Wow. I honestly could not believe it. The great Luke was now only a toddler. I mean, I didn't really care to a degree. I'm surprised he was even still alive, y'know with all the evil he had ever done.

But I guess even the wickedest around us could be somewhat redeemed... somewhat.

I had come by the temple to visit Jessica, ONLY FRIENDS, and the two of us were in the sitting room, sitting... yeah, that about sums it up, now doesn't it?

I was drinking coffee, whereas she was drinking tea. I would never understand tea's appeal.

In the middle of the room was Oisin, sitting in a bouncy baby chair and giggling as he jumped up and down for joy. Luke was now four years old and had some degree of independence. Still, it was weird seeing him like this.. an effing baby... a child I guess to be more precise. I truly wondered what it would be like to start over again, but see, that's the thing. I wondered, I didn't want to actually have it done to me.

Luke and I had once been good friends... had needed each other's company to survive.

But that, that was millions of years ago... from the day he touched my forehead with his finger... and my whole life changed at once.


"-Wait, WHAT?!"

I had shouted this out loud and Luke's own blue eyes widened in horror as he stuttered out his words.


"That's IMPOSSIBLE." I declared, feeling myself getting angrier and angrier. Luke only stared at me, his own breathing trying to stable but was heavy with his breaths in and out.

"I-I," He began to spit out, not knowing what to say, "I think it's not IMPOSSIBLE, at least, not anymore."

I only growled back in reply and left him, I just left. Probably because I didn't want to believe the changes that had taken place inside my mechanism.

I stormed over to my family and looked at my mum and dad as they drank coffee on a ship bench. Yes, believe it or not, we were on a colony ship, moving to a planet that was two hundred years away.

Sadly, we as a human race had not invented yet a way to become inanimate, so the volunteers on this space mission to colonize a new planet had to come to the sad terms that they... well, 'they' would never see it in their own life span, but the span of the great-great-grandchildren.

The ship we were on was the size of a city. There were shops and parks, homes and apartments. All kept encased behind the impenetrable metal walls.

I had to tell my parents what almighty Luke had told me. I had to hear them laugh at even the supposed idea that I would outlive this travel... and them, not.

"Mum, Dad," I called over to them and they both raised their cups in a cheerful gesture to me, "You will not believe what Luke said to me."

"What dear?" My mother asked in her posh accent. Yes, my family was very rich. It was after all the wealthy that had come together to live out this trip in space.

"He told me... I'm..." I swallowed in fear, before spitting out the facts, "That I'm IMMORTAL NOW!"

"Come, come," My father said, looking at his virtual watch for the time. He eventually and quite lethargically turned his eyes at me and muttered, "I know you are eighteen today, Sebastian... but that doesn't mean you will live forever at that age."


My voice was so loud and angry, I could see other passengers gawking at me in shock at my poor manners and sudden outburst.

"Sebastian," My mother said with a strained low voice, "Not here."

I only huffed angrily and swung myself around, heading for the space observation room that was down a long hall. It was basically brutally strong glass that allowed one to see the universe just before their eyes.

It was calming... to a small degree. There was a handrail that was nailed into the wall of the glass and I placed my hands on it, just staring out in misery at the stairs and planets so many light-years away.

I sighed heavily, and only closed my eyes gently as I whispered, "Maybe... he got the gift wrong... maybe, I'm not immortal."

There was only one way to find out. I had to try and hurt myself badly.

I slowly looked around the deck and soon found an ax behind a glass case to be used in case of emergencies. I smashed my fist into the glass but felt no pain and I slowly pulled out the ax, getting ready to try and chop off my finger.

A little extreme, I admit... but it was worth a finger to know if I'd live forever or not.

I placed my finger on a metal table and raised the ax slowly over it. I suddenly rammed it down and the metal splintered off at the point of contact, causing there to be an indent where the ax had met my flesh.

I swallowed.

This was not good... not good at all.

Scary, I froze up the second I heard that voice in my head and looked around for who had said it, scary, isn't it?

I couldn't see a soul till suddenly Luke appeared right before my eyes and I stumbled back frightened, slamming into the wall in panic.

"Don't be afraid," He said to me calmly, and stepped one foot closer to me. I could definitely feel like he was intruding in my personal area.

"What HAVE you DONE TO ME?!" I spat out in a demand and Luke only tilted his head slightly like a confused puppy dog.

"I just did what you asked." He replied calmly then smiled shyly up one side of his mouth, "You're like me now..." He continued and gave an innocent blink like this brought him some joy, "An eternal teen."

The idea of that would freak out the most normal of people. And for a split second, it did freak me out. But I soon began to realize something, something that would change my point of view forever.

"So," I said barely, standing up straight and pushing Luke softly to the side, "Are you saying I'll never die...?"

"Read my lips," Luke said calmly, "An ETERNAL TEEN."

I know my reaction wasn't the expected one, and I began to bubble up into a gleeful smile as I yelled, "YES!"

I see you're excited, Luke responded, stepping away in slight awe at my response, Let's see how you feel about it in twenty to forty years.

"I'm never gonna DIE, baby!" I declared in utter joy, "NEVER!"

"There's something you haven't realized yet," Luke continued on, his arms behind his back as he strolled to my side nonchalantly, "You may not die... but your loved ones... see, they kinda will."

I stopped my enthusiasm at that instance and turned my stare back at Luke.

"What do you mean..."

"Well, think about it." Luke continued circling around me like he was a lion circling his prey, "Without immortality, well... people die."

My heart began to thud heavily against my chest and I gulped a dry swallow. I slowly looked over to Luke and muttered to myself more than to him.

"I've gotta go."

"Well, if you need me... you know what to do," Luke said back calmly and I stared at him, confused.

"What?" I asked quickly and he only grinned up one side of his tanned face again.

THINK, he said in my head and I smiled nervously back at him. I began to make my way back to my parents, but just as I left the observatory hall, I glanced down at the ax that had been indented in the middle by my finger.

Could I feel pain anymore? Could I feel any sensation, good or bad...? I would find out very soon, as I sipped some coffee with my loved ones, and my dad just smirked, asking me.

"So, have you got over the silly idea that you are immortal now, son?"

"No, Dad." I replied back in a strained annoyed tone, "Because I AM."

"Hmm..." He hummed and sliced a bit of cake with his spoon. He brought it up to his mouth and swallowed it in the most mannerly rich way possible.

I looked at it as it went into his mouth and I called over a waitress to serve me as well. I was handed a dish of custard apple pie. As I placed it on my tongue, the taste seemed to almost intensify the second it hit my taste buds. Oh! It was deliriously delicious.

It was then that moment I realized something to myself.

I would very much like being an immortal. As the sensations had been heightened, and the pleasures... well they were quite pleasurable.

But there was always a BUT.

I would find out what the 'but,' was with this new power and gift of mine. A bit of me already knowing inside.

The loss of others.

But surely, that wouldn't be for a long time.

The funny thing about time was, though, a long time could come quickly to the person who was stuck forever at one age.

Yes, I would soon know how it felt... to outlive everyone I ever loved... and be stuck with the one I would someday hate the most.