A Stoner Rifle

Summary: A mercenary's request for a weapon is misunderstood.

The mercenary ordered the troops into position as the guerrillas regrouped. With his service rifle out of ammunition, he requested the modular Stoner 63 he'd acquired earlier. It had been stored for just such an occasion, with the best local armorer he could find.

The mercenary found the Stoner M63W with a distinctly off-the-books modification: A bong epoxied to the side. He immediately guessed mistranslation of the weapon's name was at fault, since they'd still equipped it as he otherwise requested. Even the bong was a high-quality one, stuffed and ready for use.

Shrugging to himself, the mercenary took a hit. The enemy threw themselves at the camp again, but he felt chill, even when moving with great celerity in a frantic firefight. He was able to focus with an accuracy and alacrity never before experienced. The guerrillas broke contact and withdrew, but he was higher than an arching mortar shell. Nevertheless, he attributed the victory to a new class of drug-assisted small arms.