't like she could see the faces of everyone watching her.

She started back up the steps, moving quicker than before. She needed to get this finished before the sun came out to play and everyone saw her. That last thing she wanted to do was be seen by someone as she left the scene. That would for sure ruin the overall effect.

She turned back down the hall. Once again, the trees were there waiting for her. They hadn't left her after all! This just went to show that the audience would always wait for a good show, especially one that was proven to deliver on everything they were promised.

She paused outside his room, listening to see if there was any movement inside. At last, everything seemed to be quiet just as it was before. He was still asleep or passed out was probably the more correct term.

She slowly pushed open the door, allowing the creak to draw itself out more than before. After all, her audience wanted to dwell on the suspense of the whole thing. They wanted to feel their heart pumping and wanted to worry about what was going to come next.

With a final look over her shoulder, she stepped into the room, feeling her audience move with her. Whatever…It was fine….The audience followed the actors on the stage anyway, so it only made sense that they would follow her in here.

She left the door open too. The way the moonlight danced from the hallway was perfect. She couldn't have asked for a better lighting situation than this. She smiled as she crept back over to his bed. This was it…This was the moment he was going to die and she was here to bring it to him…Oh, what a wonderful experience it was!

She stood over top, watching him sleep. It didn't even looked like he had moved since she left. Again, this wasn't really a bad thing. It meant that he wasn't expecting anything to go wrong or he was too far gone to really care.

She ran her hand over the blade again, enjoying the way it felt as it bit at her skin, threatening to sink its teeth in, but not actually going that far. It made her feel like she was living on the edge of danger and maybe she was.

She took a step forward so that she now created a shadow over his sleeping form. He had no way of knowing what was going to happen.

She raised the dagger, then felt something. Someone was watching her….Someone who didn't belong to her audience. She frowned and looked down.

Eyes greeted her…Wide eyes full of terror and horror…His mouth was opening and closing, but no words came out. it was like he had fully lost his ability to speak.

She looked at him, unsure of what to do. She had been prepared for this moment, but now that he was right in front of her, staring at her, it made everything a little bit more difficult. She hadn't actually thought what it would be like once he was actually looking at her. It added something that she would had never thought.

She slowly started to lower the dagger, but then picked it back up. She had to remember everything that he had ever done to her. She had to remember that he was the one who had killed her…Who had put her in her grave….

"Abigail?" he whispered, his voice hoarse. "Is it really you?"

She just looked at him blinking, unsure of what to say. How was it that even in these situations, he managed to make her lost for words? Why did she keep letting him hold this power over her? She needed to learn to let him go.

He slowly sat up, his eyes going back and forth between her and the dagger, like he was trying to process what was happening. "Are you real?"

She didn't move or respond.

He blinked again. "It can't be. You threw yourself over the cliff."

She snorted. "Are you sure about that or were your eyes deceiving you?"

He looked at her, his eyes roaming her body. Once this would have made her feel good, made her feel important. Now, it just sent chills rushing down her spine, like her body was urging her to get away from him. She needed to keep reminding herself that he did not have any control over her. She was her on and there was nothing he could do to change that. She belonged to herself, not to him.

She moved away as he set up further on his pillows, his eyes still watching her. It was enough to make her sick. Why did he have to stare at her that way? She didn't belong to him…Why couldn't he just see that?

"I'm glad to see that you are okay, but I buried you, put you in the ground…." His voice trailed off as he put his hand over his mouth. "Are you trying to tell me that you were alive when I did that?" His face melted. "I can't believe it….No, I don't believe it. How could we have made such a mistake?"
She looked down at him. "What do you mean by mistake?" she hissed. "There was no mistake in my actions. My only mistake was agreeing to be your wife. Now, I can see you for the monster that you are and I'm going to stop you from doing the same thing to others." She moved closer to him, banishing the blade at him. He pushed himself back onto the pillows, like he was actually trying to get away from her. "Your kind all thinks the same. You think you can control us. You think you can break us, but you are wrong. We are the ones who break you."

He looked up at her with wide eyes. "I never wanted to see you in pain." His voice was that of an angel. Once she would have fallen for his begging, but not now. Those days of old were gone and there was nothing he could do to bring them back.

She snorted. "I beg to differ. You always did like getting people under your thumb, but that's not going to happen anymore. I am my own person and you can't control me."

He pinched his temples. "I never wanted to control you. I just wanted to help you."
She raised the dagger higher. "I truly do beg to differ. You wanted to control me and I am something that can't be controlled." She paused. "It's just too bad that it took you this long to learn that."

His eyes widened with terror as he looked back and forth between the blade and her. She couldn't help but to smile at the sight. He knew he was going to die and knew he was going to do so very soon. The look of fear on his face sent little chills of delight down her spine. Everything was right in front of her.

"I still can't believe you think you did nothing wrong that you don't deserve this," she hissed. "Think about all of the things you have done to me. No, just to me, but the others like me. You think can control everyone. You think the world just exists for you." She paused. "It doesn't. You are just too blind to see the others around you."

He looked at her for a few minutes before speaking, like he was trying to make sense of what she had said. Did he not agree with it? Was he really that far gone that he couldn't even see what was right in front of him? Did he not see how his actions had impacted those around him?

She tightened her grip on the dagger as she stared into his clueless face. The answer was no. He really did have no idea what he had done. He was so self-involved in himself that he really did have no idea. It was just all the more reason that he had to go. If he couldn't see what he had done, then what was the point of letting him live any longer?

He wasn't even going to show any kind of remorse for his actions. If she tried to make him see and understand it all, she wasn't even sure that was possible. He was just too far gone for her to change him. He was too broken.

Outside the trees dipped down, like they knew the ending was coming. He looked out the window with a clear look of defeat on his face. It was like he knew that moving would not do him any good. Not to mention the fact that she did have him caged in pretty well.

With a crooked smile, she raised the dagger and brought it down on his chest.


She danced down the drive of the house she had once called home. She had thought that ending him would have made this place feel more like a home, but it didn't. The coldness was still there, like his presence was still lingering.

She turned and looked one final time at the house. It was his grave and she hoped that soon someone would be walking over it, reminding him of the world around him….Of a world that was just out of reach and would never truly be his….He would never return to the world he once knew.

She stepped out into the moonlight, allowing the stars to reach down and finally carry her out of this world. She was finally able to rest in peace.